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BT Mobile review: Is BT Mobile any good in 2022?

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With incentives for existing broadband customers and access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK, BT Mobile has much to recommend it. Read on as we take a closer look...

Our BT Mobile review in summary

Utilising the EE network, which BT owns, BT Mobile has access to the best 4G platform in the country.

Its SIM only and phone contract plans are decent enough, but don’t compare that well with offers from the big players in the market when compared solely by price.

However, with access to BT’s five million Wi-Fi hotspots, BT Sport on certain plans and money off for BT Broadband customers, BT Mobile does have a lot going for it.

BT Mobile SIM-only plans

BT SIM-only plans are relatively simple to understand. There are 24 and 12 month options, with data allowances ranging from 4GB up to 100GB.

The deals with hefty amounts of data come with BT Sport app access as standard, meaning you can catch up on Premier League and Champions League games to your heart’s content.

If you’ve got BT Broadband, you get £5 a month off. And if you’re stumping up for BT Halo, BT’s ‘unbreakable broadband’ offer, you get double data. That’s certainly an enticement if you want to make a saving.

You can also score major discounts with BT’s Family SIM plans, which offer 20% extra off for each SIM you buy.

However, the lack of rolling 30 day plans is a real miss. These were once the backbone of all SIM only plans and remain a winner for anyone who prefers flexibility from their smartphone deal.

Also, there are no unlimited data deals, which counts as a fail in 2021.

BT Mobile phone contract plans

BT Mobile phone contract plans are fairly standard as standalone products, with devices from big names such as Apple and Samsung available, although the range is very limited compared with EE, Vodafone, Three and O2.

However, as with BT SIM only plans, they come into their own when you already have BT Broadband.

You get £5 off if you’re a broadband customer and can score 10% off an EE contract if you’d rather go with them.

That’s because BT Mobile uses EE’s network. It’s the best 4G network in the UK, with impressive coverage and dependable connectivity.

For those who take out pricier plans, there’s BT Sport access and Wi-Fi hotspot access for all customers.

BT Mobile coverage

Because BT Mobile uses EE’s network, coverage is as good as it gets. However, it’s always worth checking to see how strong the signal is in your area. BT’s mobile coverage checker will show you just how powerful it is.

BT Mobile roaming

BT’s Roam Like Home lets you use your phone contract or SIM only plan for no extra charge in 47 countries across Europe.

Its Travel Data Pass can be used in 12 countries, including Australia and the USA, with 500MB of data costing £6 per day.

BT Mobile has yet to confirm whether it will bring in charges for Roam Like Home.

As EE has said it will start charging from January 2022, BT Mobile customers should check with the network about any changes before travelling.

BT Mobile customer service

The latest Ofcom report into mobile satisfaction revealed that BT customers waited just 46 seconds to have their calls answered, finishing midtable when it came to complaints per 100,000 subscribers.

This is a marked improvement on previous performances.

BT Mobile stores and offline experience

Unlike major networks, BT does not have high street stores. The best way to secure a deal, either SIM only or on a phone contract, is to compare prices and visit its website when you find the best plan for you.

BT's Mobile deals and incentives

This is where BT really stands out. It might not give hundreds of pounds off in voucher discounts, but it rewards existing broadband customers with money off on both SIM-only and phone contract plans.

Its five million Wi-Fi hotspots are also free to use, meaning you can save on data by logging in wherever you find one.

That’s great news if you love to browse but don’t want to break the bank on a big data allowance.

BT Mobile pricing

BT’s price plans are not the cheapest around. But again, this isn’t the real point.

If you have BT Broadband, the available discounts make opting for its mobile network something of a no brainer.

Throw in Family Plan SIMs that give you even more money off, and you’ve got even more reasons to sign up.

BT Mobile does not charge big upfront fees for its smartphones.

So if you want to spread the cost of a device over 24 months rather than paying a lump when you sign up, BT Mobile could be for you.

Pros and Cons of choosing BT Mobile


  • EE network means peerless coverage and solid connectivity
  • Discounts on bills for BT Broadband customers
  • BT Sport streaming
  • Family Plan SIMs mean even more money off
  • Access to five million BT Wi-Fi hotspots


  • Limited number of phones available on contract
  • Prices aren’t great if you don’t have BT Broadband
  • No rolling, 30 day SIM Only plans
  • No unlimited data plans

How does BT Mobile compare against other networks?

BT Mobile’s primary advantage is the fact it uses EE’s network. While it can’t match its in-house rival when it comes to breadth of price plans or the devices it offers, it does at least have the best network in the country.

That helps it stand out against Three, Vodafone and O2.

BT SIM only plans are decent, but not cheap when compared with Three or giffgaff.

And the lack of unlimited data or 30 day plans is a big failing in our book. But if you have BT Broadband, it's fair to say it compares favourably to all of its competitors.

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How does BT Mobile compare against other networks?

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