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Sports car insurance

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What is sports car insurance?

Sports car insurance is cover you take out to protect your sports car – it works much like any other car insurance policy.

Do I need specialist insurance for my sports car?

It’s unlikely you’ll need to find a specialist insurer, although you may want to consider additional policy features such as cover for malicious damage, personal injury or track days.


What is a sports car, according to insurers?

There’s no universally agreed definition of a sports car but they are generally seen as being smaller, lighter and more powerful than your average car, with two seats that are typically lower to the ground. You’ll generally find them in higher insurance groups. 

Common models that are considered sports cars include Alfa Romeo 4C, Aston Martin Vantage, Audi TT, BMW Z8, Fiat X19, Ford Mustang, Jaguar F-Type, Nissan 240SX and Porsche 997.

What type of cover do I need for my sports car?

When you take out insurance for your sports car you’ll be able to pick from the same three standard levels of cover as you would with any other vehicle:

  • Third-party

    The minimum level of insurance you’ll need to drive your car on UK roads, third-party only offers cover for damage you do to another person, their vehicle or their property

  • Third-party, fire and theft

    Third-party, fire and theft is the next step up, and adds cover for your own vehicle if it’s stolen, or damaged by fire or an explosion 

  • Fully comprehensive

    Fully comprehensive cover includes all of the above, as well as adding a range of other protective policies to your insurance

What does sports car insurance cover?

Sports car insurance isn’t necessarily a specialist policy on its own, but it can offer extra types of cover you could benefit from:

  • Tick

    Standard protection

    Your policy will offer the standard protection for you and your vehicle, depending on the level of cover you’ve chosen

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    Overseas travel

    You might also choose to take out cover for travelling and driving your sports car overseas

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    Malicious damage or vandalism

    Higher end vehicles like sports cars can be subject to more malicious damage or vandalism than normal, so it could be worth taking out extra cover for this

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    Soft roof damage

    Some insurers offer a separate policy to cover a soft roof, should your sports car be a convertible

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    If you choose to modify your sports car in any way, you’ll need to tell your insurer so they can factor it into your policy

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    Track days

    Sports car enthusiasts often take their cars to track days to drive on purpose built racing circuits – but this will require extra cover

How much does it cost to insure a sports car?

You’re likely to pay more for car insurance if you’re insuring a sports car compared to a standard hatchback or estate, as sports cars are usually more powerful and valuable. A good way to tell is by the insurance group the car is in.

Cars in higher groups usually cost more to cover, and sports cars are more likely to be in these groups. You can check what group your car make and model is in with our group checker tool.

Aside from the car you drive, your premiums will also depend on the following:

  • Your age: Older drivers tend to pay far less for cover than those aged under 25 – it may seem unfair but it’s largely down to the higher risk posed by drivers with less experience

  • Your location: Some areas of the UK see higher rates of crime, vandalism or traffic accidents, so if your car is often in these areas it’s possible you’ll pay more for cover

  • Your job: Certain occupations also present higher risks to insurers, possibly because your car may be kept in dangerous locations or you may face long and frequent commutes 

  • Your driving history: If you have a history of car insurance claims or driving convictions, insurers will see you as more of a high risk driver so you’ll have to pay more in premiums 

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How can I get cheaper sports car insurance?

While you may face higher than normal premiums for insuring your sports car, it’s worth noting that you can take certain steps to bring the cost down:

  • 1

    Improve security

    Ensuring your car has fully functioning alarms and an immobiliser keeps costs down as well as the risk of theft – as will keeping your car in a locked garage 

  • 2

    Limit your mileage

    The fewer miles you drive the lower the risk of being in an accident, so if you can give a lower estimated mileage to your insurer you may get cheaper cover

  • 3

    Pay more excess

    Offering a higher voluntary excess payment tells insurers you won’t bother with small or frivolous claims, making your overall risk lower 

  • 4

    Avoid modifications

    You might be more likely to want modifications on your car if it’s built for fun or performance, but limiting them will prevent your costs from going too high

  • 5

    Build a no claims bonus

    If you can pay for smaller issues yourself and stay safe on the road, you’ll have a better chance of building a no-claims discount on future car insurance deals

  • 6

    Join a sports car club

    Some insurance providers might offer discounts on your cover if you are part of a recognised sports car club – it’s always worth asking

How can I save money on sports car insurance as a young driver?

Young drivers often face higher premiums regardless, but if you’re young and driving a sports car you could be looking at particularly expensive car insurance. You may want to consider the following extra measures to ease the cost: 

  • Add a named driver

    Adding a more experienced driver like a parent or guardian can also bring costs down, as it tells insurers you won’t be solely responsible for the car – but beware of fronting

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As it’s difficult to really define what a sports car is, the cheapest sports cars to insure will mostly depend on what you want from the vehicle. However we’ve looked at all of the two-door convertibles that were insured through MoneySuperMarket between October and December of 2021* – here are the cheapest cars to insure that we found:

  • Mercedes Bens SLK - £288 a year

  • Mazda MX-5 Cabriolet - £396 a year

  • Audi TT - £399 a year 

  • BMQ Z4 - £424 a year

  • Porsche Boxster - £445 a year

*Based on fully comprehensive policies with one driver holding a full UK driving licence, driving a convertible car with two doors. MoneySuperMarket data collected between October and December 2021, accurate as of February 2022.

Sports cars are usually cars with bigger engines that are capable of reaching high speeds on the road – they’re also often more valuable and more expensive to repair than standard vehicles. This makes them overall a higher risk of being stolen, vandalised, or involved in a road accident – so to compensate for the higher risk, insurers charge more for protection. 

High performance cars can be seen as different to sports cars in that these are specifically designed for performance on the road – even to a greater degree than an average sports car. As such these cars will be even more high-risk – and are more likely to require an actual specialist policy. 

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