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Any Driver Van Insurance

What is ‘any driver’ van insurance?

If you run a business and your employees use your van to get to a work or transport goods, you need a van insurance policy that covers more than one driver

By Kevin Pratt

Published: 15 June 2020


Once your business starts to grow and you begin to take on employees, you’ll quickly end up letting other people drive the van.

‘Any driver’ van insurance is designed for businesses with several employees who deliver goods or travel to other work sites using a single van. If you have more than one van, you need multi-van insurance instead.

Likewise, if you one a single van but several family members want to drive it for business purposes, you will need a policy which covers them all.

An ‘any driver’ van insurance policy provides you with flexibility and is more straightforward – and often cheaper – than insuring each and every driver individually.

What does ‘any driver’ van insurance mean?

The term ‘any driver’ shouldn’t be taken literally – you’re not insuring your vans to let literally anyone drive them.

Under an ‘any driver’ policy, you list everyone you want to use the van as a named driver – and they are then insured to use the vehicle. Usually you can name up to five drivers per van, giving you that all-important flexibility.

Some providers may offer van insurance policies for unnamed drivers, but these usually come with restrictions on who is permitted to drive – for example making sure drivers are 25 or over. Always check the specifics of whatever policy you choose.

How much does ‘any driver’ van insurance cost?

A van insurance policy which covers extra drivers is more expensive than a policy which insures one driver to drive one van. This is because covering several drivers on the same policy leaves more scope for things to go wrong

Types of insurance

According to MoneySuperMarket data correct as of March 2020 

However – ‘any driver’ insurance does usually work out cheaper than taking out individual policies for multiple drivers on the same vehicle.

Insuring younger drivers on vans

As with any kind of motor insurance, insurers base the premiums they charge on a range of factors – but the age of the driver is a major one.

Cheap van insurance for over-25s is easier to find at a decent price, as these drivers are understood to be more experienced and less likely to get into an accident.

Premiums for younger van drivers are more expensive because they are involved in more accidents. If any of your named drivers are aged below 25, expect the cost of your any driver van insurance to be increased.


According to MoneySuperMarket data correct as of March 2020 

How to get cheaper van insurance premiums

There are lots of ways to reduce how much you pay for van insurance – whether it’s ‘any driver’ cover, multi-van cover or even just cover for one driver.

  • What you use it for: Insuring a van for domestic use is much cheaper than for commercial work, where you move your goods or other people’s. There are also different categories of commercial work, so transporting goods in a local area will cost you less than long-distance haulage – which often needs separate cover. The type of cargo will also have a major effect on premiums
  • The type of van you use: The size and weight of your van will determine how high your premiums will be. The heavier the vehicle is, the harder it is to drive, so owners of larger vans are usually charged higher van insurance premiums as they are considered a higher risk than relatively small vans
  • Secure your van: Taking steps to make your van more secure can also help bring premiums down. If you it in a garage overnight and can install an alarm and immobiliser, you will usually be offered cheaper quotes than if it is parked by the side of the road
  • Pay a larger voluntary excess: The portion of any insurance claim you opt to pay yourself – can result in lower premiums, but you must set it at a level you can afford. Your voluntary excess sits on top of the mandatory excess included on all motor policies
  • Advertise on your van: Insurers believe that vans with personalised signage are a lower theft risk. Therefore if you advertise your business on the side of your van, it could lower the price of your premium

Compare ‘any driver’ van insurance

MoneySupermarket’s van insurance comparison tool allows you to compare quotes from many of the country’s leading van insurers, and find the right policy to suit your individual requirements.