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What is any driver van insurance?

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If you run a business and rely on several of your employees to get to a work-site or to transport goods from place to place, you will need a van insurance policy that covers more than one driver.

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‘Any driver’ van insurance is vital for businesses who rely on several employees to transport goods or travel to a variety of work-sites by van. Having that level of flexibility and freedom can make the difference between getting a job done and letting a client down.

Similarly, if you have a private van which you want several family members to drive, you will need a policy which covers all of them.

An ‘any driver’ van insurance policy provides you with that flexibility and is more straightforward than insuring each and every driver individually.


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What does ‘any driver’ mean?

The term ‘any driver’ shouldn’t be taken literally. Typically, this type of policy means that anyone listed as a named driver is able to drive the vehicle. Usually the policy allows you to name up to four or five drivers, meaning your business can run with that all-important versatility.

Some providers may offer van insurance policies for unnamed drivers, but there will likely be some sort of restriction on who is permitted to drive – for example the driver would need to be over the age of 25. Always check the specifics of whatever policy you go for.

How much does any driver van insurance cost?

Due to that fact that you are covering several different drivers on the same policy, the cost of any driver van insurance premiums will be higher than if you were insuring the van for just one person.

On the plus side, the ‘any driver’ option will usually work out to be better value than arranging a series of separate policies for each individual driver with a particular vehicle.

What’s the difference between multi-van and any driver van insurance?

‘Any driver’ van insurances insure several drivers to drive one specific van. Multi-van insurance insures one person or several people to drive several different vans.

Age matters

As with any kind of motor insurance cover, insurers will base their premiums for any driver van insurance on age and driving experience.

Cheap van insurance for over 25s can be easier to secure, as this age demographic is deemed to be more experienced and therefore less likely to encounter an accident.

Young driver van insurance premiums tend to be more expensive because they are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents. If any of your named drivers are aged below 25 and have limited driving experience, expect the cost of your any driver van insurance to be increased.

If, however, you can restrict your list of named drivers to individuals aged over 25 you should be able to secure cheaper cover.

Remember, too, that how you use your van will have a huge impact on any driver van insurance cover.  For example, if your van is for domestic use only, premiums will be a lot less than if you are using the van commercially to transport other people’s goods for payment, and are effectively a delivery driver, or if you are taking equipment to a place of work away from your base. This type of cover is known as ‘haulage’ or ‘hire and reward’ cover.

The size and weight of the van will also determine how high your premiums will be, as the heavier the vehicle is, the harder it is to drive.  This means owners of larger vans are usually charged higher van insurance premiums as they are considered a higher risk than relatively small vans.

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Compare quotes

When looking for any driver van insurance, always compare quotes from several different providers to ensure you find cheaper van insurance cover. MoneySupermarket’s van insurance comparison site can put your details in front of some of the country’s leading van insurers so that you can find the right policy to suit your individual requirements.

Make your van more secure

Taking steps to make your van more secure can also help bring van insurance premiums down. For example, if you are able to park your vehicle in a garage overnight and can install an alarm and immobiliser, you will usually be offered cheaper van insurance quotes than if it is parked by the side of the road.

Pay a larger voluntary excess

The portion of any insurance claim you opt to pay yourself – can result in lower premiums too, but you must set it at a level you can afford. Remember that the voluntary excess will sit on top of the mandatory excess that is included on all motor policies to deter claims for relatively low amounts that cost a lot to administer.

Advertise on your van

Insurers view a van with personalised signage a lower theft risk. Therefore if you advertise your business on the side of your van, it could lower the price of your premium.

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