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Which car insurance brands do we work with?

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What do I need to know about car insurance if I’m buying a new car?

Taking out a car insurance policy isn’t much different to buying cover for a second-hand car, in that you’ll have the same basic options for what kind of cover you can get. You’ll be able to choose from:

  • Fully comprehensive

    This policy will cover you for damage, repairs, medical expenses, fire damage and theft, as well as damage done to someone else, their car or their property

    £6521 on average

  • Third-party, fire and theft

    This offers cover for other people, their vehicles and their property, as well as protection for your own vehicle if it’s stolen or damaged by fire

    £1,5001 on average

  • Third-party only

    Third-party only car insurance covers you for any damage you do to a third party, their vehicle or their property. It won’t pay out for any damage done to your own car

    £2,0361 on average

1Based on policies with one driver holding a full UK driver's licence, driving a car under a year old. Data collected between January and September 2020, Accurate as of December 2020

How much is car insurance for new cars?

Your car insurance premiums will depend on a number of factors, and your car itself is a major one. 

Cars are sorted into insurance groups based on things like their overall cost, power and performance. The lowest group is one, and these cars are generally cheaper to insure, while the highest is 50, usually the most expensive – you can use our group checker tool to see which your car is in.

The cost of insurance needn’t put you off buying a new car if you can afford to – there are plenty of other things you can do to try and lower your premiums. We’ve included a table showing the most popular car makes and models aged under a year covered through MoneySuperMarket – and their corresponding average insurance costs. 

1Based on policies with one driver holding a full UK driver’s licence, driving a car under a year old. Data collected between January and September 2020, accurate as of December 2020

Car make and model

Average annual premiums1

Ford, Fiesta


Volkswagen, Golf


Vauxhall, Corsa


Volkswagen, Polo


Landrover, Range


How long after buying a new car do I need insurance?

Taking out a car insurance policy isn’t much different to buying cover for a second-hand car, in that you’ll have the same basic options for what kind of cover you can get. You’ll be able to choose from:

  • Get insurance before you drive

    You will need to have an insurance policy in place for your new car before you drive it – it’s illegal to drive any car on UK roads without at least third-party cover.

  • Consider where you’re buying from

    Some dealerships offer take-home insurance to cover you when you drive the car back home after first buying it – but it’s worth comparing your options to see if you can find a cheaper deal elsewhere.

  • Getting the car home

    You can take out short-term or temporary car insurance policies. This can help you find a quick solution for the journey home before you find an annual policy, if you don’t want to do that straight away. 

What do you need to get a car insurance quote

  • Tick

    Details of the car

    The car’s registration number if you have it to hand. If not, the car make and model is fine. We’ll also need the car’s age and any modifications you’ve made

  • Tick

    Your details

    Including your job, your age and your address – and the same for any additional drivers you may have – as well as your claims and driving conviction history

  • Tick

    What you'll use the car for

    Social, commuting or business, and how many miles you think you’ll do a year. You’ll also need to say where you’ll keep the car at night for security

  • Tick

    Your licence

    The type of licence you have and how long you’ve held it. You can also add any additional driving qualifications you have here

  • Tick

    No-claims discount (NCD) history

    Details of your no-claims discount will help lower the price you are quoted. Use our no-claims discount tool to find out how many years’ no-claims discount your insurer will honour

Sara Newell

Our expert says


Buying a new car can be an exciting time, but also an expensive one. Finding the right car insurance policy is so important to protect your investment, so make sure you shop around to find the best deals.

- Sara Newell, Motor and Van Insurance Lead

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The advantages and disadvantages of buying a new car

  • Tick

    The advantages

    Aside from that new car smell and the feeling of owning a fresh set of wheels, buying a new car also offers the following perks:

    • You can often choose your exact specifications, sometimes down to the material used on the seats

    • There may be better car finance deals available

    • New cars have longer warranty periods

    • They often have the latest safety and security features

  • Cross

    The disadvantages

    If you are buying a new car it does come with its downsides – be sure to consider the following before making a purchase:

    • New cars can cost more to buy and therefore more to insure

    • Their value depreciates quickly 

    • Cars built after 2017 often have higher road tax

    • You may have to wait a while to get your car if you’ve chosen certain specifications

How can I save money on insurance for my new car?

There are ways you can reduce the cost of your car insurance policy, including:

  • 1

    Pay annually

    When you pay an annual lump sum for your car insurance the overall price is often cheaper than it would be if you spread the cost over 12 months

  • 2

    Taking out fully comprehensive cover

    As well as offering the most cover, fully comprehensive car insurance is also usually the cheapest available type of car insurance

  • 3

    Avoiding extras you don’t need

    Car insurance policies can come with certain features – some included as standard and others available for an extra fee. Consider whether you really need them before adding extra cover

  • 4

    Avoiding unnecessary modifications

    While it can be tempting to customise your car even further – especially if it’s brand new – keep in mind these modifications are likely to lead to higher premiums

  • 5

    Paying a higher excess

    Volunteering a higher excess can show insurers you’re unlikely to bother with small claims – just make sure you can afford the amount you choose to pay

  • 6

    Considering telematics

    Telematics policies, sometimes known as black box car insurance, gives younger and inexperienced drivers a chance to earn lower premiums by demonstrating sensible driving habits

Most insurers will let you transfer your car insurance policy over to a new car – however it’s better to contact your insurer before buying the car to get an idea of how your premiums will change.

When the policy is transferred over, it’ll be amended to meet your new requirements – but as well as your premiums changing, you might have to pay an admin fee.

You’ll need to contact your insurer immediately after buying your car at the latest – they’ll confirm the details of the new car, and discuss any changes you might want to make to your policy. You’ll be told how much your premiums will be before the policy is transferred – at this point you should think about comparing your options before going ahead with the deal.

You cannot legally drive home in a new car without an insurance policy. Some dealerships may offer their own take-home cover, but you’ll likely find a better deal when you shop around.

No, you aren’t obliged to buy the car insurance policy offered by your dealer.

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