What's Our Driving Passion?

According to official figures, there were close to 35 million vehicles on the UK's roads back in 2012. Around 80% of these were cars, with vans making up 9.5% and motorbikes accounting for just 3.7% of this total - the rest being buses, lorries and other commercial vehicles.

The number of motorbikes on the road was perhaps the most surprising statistic. In 2001, there were 53,000 registered motorcycles but, at the end of 2012, this was down to just 28,800. This is despite the fact that motorbikes are generally cheaper to run, with better fuel economy, lower road tax and cheaper bike insurance premiums.

We've drilled deep into the government data to find out which are the UK's most popular cars, motorbikes and vans. Ford pretty much dominates the rankings, with the Ford Fiesta Zetec proving the most popular car, and the Ford Transit 350 LWB TD the most popular van.
Honda tops the motorcycle list, with the Honda MBX 80 FWDF ranking the most popular with British motorcyclists.

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