The worldwide cost of fuel

The cost of petrol and diesel is a major concern for British motorists. Prices are continuing to rise and, when you combine that with running costs and the expense of car insurance and road tax, it is easy to see why people are starting to worry about affording their car. But just how justified are our gripes?

According to the latest figures, motorists in the UK are paying among the highest fuel prices in the world. While we are paying around £1.32 per litre of petrol, Australians are spending just 96p and our American friends are paying as little as 55p.

Why the discrepancies? In the UK we consistently pay much more tax on our fuel than anywhere else in Europe. In fact, of the £1.40 that we pay for a litre of diesel, up to 57% is tax.

In this infographic we show how much we are paying to run our vehicles compared with drivers in the rest of the world.

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