Good Driver or Bad Driver?

Do you always indicate at roundabouts, stop at zebra crossings for pedestrians and make sure you have provided enough room for cyclists? If so, you probably consider yourself to be a good driver.

MoneySupermarket research suggests that the majority of motorists are in this category, but this may not conform with how they are perceived by their fellow road users. Discrimination appears to be rife on the roads, with white van drivers considered to be the rudest on the roads according to our studies.

However, if you are a white van driver yourself you may not have been on the receiving end of this behaviour, as it seems that motorists are more likely to be courteous and polite to drivers with the same vehicle choice.

It isn't just white van drivers who are afflicted by a negative stereotype, with Porsche, 4x4 and Mercedes owners also thought to be generally guilty of poor driving etiquette...




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