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When can puppies go outside?

When is it safe to take my puppy outside?

Ella Jukwey
Written by  Ella Jukwey
Saarrah Mussa
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Updated: 04 Apr 2024

Find out when you can safely take your puppy outside with our comprehensive guide...

Having a new puppy can be exciting. You might want to take your puppy out into the world and show them off to your loved ones. However, there are essential timelines to follow before you take your puppy outside. If you don’t vaccinate and take your puppy outside too soon, you’re exposing them to harmful diseases.

When can I take my puppy outside for the first time?

You can take your puppy outside two weeks after they’ve had the necessary vaccinations. It’s important to not rush to take your puppy out too soon. In their first few weeks, puppies are highly susceptible to infections and dangerous diseases. So, it’s essential that your puppy has been vaccinated to reduce the risk of them catching anything harmful. Puppies also need time to get used to their new environment. To stay on the safe side, take it slow and wait for a few weeks before taking your vaccinated pup out into the world. As always, if you’re unsure about anything then ask your vet for advice.

When should my puppy get vaccinated?

Puppies usually get the first vaccine when they’re between six and nine weeks old. Most puppies are safe to leave their mothers when they’re eight weeks old but even after ten weeks is fine. A reputable dog breeder or pet home should arrange the initial vaccination. When you collect your puppy, make sure to get their vaccination records to share with your vet.

The second vaccination should happen between to two to four weeks after their first injection. People usually take their new puppy home when they’re between eight and twelve weeks old, so you’ll have to sort out the second course of jabs for your pup.


If you’re going to put your pup into a kennel or anywhere, they’d be around other dogs, you’ll need an additional jab that will protect them against kennel cough, which can be dangerous infection for puppies.


If you want take your pup overseas to an EU country, then they must have a rabies vaccination. Puppies can get this jab once they’re twelve weeks old and they must be microchipped.

Additional jabs

Once your puppy has had the essential vaccines, they’ll need a booster jab every year.

Do I need to microchip my puppy?

Yes, it is legal requirement to microchip your puppy by the time they’re eight weeks old. This is a small chip that’s inserted under your pet’s skin. The chip helps to track and identify your pet and can help locate your furry friend if they ever go missing. When you get your new puppy, you should ask the breeder or the pet home for the microchip certificate. Your puppy must also have a collar with your contact details.

How can my puppy socialise without going outside?

Your puppy can still socialise without leaving the house. You just need to make sure you puppy has had their first vaccination and they can socialise with other vaccinated dogs. Puppies can also socialise with people, just remember to remain composed and cautious so your pup isn’t too overwhelmed.

How can my puppy exercise if they can’t go outside?

If you have a garden, then you can use that space to introduce them to the outdoors. Taking your puppy out to the garden can also help to prepare your pup for toilet training. Make sure that your garden is clean and safe before taking your puppy out to your garden. Pay extra attention your pup in the garden because plants like lilies, daffodils and tulips can be poisonous.

What are the risks of taking my puppy outside too soon?

Here are some of the dangers of taking your puppy out too early:

  • Exposure to diseases and infections

  • Can be an overwhelming experience for your puppy because of the busy and loud streets

  • You might over-exercise them which can lead to joint problems when they’re older

Will vaccinations be covered by my pet insurance?

Vaccinations aren’t usually included in your pet insurance. Depending on your insurance provider’s terms and conditions, your puppy not being vaccinated might invalidate your insurance. You may also not be covered if you take your puppy outside before their vaccinations are completed.

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