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Multi-Pet Insurance

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We compare quotes from a huge range of leading insurance providers making it easy for you to find the right cover for all your pets at a competitive price.

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How does multi-pet insurance work?

Multi-pet houses each of your pets under the same pet insurance policy, making it more manageable and often cheaper than having a separate policy for each.

  • Single policy

    Each named pet is covered under one policy with the same documents and the same renewal date

  • Same cover

    All pets under the policy have the same level of cover whether that’s accident only, time limited, per condition or lifetime

  • Discounted premium

    Many providers offer a discount on your insurance premium for each pet you add to your policy

What types of multi-pet cover can I get?

There are different types of covers to choose from. Think about what type of cover your pet would need most.

  • Lifetime

    The most comprehensive type of cover. A lifetime pet insurance policy will cover your pet for its lifetime as long as you don’t cancel your policy or let it lapse at renewal.

  • Maximum benefit

    Covers your pet for each new injury or illness up to a specified pre-set limit. You can keep claiming on a condition or accident/injury until you reach the financial cap.

  • Time limited

    Can be a lower cost option. Offers a fixed sum for each illness or injury your pet gets. Covers vet fees for up to 12 months from the date your pet’s illness or injury first appeared.

  • Accident only

    Accident only policies only protect your pet if they are injured in an accident or suffer any health complications from an accident.

Is it cheaper to insure more than one pet?

Having multiple pets can be expensive but many insurers offer discounts if you cover more than one animal on the same policy, so a multi-pet insurance is likely to be cheaper than individual insurance per pet.

The discounts will vary for each provider, offered as either a percentage discount on the policy or a fixed discount amount for each pet added. The maximum number of pets you can insure on a multi-pet policy is usually capped at six pets, however this will vary between different providers.

See what you what you could save.

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What's covered with multi-pet?

The type of policy you choose will decide what cover you get for your pet. Most pet insurance policies will cover veterinary treatment for accidents and/or illnesses and often include:

  • Tick


    • Vet bills - Most policies will cover vet bills but there maybe limits depending on your chosen policy type

    • Holiday cancellation cover - Most insurers will cover your fees if your pet becomes ill and is no longer able to travel

    • Lost pet assistance - The cost of advertising for your missing pet will be covered by your insurance policy, including the costs of making posters, advertising and rewards

    • Third party liability - Covers any legal costs if you pet injures someone or causes any damage to other people or their property

  • Cross

    Not covered

    • New-born animals - Most policies usually don’t accept pets under eight weeks or over the age of nine or 12 years

    • Large numbers of pets - Most providers have a maximum limit on how many pets you can add to your policy. Usually, the limit is six pets, but this may vary between providers

    • Licensed premises - Most providers are unable to provider cover for a dog that is kept or resides in a place that is licensed to sell alcohol

    • Dangerous dog breeds - Any dog registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act or any subsequent amendments are unable to be insured in the UK

Saarrah Mussa

Our expert says


If you’re a multi-pet household then multi-pet cover could be your best option to insure your fluffy and not-so-fluffy friends. Not only should it work out cheaper than having individual policies for each pet, but it cuts down on your administration when it comes to claiming and renewing the policy as well.

- Saarrah Mussa, Author

Compare pet insurance with MoneySuperMarket

Finding the right insurance provider for you is easy, all you need to do is follow these three steps:

  • Tell us about your pets

    Give us a few details about each pets you want covered and the level of cover you’re looking for

  • We’ll do the work  

    We’ll put together a list of providers with appropriate cover for your specific needs 

  • You’re on your way

    Pick the policy that is perfect for you and your pet  

The main benefits of having a multi-pet policy are:

  • Having all pets on one policy making it more manageable way to store all your documents and pay your bills with one combined monthly premium

  • Being able to add new pets at any time . Any additional pets you would like to add to your policy can be covered straight away under an existing policy

  • Having one renewal date meaning you only need to renew your policy once a year for all the pets on your policy

  • Cover tailored cover for each pet . Each of your pets may have different needs, which is why they may need different levels of cover. Even though your pets may be housed under one policy, you are still able to get different levels of cover for each pet

Yes, you can add any additional pets to your policy, and they can be covered straight away. Adding additional pets to an existing policy will mean the renewal date for the policy will be the same for each pet.

You can usually tailor a multi-pet insurance plan to suit the needs of your individual pets.

For example, you might want to insure one pet on a standard policy that covers vet fees of up to £3,000 but prefer a premium plan with vet fees up to £7,500 for another animal. You might also want to buy additional dental cover for your dog but not for your cat.

The flexibility of multi-pet insurance can be particularly useful if you have animals of different breeds, ages and with different health needs. But don’t forget that the premiums will reflect the level and type of cover you buy.

Most multi-pet policies are for cats and dogs, or a combination of the two.

If you have an different pet like a rabbit or reptile, you will probably have to buy a separate insurance plan for them.

Our service allows you to add multiple quotes for cats and dogs only. Just add each pet one at a time to get a quote for multiple cats and dogs.

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