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When it comes to protecting your furry friend, it’s important for pet owners to shop around for the right cover that suits what you both need. We work with over 30 leading pet insurance companies, to bring you our best deals.

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1Accurate as of September 2023

What is time-limited pet insurance?

Time-limited pet insurance is a type of pet insurance policy that provides cover for a set period of time (usually 12 months). During this time, you can make claims for veterinary fees, medication, and other expenses related to the treatment of your pet's illness or injury, up to a predetermined limit.

Once the policy term expires, any conditions that your pet developed during that period will no longer be covered and will be treated as a pre-existing condition going forward. If your pet has a pre-existing condition, it will often be excluded in your policy.

A time-limited policy can be an affordable option if you want a level of cover in place for your pet but are willing to pay for further issues after the policy has ended.

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Is time-limited insurance best for my pet?

The policy you choose has to suit both your and your pet's needs. If you're looking for a policy to cover your pet for any accidents or conditions that may occur over a short term, then a time-limited policy may be suitable for you. It can be also be an affordable option, with MoneySuperMarket you can get a time limited policy for less than £8.96i a month. If you’ve got an older pet this is also a great policy for them, as there isn't usually an age limit, but make sure to check your policy details just to be safe.

Think about whether you will be able to pay for vet bills if your pet was injured or became ill outside the time limits of your policy. If you won't be able to cover those costs, you may need to think about a different type of policy. If you are looking for a policy that needs to cover long-term or chronic conditions, or a policy that can roll over to cover any health issues your pet has, a time-limited policy may not be the best option.

Other types of pet insurance

A time-limited pet insurance policy is one of four main policies offered in the UK. The other three options to chose from are:

  • number one

    Accident only

    This is the least comprehensive policy type and tends to also be the cheapest. Your pet will only be covered for injuries due to accidents with accident only pet insurance.

  • number two

    Maximum benefit

    With a maximum benefit policy there is no time limit on your claims but there is a financial cap. Once you have reached your limit per condition, you can no longer claim on that condition and will have to pay for your vet fees yourself.

  • number three


    As long as you renew your policy every year, your pet will be covered for any injuries or illnesses obtained while the policy is active. While a lifetime pet insurance policy is the most comprehensive, it is also the most expensive.

What is and isn't covered by time-limited pet insurance

The coverage provided by your time-limited policy will vary depending on your policy and provider. However, the following are usually included and exempted within time-limited insurance policies.

  • Tick


    • Vet consultations

    • Diagnostic tests

    • Medication

    • Hospitalisation

    • Advertising costs for a lost pet

    • Liability costs if your pet injures another person or pet

  • Cross

    Not covered

    • Pre-existing conditions

    • Routine check-ups

    • Preventative treatments e.g., vaccination, spaying,

    • Worming and flea treatment

    • Dental treatments

    • Pregnancy

Saarrah Mussa

Our expert says


To make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing your time-limited pet insurance policy, be sure to compare. MoneySuperMarket's comparison tool will help you compare our best prices as well as different levels of cover to suit you best. You should also read your policy exemptions. Look for any exclusions, limitations, or conditions that could affect your coverage. Be sure that what's exempt in your policy is something you either don't need or can fund yourself.

- Saarrah Mussa, Insurance expert

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Yes, a time-limited policy is designed to allow you to claim for any conditions as many times as you want, until you reach your set pre-determined limit, until your policy ends.

Lifetime policies are more comprehensive than time-limited policies, but they are more expensive. While time-limited will cover short-term illnesses and injuries that occur during your policy, lifetime policies will cover those conditions year after year provided you renew your policy on time.

The policy will usually cover you for up to 12 months, but this can vary between policies. A time-limited policy length is your choice and is designed to suit the length of time you need for your pet.

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