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Puppy insurance

Compare pet insurance for your new pup 


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We’ll find great value kitten insurance quotes from top UK providers, making comparing and finding cover quick and simple.

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From what age can I insure my puppy?

You should look to get pet insurance as soon as you can because you’re unlikely to be able to get cover for a pre-existing or hereditary condition once it has developed. Most insurers offer cover from when your dog is from five to eight weeks old, so don’t delay.

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*Source: MoneySuperMarket. 1,217,064 comparisons. June 2021 – June 22. 

How much is insurance for a puppy?

It’s always worth shopping around to find the best deals on puppy insurance. The cost of your insurance will vary on several factors including:

  • 1

    Policy type

    There are different policy types for you to choose from for your puppy. They will range with the amount of cover and the price. Usually the more comprehensive the cover, the more expensive your insurance is likely to be. 

  • 2

    Breed of puppy

    Certain dog breeds are known to have more health problems than other breeds, so would be more expensive to insure

  • 3


    Where you live affects the premium you will pay to insure your pup. This is because location affects the costs vets face like wages and rent to pay

  • 4

    Spaying and neutering

    Neutering your pet can potentially lower your premiums as it reduces the chance of your pet contracting those diseases and makes them less likely to stray

What types of insurance can I get for my puppy?

There are four common types of pet insurance to choose from, each with different levels of cover and cost:

  • Lifetime 

    Lifetime cover is the most popular policy. It will give you the most comprehensive cover for you puppy throughout its lifetime including any illnesses and accidents occur

  • Time Limited 

    This policy offers cover for a limited time and fixed sum for each illness or illness your puppy gets which makes it an ideal policy for short term illnesses or injuries

  • Per condition

    Also known as ‘maximum benefit’, your puppy will be covered for a fixed amount per condition. The maximum cover will differ depending on the illness or injury

  • Accident only 

    This policy is the cheapest option however, it will not cover any illnesses or conditions. It will only cover for accidents or complications that occur due to an accident

What does puppy insurance cover? 

A typical pet insurance policy will cover your pet if it suffers from illness, injury or disease but won’t cover vaccinations, routine treatments or specific conditions. Here are some features to consider:

  • Tick

    Likely to be covered

    • Kennel costs

    • Death by accident or illness

    • Travel abroad

    • Third party liability cover

    • Alternative therapies

  • Cross

    Unlikely to be covered

    1. Routine check-ups and vaccinations

    2. Pre-existing conditions

    3. Vaccinations

    4. Spaying/castration 

    5. Puppies under eight weeks old

Is it worth insuring a new puppy?

While pet insurance might be an extra cost, it protects you financially if your poor pooch has an accident or illness and needs vet treatment. Vet fees can be expensive, sometimes amounting to a staggering sum, depending on what your furry friend needs to get back to full form. Investing in puppy insurance gives you peace of mind, knowing you’ll be able to claim to meet the cost of any treatment.

Saarrah Mussa

Our expert says


You might think that there’s no need to insure a puppy, but as well as being difficult to manage and prone to accidents, it’s likely to be cheaper to put cover in place before they grow and health conditions arise. You can then be confident that the vets’ bills won’t chew through your wallet, even if the puppy might.

- Saarrah Mussa, Author

How to choose the best cover for your pup

The cheapest insurance won’t always provide the best cover for your puppy, so work through the following steps to help decide:

  • 1

    Choose your level of cover

    Decide what policy features you need such as covering your pup for illness or accidents, or overseas cover if you plan to travel with them

  • 2

    Consider multi-pet insurance

    Insurers often offer a discount of between 5% and 10% if you insure more than one pet, so take advantage and insure your pets together

  • 3

    Set your excess

    Paying a higher excess usually means you will be rewarded with a lower premium. Just make sure you can afford the excess in the event of a claim

  • 4

    Compare puppy insurance providers

    Our comparison tool will help you find a great value policy with the tailored cover you need

  • 5

    Decide on policy add-ons

    Some pet insurance providers will offer additional policy features for your puppy, such as dental cover or alternative therapy treatments

  • 6

    Pay yearly rather than monthly

    It can often work out cheaper to pay for your policy upfront rather than in monthly installments

Compare puppy insurance quotes with MoneySuperMarket

Our comparison tools are quick and easy to use. In just a few steps you can get accurate quotes for policies tailored to you and your puppy.

  • Tell us about your pup

    Give us a few details about your dog and the type of cover you’re looking for

  • We’ll do the work

    We’ll put together a list of providers with appropriate cover for your specific needs

  • You’re on your way

    Pick the policy that is perfect for you and your puppy  

You may be surprised to hear that where you live can also have an affect on how much you pay for puppy insurance. This is primarily because the cost of vet treatment varies from place to place. 

The breed of your puppy can affect your insurance quote. That’s because some breeds are more prone to illnesses and health conditions, meaning insurers see them as more of a risk. Pedigree dogs are often more expensive to insure than hybrid or mixed-breed dogs.

Puppy insurance policies don’t tend to cover vaccinations.  Under some policies, you can opt to have preventative or routine care cover (that can include vaccinations) up to a limit, but this will cost more.

Multi pet insurance policies are available and can sometimes make your premium slightly cheaper.

Yes, it’s now a legal requirement to have any dog over the age of eight weeks microchipped in England and Wales. If you don’t get your dog microchipped you risk a fine of up to £500.

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