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Does pet insurance cover neutering?

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Written by  Saarrah Mussa
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Reviewed by  Kara Gammell.
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Updated: 11 Aug 2023

Find out whether your insurance policy is likely to cover neutering

Not many pet insurance plans do not cover spaying and neutering because it's considered an elective operation. Find out why you may need to neuter your pet and how it may impact your insurance. 

What is neutering?  

Neutering goes by a few different terms, it is also widely known as spaying or fixing.  

Neutering is the process of castrating or spaying your pet to stop them from reproducing. Neutering is the process of removing the testes from males and spaying is the removal of female reproductive organs including the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. This procedure reduces testosterone levels which also stops typical breeding behaviours as well as stopping reproduction. 

When your pet is neutered, it will be operated on under general anaesthetic and your pet will be given pain medication after the surgery.  

The most common pets to get neutered are cats and dogs but you can get your rabbit neutered to prevent breeding and fighting.  

Other alternatives are less common such as a hysterectomy for females and a vasectomy for males. However, these procedures only ensure that the animal is no longer able to reproduce, all the hormones will remain.  

If you are unsure of what type of procedure is best for your furry friend, your vet will be able to advise you on the best course of action.  

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Should I get my pet neutered? 

There are various reasons why you may want to get your pet neutered. Some of the most common reasons include:  

  • Preventing unwanted litters 

  • Preventing fighting and aggressive behaviour (usually in male pets)  

  • Improving your pet’s behaviour  

  • Reduce/ prevent medical conditions such as uterus infections and testicular cancer 

  • Preventing straying  

When should I get my pet neutered? 

This can be very different depending on your pet. Every pet is different so, deciding when the right time for your furry friend is usually best discussed with your vet.  

Most dogs can be neutered from 6 months and female dogs are usually advised to be neutered after their first season.  

In most cases, cats can be neutered after 4 months. It is recommended that they are kept indoors until they are neutered to prevent any unwanted litters.  

How much does neutering cost? 

The cost of neutering your pet will vary as it will depend on the type and breed of your pet. It may also vary depending on your location and the specific veterinary practice you decide to go to. According to research carried out in May 2022, you will need a budget of around £200 to neuter a male dog and around £300 for a female in the UK1.  

The spaying process is more expensive than neutering a male dog as the surgery for a female is more intrusive, takes longer and a lot more aftercare is needed for the pet. There are a few things that will affect the cost of neutering your pet including:  

  • Gender, age and breed of your pet  

  • Their size and weight  

  • Your chosen veterinary practice  

  • The general health of your pet  

  • The behaviour of your pet  

  • Your location  

1Source: May 2022 UK neutering vet survey 

Does pet insurance cover spaying and neutering?  

No, most pet insurance plans do not cover the cost of preventative treatments including neutering your pet.  

However, there are pet wellness plans available to you which are also known as preventative care plans, that may provide some reimbursement for spaying and neutering.  

While your pet insurance is unlikely to cover the costs of neutering, some providers offer to cover any vet bills that arise from any complications, infections or illnesses that may arise due to neutering.  

Pet insurance is designed to cost the cost of unexpected vet bills due to illness or injury which is why neutering will not be covered with most providers. However, you may be able to find some UK pet insurance providers who will cover the costs of neutering and spaying. It is important to check your policy documents carefully when taking out a pet insurance policy to ensure that you are fully aware of what is and isn’t covered in your policy.  

Does neutering reduce the cost of pet insurance? 

Yes. Neutering your pet can reduce your pet insurance premiums from many insurance providers in the UK as your pet is less likely to stray and develop a range of health conditions that neutering helps reduce the risk of.  

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