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Kitten insurance

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2Based on accident only claims without vet fees for pets with up to date vaccines. Cover starts 7th March 2022.

Why do I need kitten insurance?

A playful kitten can bring much amusement, but escapades can also lead to accidents and unexpected trips to the vet for treatment. With vet bills on the rise, an unfortunate injury could cost you much more than you planned in the early months of kitten ownership. 

There is also the risk of illness or an ongoing condition affecting your kitten, and the potential for regular bills to get them back on their paws.

So it’s worth making sure you’ve got your kitten covered by an insurance policy to meet the cost of a sudden trip to the vet. You can also get cover for the cost of advertising if your kitten was ever lost or stolen.


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What are the different types of kitten insurance?

As with all pet insurance policies, there are four main types of kitten insurance available.

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    Accident-only insurance

    Accident-only policies provide a fixed sum to treat injuries caused by accidents, though some may offer limit cover for sudden illnesses 

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    Time-limited cover

    This will provide a fixed amount to cover each (covered) illness or injury your pet sustains in a set time period, usually for 12 months

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    Per-condition policy

    These cover each illness or injury indefinitely, up to a certain sum. Past that point, that particular condition is no longer covered

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    Lifetime cover

    These cover each illness or injury indefinitely, allowing you to spend up to a set amount in treatment. Lifetime cover resets every year

What’s covered by kitten insurance?

Some kitten insurance packages are more comprehensive than others, so your policy may not cover certain situations and conditions. It’s always best to check with your chosen provider what’s covered if you’re unsure.

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    Vet fees

    Vet fees for accidents and unexpected illnesses are always covered to an extent, but the threshold changes according to each specific policy

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    Most policies will cover the majority of the cost for treatment if your kitten is injured, but there are usually caps which very between policies

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    Advertising and recovery costs

    If your curious kitten manages to get lost, many cat insurance policies can cover the cost of advertising – and will even stump up a reward

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    Routine check-ups

    Insurance doesn’t cover vets’ costs for neutering, vaccination and flea control, nor most other procedures and treatments considered routine

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    Microchipping your kitten will help you track it if it’s lost, and while some insurers insist you get it before they’ll cover you – they won’t pay for it

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    Behavioural problems

    Cats and kittens tend to have fewer behavioural problems than dogs and puppies, so most insurance policies won’t cover treatment for things like aggression

How much does kitten insurance cost?3

There are many factors that can affect the cost of your kitten insurance. Some breeds are attractive to thieves or especially prone to developing particular conditions, and tend to cost more to insure as a result. Likewise, where you live has a major impact on how much your insurance costs. Cat insurance also gets more expensive as your cat gets older.

3According to Stickee data, correct as of September 2020


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What add-ons are available for cat insurance?

Kitten insurance isn’t just about vet’s fees if your pet is ill or injured. There are actually various ways to extend your cover for a small additional cost. Optional extras include: 

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    Liability cover

    Covers any legal liabilities if your kitten injures someone or their damages their property

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    Overseas cover

    Some policies can be extended to provide cover if you want to take your cat overseas

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    Cancellation cover

    Covers the losses you may incur if you have to cancel a holiday because your cat falls ill

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    Straying/theft cover

    Pays compensation if your kitten is lost or stolen, and could contribute towards a finder’s reward

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    Fatal accidents

    Pays out a cash sum if your cat dies in an accident, though not of illness, old age or natural causes

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    Boarding fees

    This covers the cost of boarding kitten cat if you aren’t able to look after it while you’re in hospital 

How to buy kitten insurance

You'll need to the following information when getting your kitten insurance quote, so we can find the right cover for your needs

  • cat phone icon

    Your kitten’s details

    We’ll need to know their age, breed and size, as these factors affect its risk level and compensation

  • cat coin

    How much your kitten costs

    You’ll need to let us know how much you paid for your cat (if you bought it, rather than adopting)

  • seesaw cat

    Behaviour and medical history

    We’ll need to know if your cat has been neutered and what vaccinations it has (or hasn’t) had 

Compare policies and deals from the leading pet insurance brands

We compare over 20+ pet insurance brands to bring you the best deals

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Rose Howarth

Our expert says

"“Kittens can be especially accident prone, and it’s usually worth getting insurance as soon as your new friend has settled into the family. “For the most comprehensive cover over the long term, a lifetime insurance policy will protect your kitten for the rest of its life.”"

- Rose Howarth, head of niche insurance

You can get specialist pet insurance if your cat has a pre-existing medical condition. This type of policy is designed for those whose pets already have a medical condition before they take out an insurance policy.

While you’ll be able to take our standard pet insurance if your cat has a pre-existing injury or condition, it’s unlikely that your insurer will cover veterinary treatment for that particular condition – as there’s a risk that the condition may flare up again.

Cat breeds have a significant effect on premiums. Pedigree cats are more prone to health conditions than moggies, and your insurer is likely to increase your premium as a result.

They are often also much more valuable and therefore more attractive to thieves.

Kitten insurance does not cover vaccinations – in fact, it’s usually a condition of most cat insurance policies that you keep them up to date with all vaccinations.

Kittens can get into all sorts of trouble, and insurance can help cover the costs of an unexpected trip to the vet, as well as covering the costs of advertising if they’re lost or stolen. 


If you have more than one cats, multi-cat insurance can be easier to manage. Choosing a multi-pet insurance plan means dealing with a single insurer, a single renewal date and just one set of documents.

Insurers also often offer discounts if you cover more than one pet on your policy. Discounts can vary between 5% and 10%, while others give you a set discount for each extra pet you choose to cover. 

Microchipping your kitten is a wise move – it’s a really useful way for people to identify where lost cats live.

Microchipping your kitten isn’t always a condition of kitten insurance, but it can be – or you may reduce your premium. 


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