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Accident only pet insurance

Compare cover for unexpected pet injuries

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Compare quotes from 35 leading pet insurance brands*

When it comes to protecting your furry friend, it’s important for pet owners to shop around for the right cover that suits what you both need. We work with over 30 leading pet insurance companies, to bring you our best deals.

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*Accurate as of January 2023

What is accident only pet insurance?

Accident only pet insurance protects your pet if it is injured in an accident or suffers complications arising from an accident. It’s the most basic type of pet insurance, with the least cover, so often works out the cheapest.

Accident only pet insurance does not cover veterinary fees due to illness or disease, policy excess, pre-existing conditions or routine care like worming and vaccinations. It is not to be confused with accidental damage caused by a pet which falls under home insurance.

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*Source: MoneySuperMarket 1,473,967 comparisons from 1st December 2021 – 30th November 2022

Is accident only pet insurance worth it?

There are pros and cons to accident only pet insurance. You should consider these before purchasing a policy:

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    • Accident only is typically the cheapest type of pet insurance

    • It’s a good and cheap option for young, healthy pets

    • You can claim up to the amount stated on your policy, so you know exactly how much cover your pet has for each injury

  • Cross


    • Minimal cover – it covers accidents only

    • Most policies have a cap on the amount you can claim for, you then have to pay the rest yourself

    • Policies tend to last 12 months, so ongoing treatment won’t be covered

Saarrah Mussa

Our expert says


Accident only cover is the most basic and often cheapest pet insurance policy. If you have a young, healthy pet and are looking to cut down on bills, an accident only pet insurance policy could be enough to protect your pet and give you peace of mind. However, it's probably not the best choice if you have an older or sickly pet. You also won’t be covered if your healthy pet develops a health condition.

- Saarrah Mussa, Author

Alternative policy options

There are other pet insurance policies that may be better suited to your needs, including:

  • 1

    Time limited

    A time limited policy lets you claim up to a certain amount within a set period, usually 12 months. It can be useful for short-term conditions and accident-related treatment, but probably isn’t the best option for older animals, especially those with pre-existing health conditions.

  • 2

    Maximum benefit

    Maximum benefit policies offer a fixed amount per condition, with no time limit. This is great if your pet’s condition requires treatment for more than a year. However, you can only claim for each condition once, even if the problem reoccurs at a later date.

  • 3


    A lifetime policy pays for your pet’s treatment throughout his or her lifetime, as long as you keep renewing it every year. And if your pet develops an illness, you will be covered for the treatment of any related issues too. Often more suited to younger pets as it's more expensive to insure older pets.

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You won’t be able to take out accident only pet insurance and make a claim after your pet has had an accident. You will need to have it in place already. Usually when you take out a pet insurance policy, you can’t make a claim straight away. This is known as the exclusion period and typically lasts 14 days.

Accidental damage cover is usually an add-on to your home insurance policy. It protects you against damage done to your home by your pet. This will usually cover accidents like your dog knocking over an expensive ornament or breaking some technical equipment. Most policies tend to exclude pet damage caused by chewing, scratching, tearing and defecating.

Yes, swallowed objects that cause difficulties for your pet tend to be described as an accident.

As an owner, you are liable for your dog. Therefore, if your dog causes injury or damage to another dog, person or property, you may have to pay for those damages. Vice versa, if your dog is attacked, the owner of the aggressor dog will bear responsibility for any injuries to the unprovoked animal. Either way, it is important to have insurance to keep your pet and your money protected.

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