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Lifetime Pet Insurance

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When it comes to protecting your furry friend, it’s important for pet owners to shop around for the right cover that suits what you both need. We work with over 30 leading pet insurance companies, to bring you our best deals.

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*Accurate as of January 2023

What is a lifetime pet insurance policy?

Lifetime policies offer the highest level of coverage for your pet. It is often seen as a premium option for pet insurance.

It's designed to cover your pet year after year regardless of any conditions your pet may develop throughout its lifetime, as long as you don’t cancel your policy or let it lapse at renewal.

Lifetime policies will usually cover both accidents and illnesses and the amount of money you use on claims each year resets every time you renew your policy.

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What does lifetime pet insurance cover?

There are a number of things covered in a lifetime pet insurance policy including:

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    • Vet costs
      Cover for treatment for both injury or illnesses up to the per condition or per year limit. These limits will reset every time you renew your policy.

    • Lost or stolen pets
      Your insurance might cover the cost of advertising a lost pet and pay a proportion of their value if they sadly cannot be found.

    • Kennels/cattery costs
      Covers boarding costs for your vet if you have to go into hospital or have a family emergency.

    • Euthanasia
      If the worst should happen, pet insurance can cover the cost of your pet being painlessly put to sleep.

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    Not covered

    • Dental treatment
      Unless your pet will need dental treatment as a result of an accident or injury, most dental treatments will not be covered by your insurance policy.

    • Pre-existing conditions
      Illnesses and injuries related to a condition that existed before you took out your policy will not be covered by your policy.

    • Excess and co-payment
      The amount of excess you chose at the beginning of your policy will be the amount you need to pay by yourself every time you make a claim. Some lifetime policies also include a co-payment.

    • Cremation and burial
      While most lifetime policies will include euthanasia in their policies, cremation and burial costs are usually not included in your policy.

Policy exclusions

While lifetime insurance covers your pet throughout their entire life, it has a limit each year on either how much you can claim per condition, or the overall amount you can claim for all conditions.  

Some lifetime pet insurance policies will give you a set amount that you are able to claim per condition that will renew annually rather than an annual limit for all conditions.  

Be sure to watch out for age limits! Some lifetime policies have an upper age limit for older pets. This won’t apply to you if you have a pre-existing policy. 

If your pet has any pre-existing conditions before you take out your policy, it is unlikely that your lifetime policy will cover treatments for those. This is why, it's best to take out a lifetime policy as early as possible. 

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How much does lifetime pet insurance cost?

As lifetime insurance is the most comprehensive pet insurance cover, it is usually more expensive than other types of pet insurance. However, how much your premiums will cost depends on:

  • Location

    The cost of veterinary treatment in your area is likely to have an effect on your premium.

  • Age of your pet

    As your pet ages, the likelihood of having to make a claim for an injury or illness ill increase, pushing up your premiums.

  • Pre-existing conditions 

    If your pet has a pre-existing health condition the cost of your premiums will likely be higher as there is a greater likelihood that you will have to make a claim.

  • Previous claim history

    If you have made previous claims on the same pet, insurers see it as a higher risk, increasing the cost of your premiums.

  • Excess

    Choose a higher policy excess, can reduce your premium. However, the amount of excess you choose is the amount you will need to contribute when you make a claim.

  • Pet type and breed 

    Typically, insuring a cat is cheaper than cover for a dog. The breed of your pet will also affect the cost of your insurance as some breeds are more susceptible to certain conditions.

Is a lifetime policy worth it?

If budget is not an issue, lifetime cover is the most comprehensive pet insurance cover for your pet. Lifetime cover is typically seen as a premium option for pet insurance. As it’s the most comprehensive type of insurance policy, it also is the most expensive.  

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    Lifetime cover will cover chronic conditions as long as they develop while your pet is insured rather than a pre-existing condition. 

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    While annual policies stop covering a condition a year after the condition arises, lifetime policies will continue to cover it up to a pre-set annual limit.

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    The most comprehensive pet insurance policy available

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    Lifetime policies offer higher premiums than other pet insurance types. 

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    There is an annual limit for conditions that you claim for. Once you reach that limit, you will have to pay for the remainder of the treatment yourself.  

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    The policy price for your pet's entire life is not fixed. The price of your premium increases as your pet ages. 

Alternative policy types

There are other types of pet insurance pet owners can choose from, each with different levels of cover and cost:

  • Accident only

    Accident only policies only protect your pet if they are injured in an accident or suffer any health complications from an accident.

  • Time limited

    Can be a lower cost option. Offers a fixed sum for each illness or injury your pet gets. Covers vet fees for up to 12 months from the date your pet’s illness or injury first appeared.

  • Maximum benefit

    Covers your pet for each new injury or illness up to a specified pre-set limit. You can keep claiming on a condition or accident/injury until you reach the financial cap.

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Our expert says


While lifetime pet insurance provides the most comprehensive cover, you should be aware that the amount you have to claim is not unlimited. You have a set amount that will reset annually as you renew your premiums. It's always important to read the policy documents carefully before you buy and sure that the policy wording matches the needs of your pet.

- Saarrah Mussa, Author

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Yes, it's likely that you'll find that cost of your pet insurance policy increase when it comes to renewing your policy. As you pet gets older, it's normal to expect that your premiums will to. This is because, to an insurance provider, the older your pet gets, the more likely you are to claim for health issues.

Yes, lifetime pet insurance does cover accidents as well as injuries and health conditions that have started after you took out your policy.

The key difference between a max benefit policy and a lifetime one is that max benefit offer a fixed one-off amount per condition. However, since lifetime insurance offers more comprehensive cover, they usually cost more than maximum benefit policies and also allow a pre-set amount yearly amount per condition that will reset when you renew your policy,

No. Your lifetime cover will not cover any pre-existing conditions your pet has before you took out your policy. If your pet develops any health conditions while you are covered, your policy will continue to cover that condition up to a set amount per year.

After you take out a policy, you will have a 14 day cooling period where you can cancel your policy with no extra charges. After this period, if you are able to cancel your policy at any given time but depending on your policy, this may be subject to extra charges.

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