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Rabbit Insurance

Keeping your bunny hopping healthily


Rabbit Insurance

There's nothing worse for a pet owner than knowing your pets problem is treatable, but you can't afford the necessary treatment. Protect yourself and your rabbit with great value, affordable Rabbit Insurance from helpucover. Benefits include 10% online discount and help towards the cost of finding your rabbit if lost.

Do I need insurance for a rabbit?

Rabbits may seem like they don’t need a lot of work and attention, but that doesn’t stop them from getting into accidents, falling ill, or contracting any diseases. In comparison to cats and dogs, rabbits are a little less maintenance however, they still need to be covered by a comprehensive insurance policy. Even with a tiny bunny as a pet, your vet bills can easily rack up.  

While vet bills aren’t getting any cheaper, it’s worth making sure that for less than £25 a month, your rabbit can get the care they need without putting a big dent in your bank account. 

Rabbit insurance is the peace of mind you need to make sure your pet is well catered for when they need it most.  

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How much is pet insurance for a rabbit?

  • Location

    Where you live will determine your premium costs

  • Provider

    It pays to shop around. Some providers offer more competitive deals than others

  • Level of cover

    The level of cover you opt for will impact how expensive your insurance will be

  • Your rabbit's age

    Rabbits over the age of 5 are generally quite hard and expensive to insure

What's covered by rabbit insurance?

  • Tick

    You can start your rabbit’s cover immediately online or over the phone

  • Tick

    Diagnostic tests and prescription medication

  • Tick

    Any necessary surgeries and physiotherapy

  • Cross

    Preventative treatments such as vaccinations or neutering

  • Cross

    Treating any illnesses that could’ve been prevented with a vaccine that you failed to provide

  • Cross

    Cover for conditions that existed before the start of the policy

What levels of cover can I get?

There are three main types of pet insurance policies that cover vet fees. Decide which policy best suits the needs of your fury friend. They start from most expensive and comprehensive and then decrease with the lower type of cover you get. 

  • Lifetime

    The most comprehensive cover that covers vet fees up to a maximum amount each year for all conditions over your pet’s lifetime

  • Per Condition

    This policy offers you maximum benefit per condition. Once your maximum has been reached, you can no longer claim on that condition

  • Time limited

    Time limited insures your pet for new medical illnesses and injuries for a selected time period (usually 12 months). This means that any pre-existing health conditions before the policy started will not be covered. Time limited policies also include a set limit on claims.

Saarrah Mussa

Our expert says


It’s not just dogs, cats or larger animals where pet insurance can be beneficial. Rabbit lovers might also want to consider cover for their bunnies, especially expensive rare breeds. See the cover in the context of how much your pet is worth to you. When you’re already paying for food and other expenses, the right insurance at the right price can make sense.

- Saarrah Mussa, Author

Yes, rabbits are very susceptible to injury, illness and disease which can mean your vet bills can easily rack up. A pet insurance policy will ensure that you won’t have to pay these hefty bills all by yourself for a small amount per month.  

No, pet insurance usually does not cover neutering as it is considered an elective operation. However, getting your rabbit neutered can enable you to get lower premiums on your insurance policy.  

Our guide provides all the information you need on neutering your pet, the benefits and how it can affect your insurance policy.

No. Usually pet insurance providers do not include dental cover in their policies however, if your pet’s teeth or jaw were injured as a result of an accident or injury, their dental care would be covered.  

How to find Rabbit Insurance with MoneySuperMarket

  • Our provider

    Click through to our chosen provider and fill in your pet's details and the amount of cover you would like

  • Protect your pet

    Once you have your quote, complete your purchase and get your rabbit covered!