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Over the last five years, how many times was each Premier League team on live TV?

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With the Premier League season freshly underway, football fans face the all-important decision of choosing which TV and broadband package to go with to watch their favourite team play.

TV and broadband searches are at their highest in the months leading up to the start of a new football season. Similarly, nearly half of all sports-related TV products were searched for in July and August.

However, not all football teams are broadcast equally, so we set ourselves the challenge of examining every televised live game for each current Premier League side over the past five seasons. The result of this is a comprehensive index that can be used to help ease the burden of selection and give fans the confidence that their chosen TV and broadband package is the right one for them.

The league table below charts all 20 Premier League teams and their televised games across each of major tournaments, split by broadcaster.

Premier League teams and their televised games

Do BT or Sky Sports show more games between the Big Six?

Even with BT’s exclusive European football coverage, big clubs such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur are still being shown more often on Sky. This is reflected in the number of live fixtures between the so-called ‘Big Six’.

The number of times the Manchester derby has appeared on BT

Manchester United vs Liverpool has been featured on Sky 11 times while BT has only aired the fixture twice across the past four seasons – having only acquired the rights to the Premier League four seasons ago. The same can be said for the Manchester derby, with BT yet to televise a single game between these fierce rivals while Sky have had all 10 games between the sides.

The number of seasons in which any Premier League club has been televised more times by BT than Sky

The only exception is Chelsea’s ill-fated 2015/2016 campaign, with BT airing 17 Chelsea games compared to Sky’s 15. In fact, the number of Chelsea games on TV has decreased each season, down from 44 in 2012/2013 to 33 in 2016/2017 – a 25% decrease, this despite them having won the Premier League title twice in the past three seasons.

The overall percentage of games between the Big 6 featured on Sky vs BT in the last 5 years

Percentage of games on BT vs Sky

Which channel has shown each Premier League club the most?

For most people, watching their club on TV is the main reason to buy a sports package. With Sky Sports and BT holding the rights to the majority of televised games, we’ve analysed the average amount of matches each Premier League team plays across both Sky and BT per season. Again, Sky retains the upper hand, averaging more than double the amount of televised games per season across all teams.

Average games per season shown across all Premier League Clubs

Which team has provided the most entertainment on TV?

Whichever team they follow, most football fans people just love the game and want to catch as many exciting fixtures as possible. For those people where entertainment per game is the primary concern, the data from the past five seasons suggests there’s not a great deal separating BT and Sky. The two networks average 1.57 goals and 1.52 goals per team every live game respectively.

However, keep a close eye on Manchester City and Arsenal this season as the Citizens have scored the most goals out of anyone, netting 386 goals across 195 games, whereas the Gunners rank as the leakiest defence on TV, shipping 266 goals in 200 games.

Top Scoring Teams by Channel

Top scoring teams


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