Switch broadband provider

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It’s never been easier to switch your broadband to a better deal. Read our guide to find out everything you need to know

Should I switch my broadband provider?

If you’ve been with your current broadband provider for a while, it might be time for a change. Many internet providers will give you great rates for an introductory period of a year or two – but once that’s finished, you might be paying over the odds for broadband. In many cases, you could save money by switching broadband companies, and you could get a better connection too.

Even if you don’t think you’re paying too much for broadband, it’s always possible you could be getting a cheaper deal or better service. Internet speeds keep going up, so you could be missing out on lightning-fast connections. It’s always a good idea to shop around for cheap broadband, so you can be certain you’re on the best possible deal.

Can I leave my broadband provider early?

If you’ve only been with your current broadband provider for a little while, you might still be in your contract period. You can check the small print on your contract or phone your provider to see how long this period lasts. If you want to change broadband providers during this period, you can still get a new deal – but you might be hit with a hefty fee if you leave your contract early.

Depending on the size of the cancellation fee and the rates you’re currently paying, it could still work out cheaper to switch. Contact your provider to see how much you’ll be charged. In fact, if you ask your provider about leaving early, they might even offer you a cheaper rate to keep your custom.

There are some situations in which you won’t have to pay any extra fees, even if you’re still in your contract period. If your broadband provider raises its prices, you’ll usually have 30 days to change deals with no extra charges. You could also switch for free if your provider breaks the contract – for instance, if the internet speeds you’re getting are much lower than promised. You can use our free tool to quickly check if you’re getting the broadband speeds you paid for.

Do I need to tell my broadband provider if I switch?

Changing your broadband provider is incredibly simple – in many cases, you don’t even need to cancel your old deal or tell your previous provider you’re switching. When you pick a new deal, your new provider can often sort out the entire transfer for you.

It’s easiest to switch if both your old provider and your new provider use the Openreach network. Companies using Openreach include:

If both companies use Openreach, your new provider will let your old provider know that you’re switching, and the whole process should be completely seamless. You should get a letter from your old company confirming the switch, and one from your new provider letting you know that your contract is up and running.

If one or both companies aren’t using Openreach, it’s still possible for your new provider to take care of the switch for you. However, if for any reason they can’t arrange it for you, you’ll need to cancel your old contract yourself.

How do I cancel my old broadband before switching?

If you decide to switch broadband companies and your new provider can’t sort out the switch for you, you’ll need to cancel your current contract and set up a new one. This is known as ‘cease and re-provide’.

It’s a good idea to speak to your new internet provider first and set up a date for them to install your wise broadband. Then contact your current provider and let them know when you want the service to stop. That way the switch will be seamless, and you won’t be stuck without internet.

Can I keep my landline phone number if I change broadband providers?

Inn some cases, your home landline might be bundled up with your broadband service. However, just like with mobile phones, it’s still possible to change providers and still keep your phone number. Most providers will let you transfer your number when you switch – but not all of them, so it’s a good idea to check before you pick a new deal.

Where can I get the best deal on broadband?

The best way to get a great deal on broadband is to use a price comparison site like MoneySuperMarket. Simply enter your postcode, and we’ll show you all the deals available in your area. You can filter by speed or contract length, or even see deals that include a TV package or landline phone calls. Hundreds of deals are available at the click of a mouse, and within minutes you could be upgrading to faster, cheaper broadband.