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Can I avoid mid-contract broadband price rises?

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Broadband got more expensive? Sadly, mid-contract price rises are a fact of life. Here’s what you can do about it.

The tides of broadband price hikes

In the current economic landscape, households across the country are feeling the pinch as the cost of living continues to soar. Adding to the financial strain, broadband prices are climbing too. This annual adjustment affects both new and existing contracts. In this guide, we'll look into the reasons behind these price hikes and explore the options available to consumers.

Why do price increases happen?

Sadly, April price rises are a fact of life. At that time each year, broadband, TV subscription, and phone prices usually go up.

This is in accordance with inflation using the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as a guide. Providers adjust their prices to align with the economic climate, ensuring that their services remain profitable despite the rising costs of operation.

While these increases are generally in the ballpark of 3-4%, the current high inflation rates have led to price hikes as steep as 14% in some cases.

Such significant jumps can be a shock to any budget, especially when they're stacked on top of other escalating expenses.

Can I switch provider if my price increases mid-contract?

The possibility of switching providers mid-contract is a glimmer of hope for those hit with an unexpected price rise.

However, this move often comes with early exit fees unless the contract's minimum term has been fulfilled.

It's important to understand that contracts typically include clauses that anticipate annual price rises, meaning that a mid-contract price increase doesn't automatically grant the right to switch providers without incurring fees.

Before making any decisions, it's crucial to review your contract for any clauses related to price increases.

If such hikes are not explicitly stated in the agreement, customers may exercise their right to leave within 30 days without penalty.

And in certain circumstances, you may also be eligible to leave your provider mid-contract without paying any penalties.

Read our guide to cancelling your broadband contract early to find out what these are.

If you find yourself able to exit your contract without an early cancellation fee, it could be financially advantageous to switch providers.

MoneySuperMarket offers a comprehensive platform to compare deals and find a more wallet-friendly option.

How do I know if my prices will rise when taking out a new contract?

Not all providers raise their prices every April, but most reserve the right to do so.

The details of potential increases are typically buried in the fine print of the contract, so it's essential to read carefully before committing.

For customers with BT or Virgin Media, our pages on BT and Virgin Media price increases offer more detailed information on what to expect.

Are there any providers that don’t increase prices?

Fortunately, there are several providers that, at the time of writing, do not enforce mid-contract price rises. These include Hyperoptic, Cuckoo Broadband, Zen Internet, Utility Warehouse, Voneus, and Connect Fibre.

Opting for one of these providers can offer a reprieve from the annual price hike anxiety.

However, it's important to remember that policies are subject to change. Before signing any new contract, ensure you have the latest information on the provider's pricing policy.

Our guide on things to watch out for in your broadband contract can help you identify key points to consider.

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