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Virgin Media broadband deals

Got your eye on Virgin Media? Here’s everything you need to know about its broadband, TV and phone packages. Plus, we’ll walk you through all its pros and cons too.

Whereas most providers in the UK piggyback on BT’s Openreach network to bring broadband to the home, Virgin Media uses its own, more efficient cable broadband infrastructure.

As a result, its internet packages are some of the fastest around, boasting speeds well above the national average. And its fibre optic broadband is the most widely available in the country.

Elsewhere, Virgin Media’s TV offering comes second only to Sky, with hundreds of channels available as well as the option to add Sky and BT’s sport channels.

Let’s take a look in more detail…

Why choose Virgin Media broadband?

Well, for starters, it boasts the fastest widely available internet in the UK. While the likes of BT and Sky's pricey full fibre optic deals offer comparably fast speeds, they're generally only on offer in a very select number of locations.

But that's not all.

Virgin Media is also one of the few providers that doesn't require you to take a landline when you sign up for its broadband service and offers an extensive range of TV packages consisting of hundreds of channels, as well as the option to add premium TV like Sky Cinema channels.

There’s a good selection of pay monthly, pay-as-you-go, SIM-only and mobile broadband deals to choose from too, plus price cuts for existing Virgin Media customers.

Most impressively, though, are Virgin Media’s ‘bundle’ options. These let you combine broadband and TV into one comprehensive package.

And if you need a landline as well, you can get a broadband, phone and TV packages from Virgin Media too.

There are four main bundle packages available: Big Bundle, Bigger Bundle, Bigger Bundle + Sports and the Ultimate Oomph Bundle. Each let you save money over the duration of your 18-month contract.

Our best Virgin Media deals

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What broadband packages can I get from Virgin Media broadband?

All of Virgin Media’s internet packages are fibre optic, so whichever one you plump for you’re likely to get faster speeds and more reliable service than offered by most rival providers.

The range of speeds on offer include:

  • M50 – average speeds of 56Mbps.
  • M100 – average speed of 108Mbps.
  • M200 – 213Mbps average speeds.
  • M350 – 362Mbps average speeds.
  • Ultrafast M500 – average speeds of 516Mbps.

It’s also worth mentioning that Virgin Media offers the fastest widely available fibre optic package in the UK, with average download speeds of an eye-popping 630Mbps.

However, this is only available as part of its ‘Ultimate Oomph’ bundle. More on this below.

All packages come with unlimited downloads. You’ll also need to pay a £35 setup fee, and sign up to an 18-month contract.

What are Virgin Media’s bundles?

Virgin Media’s bundles let you combine your TV, broadband and phone into one convenient package.

And if you decide you don't require a landline, you don't have to take one. Virgin Media also offers package for just broadband and TV too.

Depending on which bundle you choose, you’ll save money and paying one bill is definitely more convenient.

At the time of writing, Virgin Media offers four TV, broadband and phone packages:

  • Big Bundle: includes 54Mbps internet, 100+ channels, inclusive calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobiles, plus Virgin Media’s 360 TV box.
  • Bigger Bundle: comes with 213Mbps fibre optic internet, 190+ channels , 195+ channels, inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile phones.
  • Bigger bundle + Sports: 213Mbps fibre optic broadband, 195+ channels (including Sky Sports and BT Sport 4K), inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile phones.
  • Ultimate Oomph bundle: M600 fibre broadband – the fastest widely available broadband in the UK, exclusive to the Ultimate Oomph bundle. 230+ channels, inclusive anytime calls to UK landlines and mobiles, as well as 0845/0870 numbers. Moreover, there’s Virgin TV 360 multiroom and an unlimited data SIM to take advantage of.

What Virgin Media Call packages are available?

Virgin Media has four separate talk plans available. So if you only use your landline on weekends or your phone is glued to your ear all day long, you’ll find a package to suit your needs with Virgin Media.

Mobile Phones

Whether you’re after a cheaper SIM only deal or want the latest iPhone, Virgin Mobile has a raft of great offers available.

And at the time of writing, an added bonus is that all Virgin Broadband customers get an additional £5 a month off the cost of their Virgin Mobile tariff.

Can I get Virgin Media broadband deals in my area?

Although Virgin Media’s fibre optic broadband packages are available in most of the UK there are still some locations its network doesn’t reach.

To find out for sure if you can sign up for Virgin Media where you live, enter your postcode into our broadband availability checker.

Need a speedy service but not sold on Virgin Media? Head to our dedicated page to compare a range of fast broadband deals from a wide selection of providers.

What’s good about Virgin Media broadband?

Virgin Media has a lot to recommend it. But here’s some of its standout features:

  • Some of the most flexible packages around, so you can modify them whenever you want.
  • Option to save money by combining multiple services into packages.
  • Broadband packages don’t require line rental.
  • Comprehensive TV offering, second only to Sky.
  • Phone packages include free weekend calls to UK landlines.
  • Websafe parental controls.

And here’s why Virgin Media might not be the best option for you:

What’s bad about Virgin Media broadband?

Virgin Media broadband isn’t as widely available as other major UK broadband providers. Use our postcode checker to see if you can get it.

  • Not the cheapest provider – TalkTalk and Plusnet offer cheaper options.
  • More options than you might need.
  • Setup costs apply.

Virgin Media broadband setup

If you’re taking out Virgin Media for the first time, you’ll likely have to pay for activation. At the time of writing, the fee is £35.

Additionally, Virgin Media may also charge £99 for engineer call-outs. Though this will depend whether you’ve had Virgin Media services at your property in the past.

Whether or not you pay this activation charge will be decided on a case-by-case basis, so if you’re unsure, Virgin Media will let you know if you’ll be required to pay anything before confirming your order.

However, if you’ve had Virgin Media before, you’ll be able to set up your services with theQuickStart self-install box.

In a nutshell, Virgin Media will supply you with the kit, cables and a everything you need. In this instance, you won’t need to pay setup costs and the process is quick and simple.

Virgin Media broadband customer service

Need to get in touch with Virgin Media? You can contact them on 0345 454 1111.

Alternatively, just tap in 150 on your Virgin Media landline to speak to a member of its customer service team.

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