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OppoFind X5 Lite
Find X5 Lite
£11.95 per month
15GB data
£99.00 upfront cost
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OppoFind X5
Find X5
£13.00 per month
3GB data
£309.99 upfront cost
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OppoFind X5 Pro
Find X5 Pro
£17.00 per month
10GB data
£699.99 upfront cost
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OppoA54 5G
A54 5G
£12.50 per month
2GB data
No upfront cost
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OppoReno4 Pro 5G
Reno4 Pro 5G
£16.00 per month
33GB data
£454.99 upfront cost
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OppoFind X2 Pro
Find X2 Pro
£26.00 per month
100GB data
£520.00 upfront cost
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Everything you need to know about OPPO phones

Launched in Dongguan in 2004, OPPO is a fairly small player in the UK mobile market – despite being China’s biggest smartphone manufacturer.

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What it offers is a respectable array of mobile phones. Its range includes some of the best flagships available with impressive specs, all the way down to budget-friendly handsets that feel anything but cheap.

Read on to find out more about OPPO phones, or pick a model above and click through to compare contract deals.

What are the best OPPO phones?

The flagships of the OPPO range are the Find X series, such as the OPPO Find X5. The very best of these are the ‘Pro’ versions – which come with plussed-up specs.

Generally tech experts don’t consider OPPO Find X phones quite as good as the top choices from Samsung or Apple – but on the plus side, they don’t have the price tag of an iPhone either.

Some reasonable corners are cut to keep them affordable, but on the whole OPPO smartphones are high-spec, good quality handsets. They feature stunningly clear displays, top-notch cameras, and attractive designs.

What are the cheapest OPPO phones?

Not all OPPO phones are available to buy in the UK, but out of those that are, the cheapest are the OPPO A series. These are low-cost, mid-range smartphones, that simply give you what you need in a phone: good processing power, decent cameras, and some of the best battery life on the market.

You can also snap up a bargain by choosing an older flagship model, such as 2021’s OPPO Find X3. Because they’re no longer the latest and greatest, prices have slipped – and you still get the same great phone.

If you do prefer the latest and greatest, however, cheaper versions are still available. The Lite versions of OPPO’s Find phones snip back a few specs – including the price – while still giving you the feel of a premium mobile.

Which networks offer OPPO phone contracts?

A handful of networks currently offer contract deals on OPPO phones, including Virgin Mobile and Sky Mobile. Plus, you can get OPPO mobile contracts with SIMs from even more networks if you purchase through a reseller or third-party retailer.

Pick the OPPO phone you like the look of, and click through to compare deals. We’ll show you all the contracts available right now through the networks and retailers we work with.

Are OPPO phones any good?

It may be a slightly lesser-known mobile manufacturer, but there’s a lot to enjoy with phones from OPPO.

The flagship Find X models are particularly good. The OPPO Find X5, for instance, got impressive reviews from the tech world, thanks to its bright screen, slick performance, and great battery life.

The best mobiles in the biz tend to be iPhones and Samsung Galaxies – but if those are outside your budget, or just not to your taste, OPPO mobiles are a great choice to turn to next.

Are OPPO phones good value?

Overall, yes, OPPO phones are considered good value.

As the smartphone market goes, the technology in OPPO mobiles reflects their prices. For example, 2022’s OPPO Find X5 cost £749 at launch, and comes with a triple-lens camera, powerful octa-core processors, and a full HD resolution AMOLED screen.

Likewise, OPPO’s lower-cost phones are excellent value. You can enjoy a smartphone at a nice low price without too much compromise on the specifications.

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