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Car insurance for over 70s

Compare cheap car insurance quotes for over 70s

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Car insurance for the over 70s

It’s a fact that more experienced motorists pay less on average for their car insurance than younger drivers. If you’re over 70 therefore, you’ll probably pay much less than younger, less experienced motorists. The cost of cover does also depend on other factors though, including your personal circumstances and driving history.

The average annual car insurance premium for the general public currently stands at £7111, but the over 70s can expect to pay much less, with an average of £336.1 This is almost 10 times less than 17- to 24-year-olds, who pay £3,1161 on average. Once you’re over 80 though, your premiums will start to increase again.

1Drivers holding a full UK licence, with fully comprehensive cover, where the main driver is the only driver. MoneySuperMarket data collected between January and September 2020


Average premium

17 to 19


20 to 24


25 to 29


30 to 39


40 to 49


50 to 64


65 or Above


How much is car insurance for the over 70s?

There are three main types of car insurance you can consider:

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Fully comprehensive

The best level of cover, fully comprehensive insurance protects you, your car and other motorists from any damage you cause. It also covers medical expenses, repairs, fire damage and theft of your vehicle

£336 on average2

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Third-party, fire and theft

Third-party, fire and theft policies cover repair costs for other people, their cars and their property, as well as your own vehicle if it’s stolen or damaged by fire 

£393 on average2

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Third-party only

The minimum legal requirement, third-party insurance will only cover any damage you cause to other cars and property. It’s the least comprehensive type of cover and also the most expensive of the three

£488 on average2

2Drivers over 70 holding a full UK licence, where the main driver is the only driver. MoneySuperMarket data collected between January and September 2020

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What should I consider as an over 70s driver?

When you’re over 70, there are a few extra things you should think about when buying car insurance:

  • Medical conditions: If you have an existing medical condition that could affect your driving, you must inform the DVLA and your insurance provider. If you don’t, you risk invalidating your policy. You could be fined up to £1,000 or face prosecution if your condition causes an accident
  • License renewal: Driving licences expire when you turn 70, but you can renew them for free. The DVLA will automatically send you a renewal application form 90 days before your 70th birthday. In most cases, you can continue to drive whilst you wait for your new license
  • Advanced driving courses: Taking an advanced driving course is a great way  to boost your confidence on the road and brush up on your driving skills.  It also shows insurers you are an advanced driver, so could also help get  you cheaper premiums 

How can I save on my over 70s car insurance?

There are a few ways the over 70s can reduce the price of their car insurance:

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Limit your mileage

Cutting down on how much you drive could save you money. Because you’re not on the road as much, you’re less likely to have an accident

Telematics icon

Take out telematics

Insurers can monitor your driving habits with telematics hardware, so sensible drivers earn lower premiums

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Pass advanced driving course

As car insurers generally see advanced drivers as less likely to have accidents, passing an advanced driving course can help cut car insurance costs

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Increase your voluntary excess

If you've enjoyed years of claim-free driving, you might choose to pay a higher voluntary excess to reduce the overall cost of your insurance

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No claims bonus

The longer you’ve gone without claiming, the more your insurers will knock off your premiums as they’ll see you as less likely to make further claims in the future

Which car insurance brands do we work with?

We compare dozens of the biggest insurance providers in the country, including:

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Praksha Patel-Shah

Our expert says

"Car insurance can be expensive for drivers once they are over the age of 70. Even though older drivers are often careful and experienced road users, insurers tend to view the over 70s as high risk and push premiums up. One of the best ways to keep costs down is to reduce your mileage and increase your excess. Shopping around at renewal through MoneySuperMarket also means you can find the best cover for your needs at the lowest price."

- Praksha Patel-Shah, senior channel manager of car insurance

No, you can buy specialist car insurance exclusively for over 70s, but it’s not essential. You may find that a specialist insurance provider offers benefits and options that a standard provider doesn’t though.  

A car insurance quote is determined by how risky you are to insure. Some medical conditions, like epilepsy or a visual impairment, could make you more of a risk to insure and your premium could increase.

If you have retired, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s no difference between car insurance for people in work and those who have retired.

Telematics cover involves your insurer monitoring your driving habits and adjusting your premiums according to how you 

drive. They are most often used to help new and younger drivers save money on their car insurance, but telematics insurance cover could help drivers over 70 save too.

Telematics insurance can be particularly useful for over 70s who don’t use their car very much, as many policies are priced based on mileage. It can also benefit those over 70 who tend not to drive at night, or during rush hour, as that’s when most accidents occur.

If you estimate your low mileage correctly, you could save on your car insurance premium.

As long as you're deemed medically fit to drive, there are car insurance providers with no upper age limit for drivers. 

However, a number of insurers increase the costs substantially as you age which can make these policies difficult to afford.

The DVLA (DVA in Northern Ireland) will assess your medical condition or disability to determine whether you can continue to drive. Notifiable conditions are anything that could affect your ability to drive safely, including:

  • Epilepsy
  • Strokes
  • Other neurological and mental health conditions
  • Physical disabilities
  • Visual impairments

To get an over 70s car insurance quote you’ll just need to provide us with the following details:

  • name, age and address 
  • registration number or model and age of car 
  • annual mileage 
  • occupation 
  • length of no-claims discount  
  • details of your driving history, including any accidents and motoring convictions  

You can add various optional extras to your over 70s car insurance if you want to increase your level of protection but check what comes as standard first. Optional extras could include: 

  • Breakdown cover: If you drive a lot or your car is unreliable, breakdown cover gives you access to roadside assistance if your car breaks down
  • Legal cover: Legal cover can pay for certain legal costs related to a claim by you or another party
  • Personal accident cover: Personal accident cover can protect you and your family if you sustain a serious injury while out and about in your car
  • Car keys cover: Thich covers the cost of replacing a set of keys if they’re lost, damaged or stolen
  • Courtesy car cover: This provides a replacement vehicle for you to use while yours is in repair
  • Wrong fuel cover: this pays for repair costs if you accidentally top up the tank with the wrong fuel


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