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Got a question about getting a car insurance quote? Here are the answers to our frequently asked questions...

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Email Address and Password

Why should I give you my email ID and password?

We can automatically save your personal details and all the quotes you get in a MoneySuperMarket account we create for you. You will then be able to come back later and view the quotes as well as re-use the details you have already entered. This will save you the time and effort of typing them all over again.

We want your details to be safe. To make sure no one else can access your data, we secure it with your email address id and a password. When you want to come back, type in your email address and the password you set to identify yourself correctly.

I have forgotten my password

Click on the link 'Forgot password? Do a quick reset'. We will remind you of the question you chose when you created your account. If you get the answer correct, you can carry on and reset your password.

If you have not set a password reminder question or get the answer wrong, you can choose to reset your password by email.

The site won't accept my password and I know it is right

I have not yet got my email that allows me to reset my password

We send you an email to the address you supplied us while creating an account. If you have not received an email from us within a few seconds, check your junk or spam folder in your mail box. It probably got delivered to that folder directly.

Mark the email from moneysupermarket as ‘Not junk’ or ‘Not Spam’ or ‘Safe’ so that the next time you are sure to get the email from us.

Why am I being asked so many questions when I reset my password

We want to make sure that nobody else is pretending to be you and resetting your password. We also protect against malicious computer programs that try to reset your password. To do this, we ask you to type a random set of letters and numbers.

Filling out the form

My car is not listed

We will be able to look up cars registered anywhere in the UK. However it is possible that we might not be able to find your particular car. In this case, use the link that says 'Not the right car' and search for your car. The quotes you get should be just as valid as if you put in your registration plate.

Please also bear in mind that some insurers will need to know your registration plate before you can buy a car insurance policy.

What is a modification

Any change made to a car, making it different from its factory settings to improve its performance, function or appearance personalised to suit the owner is treated as a modification. This applies equally to changes to the interior, exterior or to the internal mechanics of the car.

Examples: A modification could be paintwork, new seats, a car phone, a separate audio or air conditioning system, spoilers to make the car more aerodynamic, shock absorbers and springs for better suspension or even changes to the internal combustion engine such changing as the size of the valves, or cylinders, using high energy nitrous oxide fuels, high efficiency air filters and so on.

As it happens, if you car has more modifications, it is also likely that your insurance premium will be higher than a manufacturer's standard specification.

I cannot find my address

If the postcode where you want to insure you car is unknown to our system, we are sorry that we will not be able to help you with a precise quotation. However, if you use a postcode close to your address you can get an indicative quotation and ask your insurer to change it at the time of buying your policy.

Why do I have to tell you my telephone number

The information you give us goes into your car insurance Policy document. We promise not to send your contact number to third parties if you have chosen not to be contacted by telephone.

Where can I change my email address

When you are looking for car insurance, look for a link on the top right that says 'Your Account'. You will be able to change the account holder's name, password and email address. For security reasons, any emails you have previously received from us on your old email address will not directly link you back to our site.

I seem to have lost my details

If you have completed your form and submitted it to get quotes, don't worry, we will have saved them for you. Go to 'Your Account' and find all your enquiries and quotes listed in order of most recent quotes you did first.

To review your personal details, click on the 'Reuse details' button.

To view the quotes from insurers, click on the 'View Prices' button.

To see quotes from a very old quote, click on the 'Refresh prices' button, and we will ask you for the new start date for your policy and refresh the prices for you.

I want to enter my NCD (No Claims Discount) from my previous foreign insurer

Many UK insurance companies do not recognise any NCD earned from overseas insurers, so you'll have to speak to your insurer about this.

The site tells me I have answered a question incorrectly

Please scroll through the page. You will be able to locate a question highlighted in red with an explanation of what the error is.

My employment is not listed

We list many job titles and employment sectors and continue to update them on a regular basis. Please type in a few words that tell us what you do. We will try and make suggestions as you type for job descriptions that closely match.

I work part time

You don't need to specifically mention that you are employed part time. Simply fill in your job description and the employment sector you work in.

The site does not accept my answer for how long I have held my licence

Providers want to know- how long you have held your current licence. Please check that you have not added the years you have held your previous licences.

What is a proposer?

The owner of the car is usually the policy holder or the proposer. It is not necessary for the policy holder to be the owner or the registered keeper of the car. The drivers of the car are the ones being insured. You can specify a main driver after you have finished adding any additional drivers you want. All others you have added will be considered as drivers on your policy as well.

Insurance, Prices and Insurers

I want to talk to Customer services

To contact our customer services team, either send a message or alternatively, contact them using the following telephone numbers: -

  • Within the UK: 0333 123 1983
  • Outside the UK: +44 1244-976-301

Our lines are open Monday to Friday, 0900-1730hrs (UK Time)

The provider I chose is not answering my phone call

Sadly, we cannot chase up or ensure that providers do get back to you. We show you the numbers that they have given us.

I need a courtesy car, legal cover, and breakdown cover

On the results page, you should be able to see a section that says 'Filter Results'. Here you can choose to filter our providers that don't offer you the extras such as windscreen cover or personal accident cover that you want.

We advise that you check with the insurer the level and terms of each of these covers e.g. Breakdown cover –whether home start or road side; courtesy car – whether available in the event of a car repair or write-off.

I want to print my details

If you want to print out the results page containing quotes from the providers, click on the 'File > Print' menu on your browser.

If you want to print your personal data from the form, an easy way to do this would be to go the 'Details' page of the insurer of your choice and expand all sections on the right hand side panel. Then print out the details page using the 'File > Print>' menu on your browser.

I want car insurance for one month

Unfortunately, moneysupermarket are unable to offer you our services for comparing short term car insurance.

I want car insurance for multiple cars

Unfortunately, moneysupermarket are unable to offer you our services for comparing multi car insurance.

I want to Protect My No claims Discount

You can protect your no claims bonus if you have earned at least 4 years of no claims bonus (NCD). This option will not be available if you have up to 3 years of NCD.

When will I get my Cashback

Moneysupermarket shows you car insurance quotes from over a hundred insurers on a single page. Each price comes to us from an individual insurer.

Please note that the deals on offer might be valid for a different time from than the quote valid date. We will list the expiry date for the offers along side the description of the offers. In order to redeem the offers, make sure you buy the policy within the date of the expiry of the offer.

Where payments or cheques are not received as per the deal, we advise that you contact the insurer directly.

What is Total excess, Voluntary excess, and compulsory excess

When you make a claim, the amount you will have to pay as your share is called an Excess or Total Excess. This is composed of two parts – a compulsory and a voluntary excess. The compulsory excess is set by the insurer as the amount they expect the policy holder to pay. A voluntary excess is the amount you could volunteer to pay.

Say the claim amount came to £700 when you accidentally hit another car. The insurer had set your compulsory excess as £200 and your voluntary excess is £100. In this case, you would have to pay up an excess of £300 and the insurer would pay up £400.

Although it seems like a good idea to set your voluntary excess to £0, bear in mind that choosing a higher voluntary excess is likely to make your premium cheaper.

What should I do when providers come back with a different voluntary excess?

Perhaps the insurers are not able to support your need for a certain voluntary excess. Try and limit the Total excess using the section 'Filter Results' so that you can cap the amount you will have to pay in the event of a claim or write off.

I want Third Party cover

On your results page with prices from insurers, look for a section called 'Adjust Quote'. Choose a different cover like Comprehensive. Third Party or a different voluntary excess amount and then update your results.

Why have I not received any quotes

On occasion we may not be able to find any quotes for your details. If you think this is a mistake we advise you to check through the answers you have given, ensuring no details have been entered incorrectly and proceed to get a new quote. If this still does not provide any quotes maybe, try again at a different time.

I have a lot of quotes in my account

If you have a lot of quotes in your account you can delete them to make the ones you want to keep easier to see. Just be careful not to delete the quotes that are important to you. And make sure you have one quote in your account so you do not have to re-enter your details again.

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