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MoneySuperMarket’s Guide to Three Mobile Broadband

When it comes to choice, Three’s range of mobile broadband deals is about as wide as it gets – so whatever you use the web for and however you need to connect, Three is likely to have something to suit you.

Three Mobile Broadband

With mobile broadband, your web connection is only ever as good as the mobile signal you can get in the place you’re where trying to connect. Luckily, Three’s mobile coverage covers 98% of the UK population and the network has even been rated by YouGov as most reliable in the UK for calls, texts and data.

So What Does Three Mobile Broadband Offer?

3G Mobile Broadband


4G Mobile Broadband


Connection Type

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3G Mobile Broadband

The third generation of mobile phone network technology, or ‘3G’, arrived in the UK back in 2003. You can think of the change from 2G to 3G as similar to going from old, slow dial-up internet to much faster broadband internet.

As one of the very first networks on the 3G bandwagon, it’s no surprise that around 13 years later Three’s network now covers 98% of the UK and has average 3G connection speeds of 4.3 Megabits per second.

Three’s 3G mobile broadband deals come in both Pay as you Go (PAYG) – where you pre-pay your account with credit top-ups, and pay monthly – where you sign up for a contract and pay a set fee each month in return for a data allowance.

4G Mobile Broadband

The fourth generation of mobile phone network technology, or ‘4G’, is relatively new and provides much faster connections than 3G can. If we compare 3G to standard broadband, then 4G is equivalent to super-fast fibre optic broadband.

Three’s 4G mobile broadband boasts ‘99% network reliability’ and average connection speeds topping 12.7 Megabits per second. At these kinds of speeds, even streaming HD video should be a smooth and buffer-free experience.

The Three network offers 4G mobile broadband on both Pay as you Go (PAYG) and pay monthly contracts – giving you flexibility to manage your bills how you’d prefer.

Connection Type

Three offers both of the two types of mobile broadband connection.

There’s the dongle you plug into your computer which then connects to the web over the mobile network, then there’s the wireless device known as MiFi that you can connect several phones, tablets and computers to, which in turn connects to the web over the mobile network.

If you just want mobile broadband for your own use on your laptop and you don’t want to lug larger equipment around, the dongle option may be a better fit for you. If you want a connection for the whole family and their various devices to use, the MiFi option may be best.

Pay as you Go

Pay as you Go deals can be good if you use different amounts of data each month or can’t predict how much you might use. They also suit people who don’t want to be tied down to a contract. The trade-off is that these deals tend to cost more per megabyte than pay monthly deals.

Pay Monthly

Pay monthly deals give you a set amount of mobile broadband data each r month for a set price. This works perfectly if you use a similar amount of data each month and doesn’t make you pay more than what you expect to. This tends to be the cheaper option but means you need to sign a contract and be prepared to pay more if you start going over your monthly data allowances.

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