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We run through some of the most commonly asked questions about travel insurance.

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1. What do I do if I don't receive my documents or I need another copy?

If you have purchased your policy with Virgin Travel Insurance, please call them on 0207 748 0656, or if you have purchased your policy with Cheaper Travel Insurance, please call them on 0207 748 0068 and they will be able to provide you with your documentation.

For all other providers, your policy will be sent via email, and is entitled 'Your Travel Insurance Policy'. On occasions, due to the high level of anti virus software and spam filters, there may be occasions when this email doesn't reach you, please ensure that has been added to your emails "safe sender" list. If you have not received your email within 24 hours of purchase please contact your insurer and they will arrange for another copy to be sent to you.

2. Which companies pay out for volcanic ash related claims?

There is no universal answer as each policy is different. You will need to read the Key Facts and policy wording for your policy.

Some insurers may decline a claim as natural disasters can be excluded from policies. Your claim may also be declined if your flight is cancelled, as many insurers believe it is the airline's responsibility to cover all costs.

3. I'm going on a cruise? How do I find a policy?

If you're going on a cruise and need cover, conditions will vary from insurer to insurer and some may not cover cruises at all, therefore it is essential that you read the policy documentation prior to taking out a policy.  You will also need to check that all countries you are going to visit during the cruise are covered.   

When using our site to book this type of insurance, we recommend that you select the furthest geographical destination for your holiday and then check with the insurer they will cover all the other countries/destinations that are scheduled for your trip.  

4. What type of policy should I buy? Can I ring someone for advice?

At present you will need to purchase your cover online by searching for the most appropriate policy for you.

In order to help, we have provided some guides to help you choose the best policy, your choice will be single trip and annual multi-trip. A single trip policy will provide coverage for a specific holiday or a single trip. Simply select your holiday destination and then your holiday start date and end date. An annual multi-trip policy is a travel insurance policy valid for 12 months. The main advantage of an annual multi-trip policy is that you do not have to arrange cover for each journey that you take, especially if you and/or your family travel frequently throughout the year. It also generally works out better value than buying two or three single trip policies a year.

For more details, please view our guides before making your choice.

5. What is classed as a pre-existing medical condition and can I be covered?

A pre-existing condition usually means any medical condition for which medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment was recommended or received. It is always a good idea to speak to the insurer you are thinking of using to check whether they will include your condition on the policy.

If you're pregnant, certain exclusions may apply if you travel after a certain point during the period of your pregnancy. We would advise you to read the Key Facts Policy Summary, and the policy wording thoroughly, prior to purchasing the product to see at what point exclusions and conditions may be in place. For complete peace of mind, you can also ask your insurer any questions you may have.

We are able to offer a full list of companies who specialise in this type of cover. Please click to see our panel of insurers who provide travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions.

6. Will I be covered for day trips, excursions, and holidays with multiple destinations?

Many insurance policies will cover for excursions, e.g. travelling to another country for a day or two as part of your holiday. However, check with the insurance company as there may be conditions and limits to cover.

For holidays with multiple destinations, this also varies by insurer. If you wish to purchase a single trip policy you'll need to select the furthest away geographical destination and then check with the insurer they will cover the other destinations and also any time spent travelling.

The other option would be to simply purchase an annual policy which will ensure that you are covered at all times and in all destinations, subject to your policy conditions.

7. What is included in my policy?

Details of what you are covered for can be found in your policy wording and Key Facts. Levels of medical cover, personal liability cover and any other types of cover that you have purchased will be noted within your documents.

For coverage for Cruises, Winter sports and Hazardous activities levels of cover (if available) will vary from provider to provider. We would suggest you read your policy documentation or check with your provider prior to travel.

8. How do I cancel my policy?

Annual multi trip policies - you are entitled to cancel your policy within 14 days of purchase without penalty.  Please contact your insurance provider for a full refund in this instance.  After the 14 day cancellation period you are not tied into the policy but will not recieve any refund.

Single trip policies of less than 1 month duration - although you are not tied in, there are no automatic rights to cancel without penalty for single trip policies.  Please contact your insurance provider directly to discuss their refund policy.

9. Who do I contact to make changes to my policy?

We are happy to amend details such as your address, title and surname (in event of marriage) on policies purchased via We may also be able to change your travel dates as long as your trip duration remains the same. is unable to make policy changes that will affect the price of the policy. This includes upgrades, downgrades or adding additional persons to any policy.

If you wish for your policy to be changed, please contact us and follow the on-screen instructions.

10. When does my policy expire and how can I renew my policy?

Your policy will expire at midnight on the final day it's valid for.

For single trip polices your cover will end on the day you have advised you will return to the UK. This will be on your confirmation email.

For an annual policy your cover will expire a full year later so, for example, if you purchase on the 2nd of January 2009, your policy will expire at midnight on the 1st of January 2010, by which time you must be in the UK.

11. I am having problems completing payment, why?

If you are having problems completing payment this may be for several reasons.

The majority of issues are usually related to your card provider.  We suggest that in the first instance you check to see if your card has had any issues. Also, many card providers have a second level of security you must use; any issues around this can be answered by your bank.

However, should you have a payment fail during your purchase process, the security features used by paypoint, our payment partner, will prevent any other cards being used for 2 hours. 

If this happens please close your browser and wait before competing your search and purchase with an alternative card. We appreciate this may cause some inconvenience, but we do this to prevent any type of card fraud from taking place.

12. Does my group/couple/family policy cover me, or anyone else named on the policy, for independent travel (i.e. on their own)?

Some insurance policies may cover you to travel individually. Most of these however don't. It is always best to contact your insurance provider to clarify this sort of information prior to travelling.

13. Will I be covered in the event or a natural disaster or terrorism?

Details of cover can be found in your policy documentation regarding disasters and terrorism. There may be exclusions within your policy so it's important that you check this if you're concerned.

Important - Insurers may not provide insurance if you are travelling to a country where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have advised against travel. For advice on countries not to travel to and for global information prior to travel visit

14. Why do I need cover for my existing medical condition?

Medical costs abroad can be very expensive and without adequate insurance cover you could be left severely out of pocket.

15. What is a pre-existing medical condition and can I be covered?

A pre-existing condition usually means any medical condition for which medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment was recommended or received. Cover will only be provided for pre-existing medical conditions that you have declared. Please check you policy wording and key facts to ensure the cover meets your needs.

16. What is medical screening?

Medical screening is a system that will ask you a series of easy multiple choice questions to assess the severity of your condition.

17. Do I need to know the types of medication I am on?

We will need to know the names of your medical conditions, but not the names of your medication.

18. Can I purchase this insurance online?

Yes, once you have chosen the insurance provider on completing a few more personal details you will be directed that insurance provider where online payment can be made.

19. Can I purchase this insurance over the telephone?

Yes, if you prefer to speak to someone about your insurance purchase telephone numbers of all our insurance providers will be displayed on the results page.

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