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Broadband deals in Manchester

Looking for a broadband deal in Manchester? Here’s everything you need to know, including which providers are available, and how to get the best package for your household

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Like other major cities, Manchester is home to some of the fastest broadband packages in the UK. And it’s fair to say that Mancunians are rather spoilt for choice: as well as fibre broadband from all household-name providers, there’s also availability for services from lesser-known specialist suppliers.

As such, there are plenty of options to choose from, including ADSL and superfast fibre broadband from the likes of Virgin Media, BT, Sky and Plusnet.

Here’s everything you need to know…

What is broadband availability like in Manchester?

According to a report from Ofcom, superfast fibre (offering approximate average speeds of 55Mbps of above) is available across most of Greater Manchester. And standard fibre broadband (offering speeds of 30Mbps) is available throughout much of the city centre, too.

To find out exactly which packages you can get in your area, pop your postcode into our checker at the top of this page. It’s easy to use, and we’ll show you your results in seconds.

Which broadband providers can I get in Manchester?

One perk of living in a big city is excellent broadband availability from many different providers. Mancunians can choose from broadband deals from the country’s most popular providers, as well as ones from providers who are exclusive to the city.

However, before signing a contract, have a think about what type of connection is best for you.

Even if top speeds are available at your address, it might not be necessary for your household and internet usage. If price is particularly important to you, and you don’t need the fastest speeds, a standard ADSL package with speeds of around 10Mbps will do just fine.

Plus, if you plan on taking out TV at some point, providers like Sky and Virgin Media offer comprehensive TV packages that can be bundled with your broadband service. As well as making it easier to keep track of your bills, it’ll likely work out cheaper than getting the services separately from two different providers – and you may be able to get some discount or reward for bundling them together.

Broadband providers in Manchester include:

Virgin Media

Unlike most other UK providers, Virgin Media owns and operates its own cable infrastructure, which is entirely separate from BT’s Openreach network that almost all other household-name providers use. The result is that Virgin Media can deliver much faster broadband speeds, ranging from 54Mbps to a staggering 1,130Mbps.

Moreover, if you want to bundle your TV and broadband services together, Virgin Media’s TV offering lets you add premium channels like BT Sport, Sky Sports and Sky Cinema.

Downside is that it’s not the cheapest. But if you’re looking for the quickest speeds, Virgin Media is your best bet.

BT Broadband

BT is one of Britain’s biggest and most well-known broadband providers. As such, it offers a wide range of packages, including ADSL broadband and full fibre broadband up to 900Mbps.

You can also bundle your broadband with BT TV – notable for its excellent BT Sport – as well as a comprehensive home phone plan.

Other notable perks include access to over five million Wi-Fi hotspots, so you won’t have to worry about paying extra for mobile broadband when you’re out and about.


TalkTalk is a great option for those looking for keenly priced broadband. With speeds ranging from 38Mbps to 900Mbps, its reliable, superfast fibre broadband service is ideal for those who like to stream movies and play games online.

You can also choose to add a calls plan and/or TV to your package. While TalkTalk TV doesn’t offer the same breadth of channels as Virgin Media or Sky, you can add a Now TV membership and access premium Sky channels on your TalkTalk TV 4K box.

Sky broadband

Sky broadband has wide availability across Manchester. Whether it’s the standard ADSL offering or a superfast or ultrafast fibre package, you’ll likely have a few options at your address.

You may want to take the opportunity to bundle your broadband with Sky TV, one of the top TV offerings in the UK. It’s very customisable, so you can pick and choose which channels and subscriptions you want. And if you’re also a Sky Mobile customer, you get data-free streaming for watching your Sky channels on the go.

All Sky broadband packages come with line rental included, so consider whether you want to add a calls plan too.

Not to mention, all customers can enjoy Sky’s VIP rewards scheme.

Plusnet broadband

Sheffield-based Plusnet is one of the most affordable and widely available suppliers in the UK. And its service is available throughout Manchester, too.

Compared to other providers, its broadband selection is fairly limited: there’s a standard broadband option at 10Mbps, and two fibre broadband deals with speeds of 36Mbps and 66Mbps. Nevertheless, the fibre packages will suit most households perfectly well, and they’ll be able to handle streaming, gaming and working from home with ease.

You’ll also receive inclusive line rental – with the option to add a calls plan – and award-winning customer service.

Plusnet doesn’t offer its own TV service, but you can get BT Sport at a discounted price. Not to mention, Plusnet mobile customers get 2GB extra on SIM-only deals.


One of the fastest broadband providers along with Virgin Media, Hyperoptic specialises in full fibre broadband with lightning-fast speeds up to 900Mbps.

Because it uses FTTP technology, it’s only available in select areas in the UK. Luckily, Manchester is one of the locations it serves. However, not all addresses may be able to get it – you’ll have to check your postcode.

You can choose to get broadband with or without a landline, although there’s no option to bundle with other services.

What are the average broadband speeds in Manchester?

Being one of the UK’s major cities, Manchester has generally good internet coverage. Most homes in Manchester will be able to get superfast speeds of around 30Mbps as the bare minimum, which is perfectly good for general browsing, streaming and gaming.

Of course, it depends where in Manchester you live – broadband availability is likely to be different in the centre of the city to the surrounding areas of Greater Manchester. Still, you’re likely to have quite a few options from different providers.

Which are the best internet providers in Manchester?

In terms of speed, Virgin Media, Hyperoptic, EE and BT are the fastest. Top speeds aren’t available to all, though – it depends on where in Manchester you’re located. Still, as a general rule of thumb, you should be able to achieve speeds of around 66Mbps.

If you can get it, we’d recommend Hyperoptic for the fastest broadband. Otherwise, Virgin Media is the most widely available ultrafast provider.

For those on a budget, it’s well worth considering the likes of Plusnet, TalkTalk and Vodafone. They’re not as fast as the big-name providers, nor do they offer the same level of TV options, but they provide reliable broadband deals at lower price points.

Can I get fibre in Manchester?

Certainly – superfast fibre broadband with speeds between 36Mbps-68Mbps is widely available. All providers offer packages with these speeds, and they’re suitable for most households.

If you’re looking for ultrafast full fibre broadband with speeds of anywhere between 100Mbps to over 1,000Mbps, your options are more limited and dependent on location.

Openreach – the UK’s main digital network owned by BT – is currently rolling out full fibre to more areas in the UK.

Looking at Openreach's Full Fibre Build Programmes map, at the time of writing (August 2022) there are quite a few areas in Manchester where you can get Ultrafast Full Fibre. Otherwise, Openreach is planning to expand its network across the majority of Greater Manchester between now and December 2026.

You can also enter your postcode in our postcode checker to see what’s available at your address.

Can I stick with my broadband provider if I’m moving to Manchester?

Yes – most providers are happy for you to take your broadband service to your new address, as long as they have coverage in that area. Luckily, it’s highly likely that your existing provider is available in Manchester.

It’s easy to move your broadband service – just give your provider at least 2-4 weeks’ notice, and they’ll do the rest. Some providers charge a fee to transfer your services, or if you need a new line installed.

Depending on where you currently live and what your package is, you could take the opportunity to upgrade to a faster deal with the same provider. Conversely, if you can’t get the same speeds at your new address, you could downgrade your package to a slower one.

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