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About EE broadband

Pick EE and you can expect competitively priced broadband that's fast and reliable, as well as an affordable TV service based on Apple TV 4K set top box.

Why choose EE broadband?

What broadband packages can I get from EE broadband?

EE broadband packages are available on 24-month contracts. They’re ‘truly unlimited’, so you can use as much data as you like without worrying about racking up extra charges for excess usage or your speeds being capped at peak times.

Choose standard broadband and you’ll be supplied with EE’s Bright Box router. Meanwhile, all fibre products come with the more powerful Smart Hub, with the exception of the top-of-the-range 1.6Gbps Full Fibre package that includes the Smart Hub Plus

In ascending order of price and speeds, EE’s packages are:

  • Standard broadband – EE’s ADSL service with average speeds of 10Mbps. Suited for people who live alone or households with two occupants
  • Fibre 36 Essentials – Entry-level fibre optic broadband with average speeds of 36Mbps. Good for small family homes
  • Fibre 50 Essentials - Offers average speeds of 50Mbps and typically comes in at a shade over £50 per month.
  • Fibre 67 Essentials – A little more expensive, but gets you average speeds of 67Mbps. Choose this if you’re in a large family home or shared student accommodation
  • Full Fibre 150 – Not cheap. But with average speeds of 150Mbps, you’re getting a really excellent service. Suits gamers who want a superior online gaming experience, as well as movie buffs who stream in 4K
  • Full Fibre 500 broadband – EE’s ultrafast service with an average speed of 500Mbps. A top-of-the-range product for the busiest homes, with lots of internet-enabled gadgets and streaming devices and games consoles in multiple rooms
  • Full Fibre Gigabit – The Gigabit package delivers lightning-fast speeds of 900Mbps straight to your home. With the ability to connect up to 100 devices at the same time, it’s seriously powerful.
  • Full Fibre 1.6Gbps - EE;s top-of-the-range package offers a whopping 1.6Gbps average speed and is billed as the UK's 'fastest widely available broadband package'.

If you live in an area that can’t get fast fibre connections, EE also has a 4GEE Home Router. It can help bump up your speed to an average of 31Mbps via EE’s 4G network.

EE fibre broadband deals

For a stronger and faster connection than ADSL broadband, EE offers fibre optic deals. There’s a wide range of fibre broadband packages, from entry-level speeds of 36Mbps to superfast and ultrafast connections.

EE also offers full fibre broadband. It’s even faster and more reliable than standard fibre broadband, supplying lightning-fast speeds directly to homes. However, it’s not as widely available – you’ll need to check your postcode with EE to see if you can get it.


Available only when you also sign up for EE broadband, EE TV is based on the Apple TV 4K set top box, which offers on-demand content from iPlayer, UK TV, ITV Hub and All 4. 

There’s also the option to add TNT Sports (formerly BT Sport) and sign up for Netflix, NOW TV and Amazon Prime. 

What EE call packages are available?

As ADSL uses your phone line to provide home broadband, all standard broadband packages come with a landline.

And although fibre broadband doesn’t operate via a landline, you can choose to add a home phone with a calls plan to your package.

Does EE offer broadband only options?

On the other hand, if you don’t use or want a landline, you’ll be able to get broadband-only deals with EE.

As fibre broadband doesn’t require a phone line to work, all fibre packages have the option to skip the landline.

What does EE offer?

ADSL broadband


Fibre optic broadband


Call packages




Mobile phones


TNT Sports (formerly BT Sport)


Sky Sports


Can I get EE broadband in my area?

You’ll almost certainly be able to get EE ADSL broadband or standard fibre broadband at your address.

But at the time of writing (March 2024) EE's Full Fibre products are not as widely available. They’re both being rolled out across the UK, but you've probably got the best chance of being able to get them if you're in a large town and city.

To find out whether it’s available in your area, use our postcode checker. Just enter your postcode and we’ll show you exactly which EE broadband services you can get at your address.

If you’re unable to get faster broadband in your area, you could consider getting EE’s 4GEE Home Router.

EE broadband deals for existing customers

If you’re already an EE mobile customer, you can get some tempting perks when you add EE broadband to your plan:

  • 10% off your monthly EE broadband bill
  • Up to 20GB extra mobile data every month, for free

EE broadband set-up

For the vast majority of households, no installation is required when signing up to EE standard broadband or its more widely available fibre packages. You’ll just be able to plug in your router and then it’s good to go.

However, it’s a different story with its Full Fibre packages. These will generally require a visit from an engineer, who will help install an Openreach modem or box.

The exceptions are if previous occupants of your property have had a ‘Fibre to the premises’ (FTTP) service installed in the past, or if you live in a newbuild home that’s already set up for FTTP broadband.

Does EE broadband charge a fee for installation?

Most customers signing up to EE packages can install the service themselves. So, there’s no charge for installation.

However, you’ll need to pay a fee if you require a landline to be installed at your address, or if you’re signing up for a Full Fibre package. This is because EE will send an engineer to your home to set up the equipment.

How long does EE take to install?

In the event you’re installing yourself, you’ll just need to unbox your router and plug it in. You’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes.

In instances where an engineer is required, expect a wait time of between ten and 14 days to book a visit. Once the engineer is present, the job typically takes one to two hours.

EE customer service

Existing EE customers can speak to EE customer service by calling 0800 079 8586 from an EE landline. Or by ringing 150 on an EE contract phone, or any phone with an EE SIM. 

Customers of other providers can reach EE’s customer service department by calling 0800 956 6000

What’s good about EE broadband?

  • Competitively priced
  • Plenty of choice of packages to suit different users 
  • Apple TV set top box is superb and easy to use 
  • Some nice perks if you’re an existing EE mobile customer, such as free mobile data boosts and discounted broadband bills

What’s bad about EE broadband?

  • You can find cheaper ADSL and fibre, but not by much 
  • Better customer reward schemes on offer with Sky and Virgin Media

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