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Dialaphone was launched in 1995 with just a handful of people working for it and has now grown into one of the largest retailers on the web. It was acquired by the 4u group in 2008 and now has hundreds of employees.

Recognisable as a major advertiser seen in national newspapers, magazines and across the internet, the brand has grown to such an extent that it has become one of the most visited mobile phone sites in the UK.

Dialaphone mobile phone deals offer a great range of choices, providing value for money and numerous free gifts for customers to choose from.

Dialaphone have a dedicated Customer Care Interactive website that allows you to log on and stay informed of the progress of your order. Answers to all questions, queries, bill management and payments can be found here. offers a free 48 hour delivery service for handsets and the many free gifts available. This is subject to stock, status and credit check.

Dialaphone mobile phone deals include all the latest contract and pay as you go mobile phones coming from all the major networks and phone manufacturers.

Compare Dialaphone Mobile Phone Deals