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Finding the right mobile tariff for you

Your mobile phone is more than just a handset – it takes pictures, captures video, sends emails, plays music and surfs the web. That makes it one of the most important gadgets you own, so it's important to compare mobile phones carefully and find the best one for you.

So whether it's a Smartphone, iPhone or camera phone, use our site to compare the latest handsets and pick one that ticks all your boxes.

What's the best handset for you?

When it comes to mobile phone tariffs, there's no one deal that's right for everyone and lots of people pay more than they need to. Before you compare mobile phone tariffs or pay-as-you-go deals, think about how much you use your phone and whether you mostly text, make calls or use the internet.

Our mobile phone comparison page will help you find the cheapest tariff so you never pay more than you need to.

How to switch your mobile tariff

If you're not sure if you should browse pay-as-you-go deals or compare mobile phone tariffs, how do you decide what's best? Give some thought to how much you use your handset - pay-as-you-go mobile phones are often the cheapest option for light users, while for cheap internet, texting and calls, a tariff is likely to be the best mobile phone deal for you.

Guide to switching mobile phones

Pay as you go versus contract

As the technology develops, you may need to switch providers to bag the best mobile phone tariffs. You can compare mobile phone deals on these pages and, once you've picked, switching is easy.

While your old mobile phone is still active, ask that provider for a porting authorising code – or PAC – and then give this to the new operator. They will usually then be able to 'port' your old number to your new contract, sparing you the main hassle of a new mobile phone tariff.

Alternatively, you may just want to look at pay as you go mobile phones to make sure you have flexibility to switch provider when you want.

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