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Saving makes sense. Whether you salt away a lump sum, put aside something each month, or simply add to your reserves when you have cash to spare, it’s a key part of managing your family finances. Clearly, it makes sense to choose the best home for your money, so check out our guides on the range of accounts at your disposal

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Find the best-high interest savings account

Best savings bonds

How to choose the best savings bonds

Children’s savings accounts

How to choose the best savings account for your child

Dormant accounts

It can be easier than you think to forget about savings accounts.

Easy access accounts

Get immediate access to your cash.

Fixed rate bonds

Fixed rate bonds explained

ISA allowance 2020/21

You can put up to £20,000 into an ISA this tax year – in cash, stocks and shares, or a mixture of the two.

Junior ISAs and Child Trust Funds

Children can use the money saved for them to help with some of the financial challenges they may face.

Lifetime ISA

How does the Lifetime ISA work?

New ISAs guide

Everything you need to know about ISAs and tax-free savings

Notice accounts

A notice account requires you to ‘notify’ the savings provider in advance every time you want to make a withdrawal

Offshore accounts

Everything you need to know about offshore savings accounts

Pensions or savings

It’s not always easy to know where the best home is for your savings.

Personal savings allowance

What is the 2021/22 personal savings allowance?

Protecting savings

How the Financial Services Compensation Scheme protects your savings

Regular Savings accounts

If you’re looking to put money away every month, a regular saver account could be ideal.

Save the change

How clever apps and tools can help you save your digital pennies

Saving a lump sum

Lump sum savings explained

Saving for retirement

Your retirement: building a savings pot

Savings Accounts

How to choose the best savings account

Savings Decision Tree

Welcome to our savings decision tree!

Stocks & Shares ISAs Guide

A guide to Stocks & Shares ISAs

Things to watch out for when opening a savings account

What to watch out for when searching for a savings account.

Understanding Interest

Find how your returns are calculated

What is NS&I?

100% of savers money is protected.

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