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Cat Vaccination Costs

What is the cost of cat vaccinations?

Alicia Hempsted
Written by  Alicia Hempsted
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Updated: 30 Apr 2024

Getting your cat or kitten vaccinated is an important first step to managing their health and protecting them against serious health problems down the line. Find out how much cat vaccinations cost and why they are so important.

How much do cat vaccinations cost?  

The average cost of fully vaccinating a cat or kitten in Great Britain in 2023 was £97.69 according to ManyPets. This includes the first and second course of vaccinations plus the FeLV vaccine. Cost can vary depending on a number of factors, including where you're located and the clinic you've chosen.

Your cat will also need regular boosters or a restart of vaccinations if you missed any boosters, which you will also need to pay for.

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What vaccinations does my cat need? 

Essential Cat Vaccines 

Both indoor and outdoor cats should be vaccinated for feline herpes virus, feline calicivirus, and feline parvovirus (also known as infectious enteritis or panleukopenia). Vaccinating your cat for these viruses will protect them against problems like cat flu and stop them from spreading illnesses to other cats.  

Feline Leukaemia Virus 

Cats that go outdoors, even just in the garden, should also be vaccinated for feline leukaemia virus. This virus is spread through regular contact with other cats and can be deadly, so your cat needs to be vaccinated for this virus before they spend any time outdoors.  


The UK is mostly rabies-free, so this isn’t a vaccine that your cat will need regularly. However, if you are travelling outside of the UK with your cat, this vaccine is essential.  

What affects the cost of cat vaccinations? 

Location is one of the biggest factors. Vet bills aren’t regulated across the UK, so certain areas will have higher vet costs compared to others.

The cost of regular vaccinations for your kitten or cat will also be affected by which vaccines you have decided to give them. Some are essential, while others may not be necessary if you intend to keep your cat indoors and don’t plan to leave the country.  

Why should I vaccinate my cat?

Vaccines will train your cat's immune system to fight specific diseases. They can save your cat from catching new diseases rather than treating any diseases they already have, so are a preventative form of healthcare.

Vaccinating your cats will protect them from serious illnesses that can either be fatal or have lifelong consequences. Vaccines can also help stop the spread of infectious diseases to other cats and protect cats and kittens that can’t or have yet to be vaccinated.

Many UK catteries won’t accept cats that are not vaccinated, and certain countries will not allow your cat entry unless they are vaccinated.  

Another benefit of getting your cat vaccinated is cheaper pet insurance premiums. Insurance providers see vaccinated and microchipped cats as being less of a risk to insure, so usually will offer pet insurance policies with lower premiums. 

Before your kitten gets their first set of vaccinations, it is important that you keep them inside and minimise their contact with other cats.  

When should I get my kitten vaccinated? 

Kittens can and should have their first set of vaccinations at nine weeks old, followed by a second set of vaccinations at three months old.  

Different vaccines last for different amounts of time. However, it’s standard practice for cats to get vaccine boosters once every 12 months. If you miss getting a booster for your cat, you may need to restart their vaccinations, which can cost more.

It’s important that you keep up with booster vaccinations as viruses can affect older cats more seriously than young, healthy cats. 

Does pet insurance cover cat vaccinations? 

Pet insurance does not cover vaccinations for cats and kittens. This is because pet insurance does not normally cover the cost of routine health checks like vaccines, flea treatments, or dental cleaning. However, by having your cat or kitten vaccinated, you can reduce the cost of your pets insurance policy.  

While vaccines won’t be covered, cat insurance can still help by covering the cost of treating later illness that maybe can’t be vaccinated for. 

Are you looking for pet insurance? 

While pet insurance can’t cover the cost of vaccinations, it can help with the cost of other important vet bills – in particular, emergency treatments for injuries and illnesses.

If you’re thinking about buying pet insurance for your cat or kitten, why not come to us to fetch pet insurance quotes from top UK pet insurance providers. It’s quick, easy, and can save you money on a great value pet insurance policy. 

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