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Insurance expert

Saarrah Mussa

Saarrah is MoneySuperMarket's in-house pet insurance expert. With broad experience writing across insurance products Saarrah is acutely aware of the complexities and costs consumers have to face when choosing insurance. Leveraging her passion for writing and insurance expertise, Saarrah’s goal is to help our customers better understand policies and find the best prices on cover that is right for their individual needs.


Saarrah Mussa

Saarrah's Experience

Saarrah joined MoneySuperMarket in March 2022, after graduating from University. As an Insurance Expert, Saarrah plays a pivotal role in researching and creating insurance content for MoneySuperMarket, writing extensively across our Pet insurance, Travel insurance, and life insurance channels.

Her expertise also extends to writing for MoneySuperMarket’s topical news segments as well as providing invaluable expert commentary for our internal research. Beyond content creation, Saarrah’s day-to-day role also involves ensuring the accuracy of insurance content through routine reviews.

Saarrah's recent coverage

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