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Is it Illegal to Park on the Pavement?

Parking on the pavement: what the law says

Saarrah Mussa
Written by  Saarrah Mussa
4 min read
Updated: 15 Dec 2023

When it comes to parking, different areas have different rules, so where are you allowed to park on the pavement and where is it absolutely explicitly forbidden? Find out here.

Is it illegal to park on the pavement? 

Parking on the pavement is when one or more of your wheels are on the pavement or kerb when you park.  


In London, parking on the pavement is completely forbidden and illegal, and doing so will almost definitely result in you getting a parking ticket, or worse! Rule 244 of the Highway Code states that drivers ‘must not park partially or wholly on the pavement in London’. However, there are places where signs permit pavement parking. These are usually on roads that are quite narrow and therefore allow parking and traffic to pass smoothly. 

Parking outside of London gets a little trickier – legally speaking. It does depend on the area you’re parking in.    


The Scotland Transport Act 2019 bans pavement parking for most of the UK with certain exceptions in only specific areas designated by local authorities.  

Northern Ireland  

Highway code rule 244 still applies in Northern Ireland – ‘Do not park partially or wholly on the footpath unless there are signs that permit it.   


The parking rules are a little different in Wales when it comes to parking on the pavement, there is no specific offence when doing so, however, it is always best to look out for proper signage when parking. If you park anywhere that creates an unnecessary obstruction, the police can enforce it as a criminal offence.  

Can I park on the pavement outside my house? 

Although you own your property, you have no legal right to park outside your property on the road, or the pavement at all as it is publicly owned. If you have a disabled badge, you may be able to get a dedicated parking spot outside your house however, this can be dedicated to anyone who owns a disabled badge, not specifically only you.  

What is the fine for parking on the pavement?

Depending on where you are when you park on the pavement, you are likely to find a fine attached to your car for usually around £100 and above.  

If you park on the pavement in London, expect to face a fine of £130, this does fluctuate depending on the area in which you park. The fine will be around £100 no matter where you are around the UK. However, if you pay your fine within 14 days of receiving it, it is likely to be slightly reduced to £80 or £60. 

Are there exceptions?

Wherever you are in the UK, certain places allow you to park on the pavement. Be sure to only do this when you see explicit signs where this is acceptable or be ready /prepared for a hefty parking ticket. 

Blue Badge holder 

Your badge does not permit you to park on the pavement unless there is a designated bay marked.