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Insurance-approved garages 

Saarrah Mussa
Written by  Saarrah Mussa
3 min read
Updated: 13 Feb 2024

When you get into an accident and you tell your insurer, you have the option to get the repairs fixed by your choice of garage however, usually there is a list of insurance-approved garages for you to choose from.

What is an insurance-approved repairer? 

An insurance-approved repairer is a garage that has been approved and vetted by your insurance company and is trusted to carry out repairs for damaged vehicles. It is often recommended that you use an approved garage to carry out repairs on your vehicle so your insurance can ensure the quality of work is carried out and they can ensure a warranty on those repairs/ parts.  

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Do you have to use approved garages after a claim? 

No, you do not have to use approved garages after you make a claim, you can choose to repair your car anywhere you deem appropriate. However your insurance company may offer you a warranty if something goes wrong with the repair or may offer you a discount on your excess/or a more competitive repair rate if you use an approved repairer. Some providers also only offer a courtesy car if you use one of their approved garages for your repairs, this is subject to your policy details.  

It is important to get quotes from different repair companies to ensure you get the best rate for your repairs.  

What are the pros and cons of using approved-garage for your repairs 


  • The standards of quality are checked and approved by your insurance company  

  • The repair is guaranteed for a set period 

  • Your courtesy car is often contingent on you using an insurance-approved garage  

  • It is often faster than finding our own place 


  • You may not have a long list of options, there’s a limited choice  

  • An approved garage may not be a specialist for your vehicle  

  • Check your policy to ensure whether an approved repairer fits original parts or not 

  • Sometimes, depending on where you live, the approved garage can be far away from you    

What are the pros and cons of not using an approved-garage for your repairs 


  • You can choose who you deem fit to repair your car  

  • You can pick any garage that works around your location's proximity  

  • You can opt for a specialist for your vehicle  


  • Your insurer may not agree to pay the full cost of your repairs if their approved garages could’ve been cheaper  

  • Your provider could want to authorise the repairs which can result in delays  

  • If the repairs are done by your own choice of garage, they will not provide a guarantee or warranty on any of the repairs or if any further damage is done to your car while it was being repaired  

What you should do if you are unhappy with the repairs

If you are unhappy with the repairs that are made, you need to contact the garage as soon as you can and explain the issue. You may also want to contact your insurer, as the garage is approved by them, they may be able to intervene on your behalf or offer guidance on how to proceed.

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