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Broadband with no credit check

Find a broadband deal with no credit check, so you can get your household online regardless of whether you have good or bad credit.

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Super Fibre

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  • 63Mb average* speed
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  • 100Mb average* speed

Super Fibre (Monthly contract)

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  • 63Mb average* speed

Unlimited Broadband

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  • 10Mb average* speed

Brilliant Broadband

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  • 11Mb average* speed

Fab Fibre

New customers only
  • 36Mb average* speed

Fab Fibre (Monthly contract)

New customers only Cancel any time without any penalties
  • 36Mb average* speed

Brilliant Broadband (Monthly contract)

New customers only Cancel any time without any penalties
  • 11Mb average* speed

Unlimited Broadband

New customers only UK-based customer service
  • 10Mb average* speed

Data last updated: Friday 19 April 2024 at 11:21

*Average speeds are based on the download speeds of at least 50% of customers at peak time (8pm to 10pm). Speed can be affected by a range of technical and environmental factors. The speed you receive where you live may be lower than that listed above. You can check the estimated speed to your property prior to purchasing.

Fibre/cable services at your postcode are subject to availability. You can confirm availability on the provider's website.

Some broadband providers may increase monthly prices each year during your contract. Please refer to individual broadband provider's terms and conditions before signing up.

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Broadband with no credit check

Got bad credit or a patchy financial history? The good news is that you can get broadband with no credit check. Here's everything you need to know about no credit check broadband.

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Can I get a broadband deal with bad credit?

It’s still possible to get broadband if you’ve got a bad credit history. Broadband credit checks are not as strict as applying for something like a loan or credit card, so you have a better chance of being accepted.

In fact, some broadband providers won’t check your credit rating at all.

What is a broadband deal with no credit check?

A broadband deal with no credit check doesn’t require you to pass a credit check to sign up.

So that means if you’ve got bad credit, County Court Judgements, bankruptcy, or any other red flags in your financial history, you can still get – or switch – broadband.

Which broadband providers do not require credit checks?

Plusnet and NOW Broadband don’t carry out credit checks. So, if you've got bad credit and want home broadband, they’re a good bet.

TalkTalk, Virgin Media, Sky and BT all check your credit rating before accepting you as a customer and will likely all use different rating criteria.

Remember these checks aren’t as stringent as the checks you’d have to pass to get a loan, mortgage or credit card. So even if you have got bad credit, it doesn't necessarily mean you won’t be accepted.

If you’re in receipt of certain benefits, including Universal Credit, you may also qualify for broadband social tariffs – most of which do not require a credit check.

Can I get broadband deal with no credit check and no upfront cost?

Broadband deals with no credit check and no upfront cost are available but look out for waived setup fees being recouped elsewhere, through higher monthly costs or a longer contract.

Pay close attention to the small print of your plan to determine whether it really is the standout deal it appears to be.

What are the pros and cons of no credit check broadband deals?

Not sure if no credit check broadband is right for you? Below we weigh up everything that's good and bad about a no credit check broadband to help you decide. 



  • If you opt for mobile broadband to avoid a credit check, you'll pay more than you would for fixed line broadband, and it's usually a lot slower
  • There's less choice available over provider and package

Can I get fibre broadband with bad credit?

Because broadband providers don’t do as stringent credit checks as other financial services, it’s possible to get top speeds with a poor credit rating.

NOW Broadband and Plusnet both offer fibre broadband, although NOW only offers fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) which uses copper to complete the journey into the home. With speeds up to 63Mbps though, most customers will be more than satisfied. Plusnet, which doesn’t check credit ratings, offers top end fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband, but this is only available in select areas.

Use our postcode checker to see if you can get it where you live.

What if I’m on Universal Credit?

If you’re on Universal Credit, Pension Credit or other certain benefits, you can sign up for low income broadband.

These social tariffs are available from the likes of BT, TalkTalk, Hyperoptic, Virgin Media, Community Fibre, NOW, Sky, and more, and offer decent, often fibre optic speeds at affordable prices. You’ll need to give your benefit details when signing up, but the process is straightforward.

Can I get a TV package with broadband if I have bad credit?

It may prove trickier to get a broadband and TV package with bad credit, as larger providers that offer TV bundles, such as Sky, Virgin and BT, all carry out credit checks.

Whether you can get a deal largely depends on your personal financial history, so it may be worth speaking directly with providers to see if you are eligible.

If it’s a no-go, rest assured that you won’t be held back from signing up to pay-monthly streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or NOW Memberships. All you’ll need is a smart TV or plug-in device (such as an Apple TV) with the right app.

Is mobile a good alternative to broadband?

Mobile broadband, available via a dongle, MiFi, or home router, offers an easier alternative for those with bad credit, as it’s possible to pick one up on a 30 day rolling contract without a credit check. There’s also the option of using your smartphone and tethering it so you can utilise its 4G or 5G connection to get online in the home.

The issue here is that mobile speeds are rarely as good as the best fibre broadband, even if 5G is catching up, and generally not as reliable. Throw in higher costs for more mobile data and the fact that streaming and gaming can struggle over a mobile connection, and you may want to explore your options with a provider that doesn’t check credit.

Sources and methodology 

*Annual savings based on average monthly bill of £33.99 from nationally representative sample (1000) vs our cheapest monthly cost for superfast broadband (>55Mbs) £18.95/month, May 22. Annual saving: £180.48.

Frequently asked questions

How can I improve my credit score?

There are a few ways you can improve your credit score:

  • Pay your bills on time
  • Build your credit history
  • Get on the electoral role
  • Check your report accuracy
  • Close unused credit card accounts

What do I need to provide to the provider for a credit check?

For your credit check, you will need to provide:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Electoral roll informationto confirm your current and previous addresses
  • All loans, creditcard and mortgage accounts that are open, their start date and loan amounts

You can also use our free credit score checker.

Which is the easiest provider to get a broadband contract with?

Plusnet and NOW Broadband don't carry out credit checks, they're your best chance if you’ve got bad credit.

TalkTalk is the household-name broadband provider that’s most likely to accept customers with bad credit. BT and Virgin Media will usually ask you for a deposit which they can use to pay your bills if you are unable to do so. 

Will I get a free router with no credit check broadband?

Most Wi-Fi deals include free Wi-Fi routers, and that includes no credit check packages.

Can you get Sky, Virgin, or BT if you have bad credit?

Sky, Virgin, and BT all carry out credit checks. BT and Virgin often ask for a deposit so you can cover the cost of bills if you miss a payment. It may be best to try and improve your credit score before you look into a deal with these providers, as they may not be willing to give a costly TV package to anyone with a history of late or missed payments.

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