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Classic Van insurance

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What is classic van insurance?

Classic van insurance is a type of motor insurance that is designed specifically to cover vans of a certain age or vintage.

The definition of a classic van varies between insurers, but typically, it must be over 20 years old. It’s a good idea to check with the insurance company you’re considering whether your vehicle falls under the category.

Why do I need classic van insurance?

You might need to take out a classic van insurance policy if your van is past a certain age, as a standard van insurance policy may not provide adequate cover or could be too expensive.

Classic van insurance policies can also include specialist coverage. This can include repairs, which can be more expensive on classic cars, especially where vintage parts are hard to source. Other extra provisions include for restoration, exhibitions, and races.

MoneySuperMarket does not offer specific classic van insurance. Please check details of your policy carefully, as there could be some limitations. Make sure the cover is what you're looking for and is appropriate for your needs.

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What level of cover can I get for my classic van?

The types of cover you can get for your vintage van are the same as for a standard motor insurance policy:

  • Third party

    A third-party insurance policy for your classic van means you’ll be covered for the cost of any damages you cause to another person, their vehicle, or their property

  • Third party, fire, and theft

    A third-party, fire, and theft policy covers everything that third-party does, as well as if your van is stolen or damaged as a result of a fire

  • Fully comprehensive

    This is the highest level you can get. It covers the same as the first two policies, plus the cost of any accidental damage done to your van

Classic van usage

Depending on how you intend to use your van you may need different types of cover. It's a good idea to check your insurance provider's specific definitions for each usage type to make sure you're getting the cover you need.

  • Tick

    Social, domestic, and pleasure

    If you’re only using your classic van for fun and recreational use, not commuting a social only policy could be a good choice

  • Tick


    If you use a classic van as your company vehicle to stand out and attract attention, you’ll need to take out a business van insurance policy

  • Tick


    Classic van enthusiasts may visit rallies, events and exhibitions with their vehicle. Some insurers see this as high-risk, so you might need a specialist policy to be covered fully

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    If you plan to drive a long distance to make a delivery, you will likely need haulage cover

What affects the price of classic van insurance?

Insurers consider more than just the age of the van when they calculate the cost of insurance:

  • 1

    Your age

    Older drivers are generally more experienced, and insurers therefore see them as a low risk of making a claim 

  • 2

    Your address

    The crime rate in your area tells the insurer how likely you are to make a claim

  • 3

    Claims history

    If you’ve made a number of claims in the past, it can increase your premiums

  • 4

    No-claims bonus

    The more years of no-claims bonus you have, the cheaper your van insurance should be

  • 5

    Your occupation

    Every job has a risk score allocated by the insurance which will cause the cost of insurance to rise and fall

  • 6

    Security and parking

    Keeping your van on the street or without an alarm could be seen as a bigger risk than keeping the van in a locked garage

Sara Newell

Our expert says


If you’ve renovated your van then you should consider having an agreed value policy. This means that you and your insurer agree on the value of your classic van and it’s insured for that amount rather than the insurer simply using the standard market value. Your insurer might ask to see photographs and receipts for parts and labour as proof of any restoration work, and you may need to have a professional valuation from an independent party.

- Sara Newell, Car & Van Insurance Expert

How to keep the price of classic van insurance low

There are a few things that you can do that will help you reduce your classic van insurance premiums. These include:

  • Don't estimate mileage

    Over or underestimating your mileage could have you paying more than you need to, or lead to your policy being invalidated

  • Improve security

    Increase security by installing alarms, getting a tracker or immobiliser, and storing the van safely overnight

  • Be honest

    If your van has been modified your insurance will cost more - you’ll need to declare changes to the bodywork, suspension, brakes, engine and exhaust to your insurer 

Why compare van insurance quotes with MoneySuperMarket

Our mission is to make it effortless to find cheap van insurance quotes, so you can get on with enjoying the open road.

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Some specialist insurers offer agreed value policies to cover your classic van. This means that rather than using the standard market value of the make and model, an independent party assesses your vehicle to get a more accurate picture of its worth.

These policies can be more expensive, however they also mean you’ll be adequately covered should anything happen to your classic van.

When you insure your classic van, you’ll have the option of adding extras to your policy to boost your level of cover. These can include: 

  • Legal cover: Legal cover can help you meet any legal costs that you incur as a result of your driving

  • Breakdown cover: Breakdown cover ensures you get assistance if your van breaks down so you can continue your journey

  • Courtesy van: With a courtesy van policy you’ll get a temporary replacement van if yours breaks down 

  • Use abroad: A use abroad policy insures you for driving your classic van in another country

  • Windscreen cover: Windscreen cover pays for the cost of replacing your windshield if it gets damaged

  • Tool cover: Tool cover means you’ll be covered for the cost of replacing or repairing tools that are lost, damaged, or stolen

One way you might be able to bring the premiums down for your classic van is by joining a classic van membership club. This is because insurers could see this as proof that you’re dedicated to your van and would therefore take a lot of care with it – as a result they may offer you a discount on your premiums.

It’s important to remember that the price of membership may well cancel out the discount you get, but you might also have more access to technical advice, spare parts, and a thriving social scene.

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