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Fleet van insurance

What is fleet van insurance?

Sarah Jacques
Written by  Sarah Jacques
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Updated: 27 Feb 2024

If you're a business owner with multiple vans owned by your company, fleet van insurance allows you to insure a fleet of vans with one policy. Read our guide to find out what fleet insurance covers and how it works.

This page gives information about a financial product that’s not currently available through MoneySuperMarket. We hope you find this information useful, but bear in mind that we’re unable to help you buy this product at the moment.

What is fleet van insurance?

A fleet van insurance policy is the cover you take out if your business has multiple vans that require insurance – it can be a cheaper and more convenient alternative to insuring each vehicle separately. 

With a fleet van insurance, you only need to manage the one policy to give all of your business vans the same level of cover. You can also insure multiple drivers for these vans so all of your employees will receive the same cover as well.

At MoneySuperMarket we are unable to offer quotes for fleet van insurance, however we can help you find a business van insurance policy.

Fleet of vans

Do I need fleet insurance?

You must have at least third-party motor insurance to drive any vehicle on UK roads, but if you use your vans for business reasons then you will need to take out a dedicated business van insurance policy. It offers cover where a standard policy wouldn’t – using your van for business without the right cover in place will likely void your insurance. 

If you have two or more vans forming a company fleet, you don’t necessarily have to insure them all on the same policy – but it can save time and money. It's also a lot easier to manage a single policy compared to managing individual policies for each vehicle.

How does fleet insurance work?

You’ll usually choose your policy type and level of cover – either fully comprehensive, third party, or third party, fire and theft. Fully comprehensive offers the most cover, usually for the cheapest price too. Like individual business van insurance policies, you’ll also need to select your class of use from the following:

  • Carriage of own goods: You’ll use your van to carry your own goods, for example any tools or equipment you use as part of your business

  • Hire and reward/courier: You’ll use your van to carry goods belonging to other people for payment – like delivery drivers or couriers

  • Haulage: You’ll use your van for single long-distance deliveries of business goods – however this may also be covered by some hire and reward policies

What does fleet van insurance cover?

Aside from offering cover for your fleet for business usage, your policy will also provide the same basic cover for the actual vans themselves – this can include:

  • Damage and theft: Cover for repair costs or a replacement vehicle if one or more of yours is damaged as a result of a fire or an accident, vandalised, or stolen

  • Third-party damage: Cover for the cost of damage you cause to another person, their car or their property

  • Motor legal protection: Cover for the cost of legal fees you might need to pay as a result of a car insurance claim

  • Personal accident cover: Cover that pays out an agreed lump sum should you be seriously or fatally injured in a road accident

  • Breakdown cover: Cover for the cost of roadside assistance should one of the covered vans in your fleet break down

  • Courtesy van cover: Cover that gives you access to a temporary replacement vehicle while your broken down van is being repaired

Many providers also offer optional cover that you can add to your policy at an extra cost. Some of the most popular add-ons for fleet van insurance are:

  • Lost keys: If you lose the keys to any of the vehicles in your fleet this will pay for the cost of replacing them

  • Misfuelling: This will cover you for costs related to putting the wrong fuel in any of the vehicles in your fleet

  • Windscreen coverWindscreen cover will pay for any damage done to any of your vans’ windscreens

  • Trailer cover: You can also get cover for an attached trailer if it’s damaged or stolen

What isn't covered by fleet van insurance?

Your cover's exclusions will typically depend on the specifics of your policy, but generally speaking the vans in your fleet won’t be covered against:

  • Wear and tear damage

  • Electrical or mechanical failure

  • Theft if items were left out in the open, doors were left unlocked, or keys were left in the vehicle 

  • Uninsured goods you are carrying

Sarah Tooze
Sarah Tooze
Car & Van Insurance Expert

Our expert says

Covering your entire fleet of vans with one insurance policy makes sense from an administration and cost perspective. Fleet sizes can fluctuate and with a fleet policy, you’ll be able to add and remove vehicles. You’ll also have more flexibility with drivers, who will usually be permitted to drive any van. To reduce the cost of van fleet insurance, and for safety and duty of care reasons, you should have a comprehensive risk management programme which may include driver risk assessments, telematics, dash cams, and driver training.

How do I get cheaper fleet van insurance?

There are certain steps you can take to get cheaper insurance for your business fleet of vehicles – including:

Pay more excess

This tells insurers you’re only likely to claim when it’s really worth paying the extra cost, so they’ll often give you a discount.

Pay annually

Insurers tend to charge less if you pay your full premiums up front for the whole year, rather than spreading the cost over 12 months .

Pick your van

Vans, like cars, are sorted into insurance groups – picking a van in a lower insurance group is likely to result in cheaper premiums.

Pick your drivers

If you’re insuring extra drivers on your policy, keep in mind that young drivers are likely to increase the cost of cover – and in some cases, particularly for ‘any driver’ policies, you may not be able to insure drivers under a certain age.

Store them safely

If you’re able to keep the vehicles in your fleet locked in a secure garage or lot, you’ll usually pay less for cover as the risk of theft and vandalism will be lower.

Ensure they’re secured

Similarly, having factory installed locks, alarms and immobilisers on the vehicles in your fleet also lowers the risk of theft and vandalism.

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