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What is specialist van insurance?

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It’s not only cars that people need to find insurance cover for. There are millions of van drivers in the UK too, many of whom have their vehicles on the road all day long as they drive from one job to another. Other drivers have vans for private or personal use, which are totally unrelated to their work.

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In fact, no two van owners are ever the same, or even anything close. Businesses that require a van to function can vary enormously in nature whether they are painters and decorators, wedding caterers, Police dog trainers or even a bouncy castle hire company.

But whether your van is for business or private use, drivers will want the same chance to shop around for the cheapest annual cover as car drivers – and this is where specialist van insurance comes in. So what kinds of specialist van insurances are available?

Commercial Van Insurance

Commercial van insurance is the minimum required level of cover for any vehicle to be road-legal. This covers the cost of any damage or injury to a third party that may occur if your van is involved in an accident. The cost of replacement or repairs to own your vehicle is not covered however, which is why it is often the cheapest type of policy available.

Business Van Insurance

Generic business van insurance will cover you and your van for commercial use when you are transporting your business’ goods and tools – as it would be illegal to do this without the appropriate cover.

Before you apply for business van insurance you will need to consider your mileage and how many additional drivers you require that will work alongside you.  Also whether your vehicle is parked at multiple locations and is there a higher risk of theft as a result of the tools or equipment left in the vehicle.

Courier Van Insurance

It might be that you require courier van insurance instead, which is another example of specialist van insurance. Courier van insurance is typified by offering additional cover, such as goods in transit cover, employer’s liability cover and any other type you may need to operate as an individual business.

Private Van Insurance

But, as we have referenced, you may not be using your van for business purposes at all. Perhaps it was inherited, borrowed or just a ‘good buy’ and you use it for social, domestic and pleasure purposes only. In this case, a private van insurance policy would be the specialist van insurance for you. You can read more about this and compare deals on the MoneySupermarket private van insurance page.

Van Insurance for Young Drivers

Younger drivers get a rough deal at the best of times with the cost of motor insurance premiums – and when it comes to vans, premiums can soar even higher. That’s why it’s especially important for younger drivers to shop around for the best deal– it can save you hundreds of pounds a year which can go straight back into your business.

The good news is there are van insurance companies that actually specialise in policies for young drivers, so make sure you go through them all with the aid of comparison website such as MoneySupermaket, as we aim to source out the cheapest van insurance for young drivers available.

Van Insurance for Convicted Drivers

If you are a convicted motorist, premiums can really rocket when it comes to getting the right kind of insurance cover for your van. But don’t let this put you off – you can still shop around for the best deal for you. In fact, MoneySupermarket has dedicated a channel to van insurance for convicted drivers.

The application process is likely to be a little lengthier, and you will need all the details of your convictions to hand – and to be honest about them. 

However, the fact that van insurance premiums for convicted drivers are so expensive, should actually provide even more motivation to shop around for the cheapest and most suitable deal for your circumstances.

Monthly Van Insurance

Just as with any other kind of motorist, van drivers may not be able to afford to pay for their annual premium in one fell swoop. In this case, they will need to look at monthly van insurance which enables you to stagger the cost over 12 monthly payments. Bear in mind however, that the insurer will levy an interest on this kind of payment so it will cost more in the long run.

Short Term Van Insurance

On the other end of the spectrum, it may be that you only require the use of a van for a limited amount of time – for example if you will be working with a company on a temporary basis, in this case, you will only require short term van insurance which will require a one-off payment. Nevertheless, if it’s your job to find cover, you have nothing to lose shopping around for the best deal on this kind of specialist van insurance too.

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