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Originally published June 20th 2017


Here’s four ways to cut your car insurance premiums.

Don’t auto renew

1. Don’t settle for the price you get from your existing insurer. Shop around when it comes to renewal, because you’ll almost certainly be able to beat the price that they offer.

Don’t pay in instalments

 2. Avoid instalments. If you can afford it pay the whole lot, in one go, up front. Otherwise you’ll be charged interest, and it could be as much as 30%.

Security is key

3. Increase security on your car, and if you can, park off road overnight. It is best to park on a driveway, away from the road entirely.

Swerve the bad habits!

4. Drive safely. Now it sounds obvious, but if you can avoid accidents you’ll boost your no claims bonus, and that can be worth 70% or even more, off the price of your premium.

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