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Loan eligibility checker

See your chances of getting a loan

  • Searching won't harm your credit score


Compare loans from across the market

We work with a wide range of providers, including the big loan brands, to help you borrow the money you need

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What is a loans eligibility checker?

When you search for a loan with MoneySuperMarket you’ll use our eligibility checker tool. This will give you an indication of which loans you’re likely to be accepted for – and at what interest rates and terms. The result is based on the information in your credit file and the criteria of different lenders. Searching in this way won’t impact on your credit score in any way.

Let’s face it - applying for a loan can be nerve-wracking. So let our eligibility checker tool take the stress out of the process. That way you can apply with greater confidence.


How does our loan eligibility checker work?

Our loan eligibility checker is quick and easy to use and we’ll show you your chances of being approved for a wide range of deals.

  • Tell us about yourself

    We'll need some information about you and your financial situation, plus the amount of money you’re looking to borrow and for how long.

  • We’ll search the market

    We look across the market to find loans you might be eligible for from leading UK providers. This is a ‘soft search’ and won’t leave a mark on your credit file.

  • Compare your results

    See loan deals and your chances of approval. Eligibility is scored as a percentage – over 70% shows a strong chance of approval. We’ll also show deals where you’re pre-approved.

With a pre-approved loan, the deal you see is the deal you get

When you apply for a loan, it’s not always clear what deal you’ll be offered or whether you’ll be accepted. But when you’re pre-approved for a loan, you know the deal you see is the deal you’ll get – you’ll know where you stand, with information that will help you make the right choice.

  • Apply with confidence

    When you’re pre-approved, the loan amount, duration and interest rate are all confirmed

  • Tailored to you

    When you know what you’ll be able toborrow and how much it will cost, you can choose a loan that’s right for you

  • You’re in safe hands

    This helps protect your credit score as you’re less likely to be rejected when you apply

What type of loans can I check my eligibility for?

MoneySuperMarket’s loan eligibility checker caters for all types of loan including the following:

  • Car

    If you need a new car, a car loan can help you spread the cost into more manageable repayments

  • Debt consolidation

    A consolidation loan can restructure what you owe into one monthly repayment making your debts easier to manage

  • Wedding

    A wedding loan can help reduce stress by managing the cost and minimising money worries leading up to your big day 

  • Holiday

    A holiday loan can help towards the cost of your annual family holiday, honeymoon or retirement trip of a lifetime 

  • Large purchase

    There could be other reasons you need to borrow, such as making a large purchase - caravan, boat or a new boiler - where you don’t have immediate funds

What is a soft credit search?

What is a soft credit search?

When you search for a loan with us we’ll use a ‘soft search’ on your credit file. This is to gather information so we can help you find the right deal for you.

This soft search won’t leave a mark on your credit file (no lenders can see it) unlike a ‘hard credit check’ and it won’t affect your credit score in any way. But it means we can find loans you’re eligible for. That way you can avoid applying for the wrong loan deals and harming your credit score.


Can I get pre-approved for a loan with bad credit?

If you’ve had problems with debt in the past and you have a low credit score you’re unlikely to be pre-approved for any loans.

You could get a specialist loan for bad credit, but it will depend on your personal situation and the criteria of the lender. 

While you may be able to secure a loan, bear in mind the interest rate is likely to be much higher than on standard loans, and you will not be able to borrow as much. 

Checking your credit report and seeing what action can be taken is often the first step to improving your credit rating and opening the doors to more choice and cheaper borrowing.

Jo Thornhill

Our expert says


Searching for a loan can be stressful because you don’t know whether you’ll be accepted. But using our eligibility checker means you can search knowing your credit file and score are safe. We use a ‘soft search’ to find the right loan deals for you – so it won’t impact on your credit rating in any way. We’ll show you your chances of approval for each loan deal. This way you’ll be better informed and can apply with confidence.

- Jo Thornhill, Money expert

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Compare loans with our eligibility checker

We’re here to help you find the right loan for your needs

  • It doesn’t take long

    Tell us a little about yourself, your finances and the loan you want

  • We’ll browse the market

    We’ll search through loans from a wide range of UK lenders

  • Compare loans

    You’ll be able to sort loans by overall cost and see your chances of approval

Both types of search use your financial information to give an idea of whether you’ll be accepted for borrowing, but a soft search does not leave a mark on your credit file.

A soft search might be conducted to show your chances of getting a loan or credit card - as happens with MoneySuperMarket searches. It’s only when you make the actual application that a ‘hard credit search’ takes place - and this is done by the prospective lender. 

The better you’ve handled credit in the past and the higher your credit score the more likely you are to be accepted for a loan. But if you find you’re not eligible for any loans then it’s worth looking at your credit file to see if you can improve your credit rating. Our credit monitor service allows you to see you score and get personalised tips to help boost it.

When you’ve applied for a loan and there has been a ‘hard credit check’ that will have been recorded on your credit file – but it won’t show as a rejection. The problem is if you then go on to apply for other loans the previous ‘hard search’ will show up and this could act as a red flag to potential new lenders – as they will assume you were rejected. The more ‘hard credit searches’ you have in a short space of time the worse it will be for your credit rating. For this reason using MoneySuperMarket’s eligibility checker first – can give you a good idea of whether or not you’ll be accepted for a loan BEFORE you apply. This is a soft search and won’t affect your credit file or score.

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate and represents how much it’ll cost to borrow money for a given loan. It’s calculated by taking into account the annual interest rate and any additional fees and charges. You might see the term ‘representative APR’ on adverts for loans. This means that the interest rate quoted only has to be offered to at least 51% of successful applicants, so it may not be the actual rate you get when you apply.

Most unsecured personal loans will have a fixed interest rate for the duration of the loan which means as long as you maintain your monthly repayments they shouldn’t change.

Consider what you need the money for and how much you need. While you can take out loans for different reasons, for example, a new car or home improvements, or to consolidate debt, most loans work in a similar way – providing a lump sum that you pay back over time with interest. 

Look for a loan with a low interest rate to keep repayments down and remember borrowing more than you need will mean you pay back more interest, as will borrowing the money over a longer period. However, you also need to be comfortable you can keep up repayments, so sometimes extending the loan over a longer term can be beneficial as this can bring monthly repayment costs down.

Loans have a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period, where you can cancel and pay back any money borrowed, including interest for the time the loan was active. Notice of withdrawal can be given in writing or verbally.

Taking out a loan isn’t something that should be undertaken lightly. Read the terms and conditions and make sure you are happy before proceeding because contracts are legally binding and can be difficult to cancel without financial penalty. 

Your credit rating is a score that represents your creditworthiness to credit lenders based on an analysis of your credit history (your history of borrowing and paying back credit).

 The higher your score, the more likely you are to be accepted for future credit applications. If your score is low, there are ways to improve it. MoneySuperMarket’s credit monitor lets you check your credit score for free and gives you tips on how to improve it.

You work hard to earn your money, and we don’t think you should waste a penny of it paying over the odds on your household bills. That’s why at MoneySuperMarket, we’re on a mission to save Britain money.

  • Whip your credit score into shape with Credit Monitor

  • Super save over and over again with Energy Monitor

  • There are always more ways to save with MoneySuperMarket 

So how do we make our money? In a nutshell, when you use us to buy something, we get a reward from the company you’re buying from.

You might be wondering if we work with all the companies in the market, or if our commercial relationships with our partners might make us feature one company above another. We’ve got nothing to hide, and we want to give you clear answers when it comes to questions like these, so we’ve pulled together everything you need to know on this page.