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EE broadband review 2024: Is EE broadband any good?

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It’s a budget baby of BT, with some attractive benefits for existing EE mobile customers. But is EE broadband worth getting? Let’s dig in and find out.

Our rating: Four out of five

  • Good range of speeds
  • Impressive perks for EE mobile customers
  • Apple TV 4K bundle is great
  • Full fibre options available
  • Customer recommendation scores could be improved
  • Reliability has been called into question

EE broadband is known for good, solid broadband. And it comes reasonably priced, to boot.

Running on the same network asBT, EE’s service is comparably reliable and offers comparable speeds too – running up to a massive 1.6Gbps in some areas.

There are certainly things you’ll miss out on with EE broadband. Think: all the extras you get with providers like Sky or Virgin Media, such as free email addresses and attractive rewards schemes. But you’ll also miss out on paying those providers’ higher prices.

Speaking of prices, yours can be even lower if you’re already an EE mobile customer. You’ll also get a boost to your mobile data, which can be up to a rather attractive 20GB extra per month. EE looks after its own.

You’re also able (mobile customer or not) to add an Apple TV subscription to your package. It’s not got the sheer range of TV channels that Sky or Virgin Media offer, but it’s still a good and cost-effective way to get a bit more telly in your life. If you prefer streaming your TV via Netflix and iPlayer, you may actually prefer it.

We’d recommend EE broadband for households that need reliable broadband at good prices, but can survive without a chunky TV package. And if you have an EE mobile plan already? Even better.

Average EE broadband speeds

EE offers eight different broadband speeds, with prices varying depending on how fast you go:

Standard broadband

With a basic speed of 10Mbps, this copper broadband package is aimed at light internet users and those who browse the web rather than stream or use smart home devices.

Fibre 36 Essentials

With average speeds of 36Mbps, this is a basic fibre package aimed at those who stream shows in the evening and occasionally work from home.

Fibre 50 Essentials

Offers average speeds of 50Mbps and typically comes in at a shade over £50 per month.

Fibre 67 Essentials

Upping speeds to 67Mbps, this package is ideal for homes where streaming is a big deal, with kids using tablets for homework while music is playing over the multi room speakers in the kitchen.

Full Fibre 150

EE’s entry level fibre to the premises (FTTP) package can handle multiple devices and is a great way to get the benefits of fibre right into your property without breaking the bank.

Full Fibre 500

Have a fully connected smart home and a ton of devices that need to use the internet? Then Full Fibre 500 Essentials is for you.

Full Fibre Gigabit Essentials

EE’s second-fastest package is great for power users and massive households where the internet is always in use. Average speeds are 900Mbps.

1.6Gbps Full Fibre package

EE's top-of-the-range full fibre offering gets you average speeds of 1.6Gbps, which is billed as the UK's fastest widely available broadband service.

EE’s broadband speeds on its most widely available packages are comparable to much of the rest of the market – including BT, Sky, TalkTalk, and BT’s other subsidiary Plusnet. Virgin Media is a decent alternative, but will also cost a little more. Ditto smaller full-fibre providers like Hyperoptic or Community Fibre.

EE broadband packages review

EE’s broadband packages sit broadly in line with those from big names such as BT, TalkTalk and Sky. All are on 24 month contracts. Its Fibre 36 and Fibre 67 deals come in at the same speed as BT’s Fibre 1 and Fibre 2 packages, but are markedly cheaper.

In terms of full fibre deals, EE broadband offers the same speeds as its rivals and at cheaper price points too. Obviously you’ll need to have FTTP in your area to take advantage, though.

EE fibre broadband review

EE Fibre comes in a range of speeds. The basic Fibre 36 and Fibre 67 deals use copper networks to complete the final stretch to your home, while its Full Fibre packages use next-gen FTTP tech to bring rapid internet right into the home.

The 150Mbps, 500Mbps and 900Mbps speeds match most major broadband providers, while its 1.6Gbps package is billed as the fastest widely available full fibre service on the market.

The only rival package that comes close is Virgin Media's 1.1Gbps option.

Cost-wise, EE full fibre is cheaper than BT and Sky, although prices rise when you start adding extras like TV and calls.

EE TV review

For £15 extra a month, EE broadband customers can get themselves an Apple TV 4K box, replete with three months of free Apple TV+ streaming and inclusive TNT Sports (formerly BT Sport).

You can access the likes of BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Prime Video, as well as NOW TV via the Apple TV 4K, but obviously you’ll need to pay for some of those services.

This is a smart way to get UHD TV without paying a big premium for the likes of Sky or Virgin.

EE Router

EE’s Smart Hub Router comes with most of its fibre packages and is a cutting edge piece of kit.

It uses the latest AC standard WiFi, has controls which can be easily logged into to check on how many devices are being used and how much data they’re using, features dual band tech, seven antennae and four Ethernet ports.

It’s one of the best in the business and, what’s more, fits through your letterbox. So no need to wait in for delivery or an engineer to set it up.

If you take EE's 1.6Gbps package, though, you'll get the EE Smart Hub Plus. This lets you connect up to 190 devices at once, and features dual band technology, WiFi 6 and smart WiFi channel selection.

EE calls review

You can take your EE broadband either with pay-as-you-go calls, or with no landline included whatsoever.

Or, for an extra cost per month, you can add on:

  • Unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines, plus 1,500 minutes to call mobiles
  • International minutes to landlines in 50 countries, with a 30% discount on calls to other countries

So you have options. There are better options out there if you’re a big landline user, or often call countries that aren’t included in the international add-on. Look to BT or Virgin Media if so.

But if not, you’re covered. And if you don’t use your landline at all, it’s good to know you aren’t being charged for it.

EE broadband costs

EE broadband is affordable and generally is noticeably less expensive than fibre packages from BT, TalkTalk and Sky.

While that may seem enticing, it’s worth remembering it doesn’t rank highly when it comes to customer service and that FTTP isn’t widely available yet, meaning you may want to find a better deal elsewhere.

Remember, too, that if you’re an EE mobile customer you can enjoy an extra discount on your broadband bill.


You certainly do get a few extras.

  • Mobile boostEE mobile customers can get extra data on their phone plan. That’s as well as your broadband discount
  • Security – Protect your devices with Norton Security Premium
  • Early cancellation credit – This is a good one. Get up to £50 credit on your account if your previous broadband provider charges early cancellation fees
  • Smart WiFi – Give your home Wi-Fi a bit of a boost with an extender dish, which you can add for a small monthly fee

Customer service with EE broadband

EE ranks high for broadband customer service in Ofcom's 2023 report for mobile, landline, and home broadband.

However, there’s no escaping the fact that it rates terrible when it comes to online customer reviews, with a 'poor' average rating of 1.9 out of 5 rating on TrustPilot, taking in over 14,000 reviews.

Our advice, therefore, is to tread with care.

What are the pros and cons of EE broadband?


  • Good prices – monthly costs are low with no setup costs
  • Decent speeds on standard fibre packages
  • Ultrafast full fibre speeds available in select areas
  • Excellent for EE mobile customers, with discounts throughout your whole broadband contract and added extras like a boost to your mobile data
  • Available with no landline
  • Apple TV add-on is great if you prefer to stream your telly
  • Router tech, with optional Wi-Fi extension, is decent
  • Early cancellation credit to help cut ties with your former provider


  • EE full fibre isn’t yet available everywhere
  • TV doesn’t give you extra channels, just apps through Apple TV
  • Not a lot of extras thrown in

Our latest EE broadband deals

We do not currently offer EE broadband deals on MoneySuperMarket. However, we do provide plenty of deals from other providers – you can take a look below:

How does EE compare against other providers?

EE broadband is among the cheapest, and speeds on its most widely available packages are comparable to most other Openreach-based providers (such as BT, Sky, and TalkTalk).

It lacks some of the deal-sealing extras and big bill telly that you’ll find from providers like Virgin Media or Sky – but lacks the cost to match.

EE vs TalkTalk

When it comes to their most widely available packages, EE and Talk come at comparable price points and speeds. So what’s the difference between EE and TalkTalk broadband?

Well, TalkTalk's contracts are slightly shorter, at 18 months compared to EE's 24-month contracts. EE's customer service ratings fare better in Ofcom's annual reviews, though, as TalkTalk has historically performed poorly in these reports.

TalkTalk has a little more to offer in the world of TV. Its set top box lets you pause and rewind live TV, and you can watch through apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime. There aren’t any additional live channels beyond Freeview, just slightly upgraded tech.

Ultimately, this battle may come down to price and availability. Compare the deals for your postcode to see what you can get at your address.

EE vs Virgin Media

EE and Virgin Media are both solid choices for broadband, with speeds to suit pretty much all user profiles and households.

At the time of writing, EE holds the edge on speeds in the shape of its 1.6Gbps package. But Virgin Media's 1.130Mbps package is a very fast and very viable alternative.

Virgin Media has the edge on TV, though. With a set top box that's laden with features and functionality and a much broader range of channels too.

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