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Multi-currency prepaid cards

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What is a currency card? 

A currency card is a type of prepaid card which allows you to make transactions abroad without accruing expensive fees or charges. Depending on your location, you have a choice of currencies you can put on the card, including pounds, euros or US dollars. The currency loaded onto the card is fixed at that day's exchange rate.  

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How do prepaid currency cards work?

Prepaid currency cards are easy to get and use. This is what usually happens: 

  • Apply for the card

    If you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your currency card, then you should compare cards, on a website like ours. You can then choose the currency you want to use and give the provider some personal details.  

  • Top up the card

    You might have the option to do this when you apply or it could be done once the application is complete, but you’ll have to load your card with money for you to use it abroad. You usually do this from your bank account. 

  • Using the card

    Once you’ve loaded your card with money, you’ll be able to use it abroad. Make sure to check any small print for any limits when using the card overseas. You’ll now be able to make payments in your selected currency when you travel.  

What are the pros and cons of getting a currency card? 

There are benefits and disadvantages to getting a currency card, such as: 

  • Tick


    Budgeting: You’ll only be able to spend the money that’s on your prepaid card, which will help you to stick to a budget on your travels 

    Multiple currencies: With a currency card you’re able to load multiple currencies, which can make it easier to spend money abroad if you travel frequently to different countries 

    Protection:  Currency cards tend to come with the same level of protection of standard cards, including chip and pin authentication  

  • Cross


    Not very flexible: These cards tend to have restrictions on fund transfers. Currency cards may also have withdrawal limits and some will charge you for using them at a UK ATM  

    Not widely accepted: These cards won’t be accepted in all countries, especially regions where there’s limited support for card payments 

    Charges: These cards can come with extra costs such as monthly fees, inactivity charges and for topping up your prepaid card with a credit card 

How to choose the best prepaid currency card? 

  • Check card fees

    It’s important that when you’re comparing currency cards you look at the extra charges. Some cards might have fees for inactivity and monthly use. When you compare cards with us, we clearly highlight any fees the card carries

  • Compare benefits

    Multiple currency cards may also come with rewards, such as cashback, and some cards might even have an overdraft. Take a close look at the benefits on offer to make sure you’re securing a card suited to your needs 

  • Number of currencies

    The number of currencies available will depend on the card you choose. Some cards support all currencies while others will have a limited option. Think about the countries you travel to and if the card will be useful

  • Seek out offers

    Some providers may be running promotional offers if you choose their card. You could benefit from additional cash when you load a certain amount of money on your new prepaid multiple currency card 

How should I use my currency card? 

Here’s how to make the most of your currency card: 

  • Avoid foreign exchange charges

    Foreign currency prepaid cards are cheaper to use abroad than debit or credit cards. However, your card may still charge you for inactivity, for example. So, it’s important to pay attention to additional fees your card has. 

  • Stick to a budget

    A prepaid card will help you with your financial planning, as you’ll know exactly what amount you’ll be able to spend. This can help you keep within your budget but it’s still good idea to carry around additional forms of travel money in case of emergencies.  

  • Stay secure

    If you lose your foreign currency prepaid card, you should contact the card provider immediately to cancel it and many providers will either issue you with emergency cash or even send out a replacement.  

Why compare prepaid currency cards with MoneySuperMarket

  • Grab a great deal

    We compare multi-currency cards with leading providers, so you can be assured that you’re snagging the best offers out there 

  • Simple to compare

    Comparing prepaid currency cards with us is easy. We highlight the important features and current offers on each card. Making it straightforward to pick the right card for you 

  • Approved instantly

    Being approved for a prepaid currency card doesn’t take long. Some cards even come with instant approval, so you can get your hands on your new currency card quicker 

What charges might I have to pay on my currency card? 

Monthly and annual fees:  Some providers may charge you monthly for your prepaid card, while others might impose a yearly fee 

Withdrawal fees: You could be charged for withdrawing money from the cash machine. Some prepaid currency cards will charge you for using your card to make withdrawals in the UK or abroad 

Transaction fees: Your prepaid card provider might charge you a fee on every transaction you make. Not every provider will charge you for this, but transaction fees tend to be under £2 

Inactivity fees: If your prepaid currency card remains dormant for a while you could be charged for this. It’s important to consider this cost, if you don’t think you’ll be using your card often 

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Can I load multiple currencies onto the card? 

Yes, you’ll be able to load multiple currencies onto your prepaid card. The number of currencies you’re able to load onto your card will depend on the type of deal you get. Some cards will even allow you to load all currencies onto your card while some with have a select number of currencies you can use. 

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Compare prepaid currency cards with MoneySuperMarket 

If you’re a frequent flyer, then a prepaid currency card could be a handy way to manage your finances overseas 

  • Check currency card offers

    We compare currency cards from top providers, and we have a selection of deals you can choose. Sometimes providers may even run promotional offers, so you can get more bang for your buck 

  • Compare features

    We highlight key features of the card including perks on offer, such as cashback and rewards. We also clearly show you any associated fees with the card, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into 

  • Apply in seconds

    As soon as you’ve found a card you like, you can click through to the provider to apply online. Applying is quick and easy 

Most providers will require you to be 18 and over to take out the card. 

This will depend on your provider’s term and conditions. Some may charge you for withdrawing from an ATM in the UK while others have fees for using cash machines abroad. 

This will depend on the card you choose. Some cards may offer selected currencies while others will offer all currencies. 

You can usually do this in online banking, where following your provider’s instructions you can switch between currencies. 

There may be a minimum and balance requirement set by your provider, but this will depend on their terms and conditions, so check them carefully. 

Yes, you can. There may be transaction fees, so make sure to read any terms and conditions. 

You should be able to make contactless payments once you’ve enabled it on your card. This usually happens once you’ve made a Chip and PIN payment.  

If your card is lost or stolen, then you need to contact the provider ASAP to get it blocked. 

With a travel credit card, you’re borrowing money from the lender to spend abroad. When you use a prepaid card, you’re topping up the card with your own money. 

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