Compare multi currency prepaid cards

Some prepaid cards allow you to load them up with sterling and then use them anywhere in the word. Ideal for your holiday spending, you'll avoid expensive foreign transaction charges and won't need to carry around lots of cash. Compare the best deals at MoneySuperMarket.

Multi currency prepaid cards - Ordered by - Biggest saving to customers based on an £1000 load with 10 purchases of £50 and five ATM transactions at £100 each.

  1. Exclusive

    0% fee seven day swap using interbank rates on your first swap, and £20 travel money free on first load of £500 or more. Exclusive to MoneySuperMarket customers. T&Cs apply. Limited offer, ends 31st March 2017

    Great for
    £20 Free to Moneysupermarket customers on your first load of £500 or more
    Perfect mid-market rates (0% fee) on first seven day swap for Moneysupermarket customers
    No ATM fees for withdrawals over £200 (or currency equivalent)
    But be aware that
    You must be a UK resident aged 18 or over
    After first 0% fee seven day swap, commission of up to 1.4% charged (2% for Israeli Shekel), depending on how quickly you ask WeSwap to complete your currency swap
  2. Exclusive

    New customers will get £5 extra when loading £500 or more, or £26 extra when loading £1,000 or more (this offer is only available through

    Great for
    Highly competitive exchange rates on the FairFX Everywhere card
    Free card (normally £9.95) when you load more than £50 onto the card
    But be aware that
    There is a £5.99 charge for a lost or stolen card replacement
    1.4% foreign exchange fee
  3. Exclusive

    New customers get £20 FREE cashback on a Caxton Mastercard Currency Card when loading £500 or more. This offer is only available through T&Cs apply

    Great for
    Free card and no overseas ATM withdrawal fees
    Accepted at over 35 million outlets worldwide, wherever you see the MasterCard sign and are ‘chip and PIN’ secure
    Lock in the rate and choose between 15 currencies on one card
    But be aware that
    £5 charge for a lost or stolen card replacement
    2.49% fee when card used out of Sterling
  4. Cashback

    1.5% Cashback on qualifying purchases

    Great for
    Free to buy, and no purchase or withdrawal fees
    1.5% cashback on all purchases of £50 or more
    Free back-up card for emergency use
    But be aware that
    A 2.85% fee applies to all loads on this card
    Minimum load of £50 on ICE Sterling
    Maximum ATM withdrawal of £2,500 per day
  5. Exclusive

    MoneySuperMarket customers receive FREE £10 upon first load of £50. You can't get this offer on any other comparison site

    Great for
    FREE UK ATM Withdrawals, FREE Purchases, NO Monthly Fee
    Overdraft up to £250 and £1000 Direct Debit cover available – subject to approval
    Instant online approval. No credit check to apply
    But be aware that
    You must be a UK resident aged 18 or over
  6. Great for
    Purchase the card for FREE and reload at your convenience
    Load up to 10 currencies (GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, NZD, ZAR, TRY, CHF and AED) and hold more than one currency at any time
    Move money easily from one currency to another whilst travelling
    But be aware that
    £3 per month fee if not used for 12 consecutive months
    £10 fee for lost, stolen or damaged card replacement
  7. Great for
    Card fee of £9.95 refunded to customers who load more than £100
    Free overseas transactions and overseas ATM fee of £1.50 is refunded on withdrawals of £50 plus
    Free online loading by bank transfer and debit card
    But be aware that
    Cost of £4.99 for lost or stolen AA Sterling cards
    Dormancy fee of £1 per month following 12 months of Sterling card inactivity
    FX fee incurred when making overseas transactions, including ATM withdrawals

Prepaid cards are not eligible for protection under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Other currency prepaid cards

Like travellers cheques for the modern holidaymaker or business tripper, foreign currency prepaid cards offer a secure way to take your travel money away with you. 

Some prepaid cards allow you to pre-load them with sterling and you can then use them for your holiday spending anywhere in the world, across multiple currencies. By doing so, you can side-step expensive foreign transaction fees charged by many debit and credit cards and, because you pre-load your card with cash in advance, it's ideal if you're on a budget.

Avoid foreign exchange charges

Most debit and credit cards charge high fees when you use them abroad. On purchases, for example, you'll usually have to fork out a foreign currency charge of between 2.75% and 2.99%, which means paying an extra £3 every time you spend £100.

And if you withdraw money from a cash machine, you will often face a further 2% to 3% charge, plus daily interest if you make a withdrawal using a credit card.

The good news, however, is that foreign currency prepaid cards charge either much lower overseas fees, or nothing at all.

When comparing deals, you just need to remember to look out for charges for loading money on to the card, as well as so-called 'inactivity' fees that can kick in if you don't use your card for a number of months. 

Stick to a budget

It's easy to relax the purse-strings a little on holiday, but we can easily end up regretting it if our excess leads to a debt headache on our return.

However, unlike a credit card, or a debit card that allows you to go overdrawn, a prepaid card will only allow you to spend what you’ve put on it.

And that makes it a helpful tool for sticking to your holiday budget (although you may want to carry another form of payment in case of emergencies). 

Stay secure

A small amount of local currency can be very useful when you arrive at your holiday destination. 

But taking your entire budget in cash is very risky and could leave you in a sticky situation if your wallet, purse or bag gets stolen, for example. If, on the other hand, your foreign currency prepaid card is lost or stolen, all you need to do is contact the card provider immediately to cancel it and many providers will either issue you with emergency cash or even send out a replacement. 

Find the best deal

With MoneySuperMarket, you can compare and apply for a range of foreign currency prepaid cards with ease. So take a look at our tables to ensure you're getting the right one for your particular needs. 


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