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Kids Prepaid Debit Cards

Teach your kid the value of money with a prepaid card

  • No risk of debts or overdrafts

  • Help your family learn about money

  • Great alternative to cash

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Kids' Prepaid Debit Cards

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Kids' Debit Card

  • Card application fee


  • Monthly service fee


  • Annual service fee


  • Card cancellation fee


Great for

  • Get 2 months’ free (£3.99 per month fee thereafter) and £5 pocket money when you sign up to GoHenry. New customers only. Enter code AFFMSM25. T&Cs apply
  • Set your child up for success by teaching them how to manage money responsibly. Make life easier with a smarter way to manage your child’s money, with automated allowance, smart task lists and relative accounts
  • Total peace of mind, with children gaining independence safely and securely with features built for families, including instant transfers, spend notifications and flexible parental controls

But be aware that

  • The offer is open to UK residents aged 18+ and have passed required security checks. £5 credit will be deposited into your child’s GoHenry account within five working days of activating the child’s GoHenry card.
  • £5 credit can only be applied to one child’s account
  • If you delete your GoHenry account before the five days has passed, you may not receive the credit. To take advantage of this offer, you must also accept GoHenry‘s terms
More details


  • Card issuer: IDT Financial Services Limited

  • Card type: Visa


  • Online account management

  • No foreign transaction fees

  • Accepted online

  • Sort code & account number included


  • Card application fee - Free

  • Monthly service fee - £3.99

  • Annual service fee - Free

  • Card replacement fee - Free

  • Card cancellation fee - Free

  • Dormancy fee - None - the subscription of £3.99 will be charged monthly, until cancelled


  • Foreign transaction Fee - Free

  • Purchase fee - Free

  • Internet Purchase fee - Free 


  • ATM withdrawal fee (UK) - Free

  • ATM withdrawal fee (International) - Free


  • You must be a UK resident

  • Your parent must be 18 years old or over to open an account

  • You must pass required security checks

You are advised to check the lenders Terms & Conditions for information relating to interest rates, fees and charges.

What is a children’s prepaid card?

A children’s prepaid card is a card that is loaded up with money by the parents, which children can use the card to make purchases. These cards are usually available for children aged 6 and above. Children’s prepaid cards are low-risk because your child can only spend what’s been loaded - giving you maximum control over their spending.

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What are the pros and cons of children’s prepaid card? 

Children’s prepaid cards come with benefits and downsides, such as: 

  • Tick


    • Teach children about finances: A prepaid card can help children learn the value of money and see how much they’re spending. Depending on the prepaid card you select, it may even come with saving jars and money lessons which can help your kid get clued up on cash

    • Safer than cash: A prepaid card and cash can both be lost or stolen, but you’re more likely to get your money back with your prepaid card. If your child’s card is missing, then you just need to notify the provider and cancel the card immediately and you’ll be able to recoup some cash, depending on how quickly you cancel

    • Parental control: The card might come with an app where you can see how much your child is spending.  You’re also in charge of how much money is on your child’s card, so you’re in control of how much money they have access to. These cards usually block gambling or betting transactions

  • Cross


    • Fees: These cards are usually not free and you’ll either have to pay a monthly or annual fee. The card might also come with an ATM fee for withdrawing cash and an overseas fee for spending abroad

    • Won’t build credit history: Having a strong credit rating will make it easier to borrow money in the future. However, even though a children's prepaid card can help your child learn money management, it won't strengthen their credit score. A prepaid card won’t build your child’s credit history as they’re not borrowing money, because they’re not proving that they make payments on time

    • Limitations: Depending on your card issuer, you may be unable to use the card abroad and if you do you can face foreign transaction fees. Some card providers may also set limits on how much money can be put onto the card

What safety features can I have on a kids prepaid card?

  • Blocked merchants: These cards will block transactions on gambling, dating, alcohol and adult entertainment websites

  • Freeze and unfreeze the card: You’ll have the power to freeze and unfreeze the card whenever you feel like. Being able to block the card is helpful if the card is lost or stolen

  • Spending limits: Depending on your card issuer, you can put limits on how much your child can spend per week and on a single item. You can also restrict where they use their card

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How does a children’s prepaid card work?

  • Choose your card

    Pick a card you feel is right for your child. These cards will usually come with monthly and annual fees, and some of the more expensive cards may come with features such as in-app lessons to educate kids about their finances. 

  • Apply online

    You can apply for the card online and you’ll usually have to verify your identity, as well as submitting details about your child.  

  • Top up the card

    When you receive your children’s prepaid card, you will have to preload the card before your child can use it. 

  • Spending on the card

    Your child will be able to use the card to make payments…however they’ll be limited to the amount of money that’s on the card. With most children’s prepaid cards, there’ll be an app where you can see how and when your child is spending money. 

Why compare children’s prepaid cards with MoneySuperMarket 

  • Grab a great offer

    We’ve partnered with leading provider, Go Henry, so you can be confident that you’re bagging a children’s prepaid card from one of the best in the business  

  • Easy to follow

    It’s easy to compare with us because we clearly highlight the key features and promotional offers available  

  • Apply online

    Once you’ve found the right prepaid children’s card for your child, just click through to the card provider to apply in seconds 

How do I choose the best prepaid card for my child?

The best prepaid card for your child will depend on what you want them to get out of it: 

  • illustration of purple scales

    Weigh up the fees

    These cards are normally not free to use, but there are some which don’t charge any fees. So, pay attention to charges the card carries such as monthly or annual fee, overseas fee and withdrawal charges. Makes sure the card makes financial sense for your child to have 

  • Find a free trial

    These cards usually charge a monthly or annual fee, but they also might offer a free trial. Signing up to a free trial can be a good way to judge if the card is right for your child without having to commit to paying for it 

  • Pay attention to perks

    Some cards may come with financial lessons that teach children the basics of personal finance and money management. Other cards may come with saving jars, and even rewards, for completing chores 

  • Read customer reviews

    Find out what other parents think of the prepaid card before signing up. Customer reviews can help you decide if the card is worth it and meets your needs 

Should a teenager get a prepaid card?

Teenagers can get children’s prepaid cards and they can be beneficial for teens too.  Many prepaid children’s cards are connected to apps that have features tailored to teenagers, including targeted in-app content for older children. 

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Compare children’s prepaid cards with MoneySuperMarket 

  • Check out what’s on offer

    Review our selection of children's prepaid cards and select one which matches your needs 

  • Compare key features

    We’ve listed the pros and cons of each prepaid card as well any associated fees 

  • Apply in minutes

    Once you’ve found a card you’re happy with, simply click through to the provider’s website to apply 

A children’s prepaid card only allows your child to spend money that you’ve loaded onto their card. A child’s debit card, is connected to their current account and they’ll have to apply for the card and these accounts tend to be fee-free. 

These cards are usually available to kids aged 6 and over. 

You can load money onto the card from your own bank account. 

Whether your child can be used at a cash machine, will depend on the card issuer’s terms and conditions. If you’re able to use the card at an ATM, you may be hit with a withdrawal charge. 

Yes, you should be able to track your child’s spending on their card. Some issuers will even give you real-time spending notifications when your child uses the card. 

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