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Mobile phone reviews

In the market for a new phone? Read on and we'll arm you with everything you need to make a really good decision.

  • iPhone 8

    iPhone 8 review: Is the iPhone 8 worth buying in 2024?

    It’s Apple’s old school smartphone. So, does its classic design still stack up? Read our iPhone 8 review now to find out. More »

  • oneplus 11

    Is OnePlus 11 worth buying in 2024?

    Wondering what OnePlus has included in its only handset of 2023? Our full review delves into everything the OnePlus 11 has to offer, including its features, performance and camera. More »

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus

    Is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus worth buying in 2024?

    The middle child of Samsung’s S23 range, the Galaxy S23 Plus takes everything the standard S23 has to offer and puts it in a larger-than-life frame. Read our full… More »

  • samsung galaxy s23

    Is the Samsung Galaxy S23 worth buying in 2024?

    With its neat 6.1-inch screen, the Galaxy S23 is Samsung’s smallest release in its 2023 line-up. Read our full review to see what this palm-friendly phone has to offer. More »

  • samsung galaxy s23 phones

    Is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra worth buying in 2024?

    Samsung launched its latest Ultra smartphone in February 2023, with whopping specs and a whopping price to match. But is it worth it? More »

  • iphone xs max

    Is the iPhone XS Max worth buying in 2024?

    Released in 2018, the iPhone XS Max was Apple’s largest ever phone at the time. Read our page for our lowdown on the iPhone XS Max’s specs, performance, camera… More »

  • Apple logo

    Is the iPhone XS worth buying in 2024?

    The iPhone XS was a fantastic phone when it launched in 2018, but it did come boasting a few relics of the era – like Memoji and promises of… More »

  • Samsung logo

    Is the Samsung Galaxy A13 worth buying in 2024?

    The Samsung Galaxy A13 is the Korean tech giant’s 2022 budget device, a simple smartphone designed to do the basics well. Read our Samsung Galaxy A13 review now to… More »

  • Samsung logo

    Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus review: Is the Galaxy S22 Plus worth getting in 2024?

    It’s the super sized version of the Samsung Galaxy S22. So, is that extra screen real estate on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 5G worth shelling out for? Read… More »

  • Samsung logo

    Samsung Galaxy A23 review: Is the Galaxy A23 worth buying in 2024?

    What's Samsung's mid-tier budget phone like to use and own? Well, corners have been cut, but Samsung has kept what's important. Read on for our full review. More »

  • iPhone SE

    Is the iPhone SE 2022 worth buying in 2024?

    It's a small-size, retro-design iPhone with impressively up-to-date specs. But is the 2022-model iPhone SE worth buying? More »

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus review: Is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus worth buying in 2024?

    Don’t be fooled by its age. The 2021 Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is still a superb smartphone with a hugely impressive spec sheet. Read on for the full lowdown… More »

  • Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Which is best?

    Choosing between the two best Android smartphones of 2022 is no easy feat. Let’s compare the pair in detail, to help you make the best decision. More »

  • google pixel 7

    Google Pixel 7 vs iPhone 14 review

    The Pixel 7 and iPhone 14 are Google and Apple’s standard flagships for 2022. How do they stack up against each other, and which one is best? Read on… More »

  • iPhone 14

    Is the Apple iPhone 14 worth buying in 2024?

    Apple’s iPhone 14 is part of its latest smartphone range. But with Plus sized and Pro versions of the device, is the vanilla model worth buying in 2022? Read… More »

  • Is the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max worth buying in 2024?

    It’s Apple’s super-sized 2022 iPhone, packed with all the best smartphone tech. So, should you break the bank to get one? Read our iPhone 14 Pro Max review to… More »

  • Google Pixel 7 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro Max review: Which is better?

    They’re the best devices in 2022 from Google and Apple respectively. So, how do the Pixel 7 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max stack up against each other? And… More »

  • Is the Google Pixel 7 Pro worth buying in 2024?

    It’s Google’s top of the range Pixel phone. But how does it compare with an impressive array of flagship rivals? Does the camera live up to its billing? And… More »

  • Is the Google Pixel 7 worth buying in 2024?

    It’s part of Google’s 2022 Pixel range and built to showcase the very best of its Android operating system. So, is it worth buying? Read our full Google Pixel… More »

  • Google Pixel 6a

    Is the Google Pixel 6a worth buying in 2024?

    The Google Pixel 6a is the budget version of the Google Pixel 6, first released in 2021. Does it still stand up against newer, more tech savvy rivals? Read… More »

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