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iPhone 8 vs iPhone X

With both the Apple iPhone 8 and the iPhone X now on sale, it is well worth discovering the differences between these two iPhones before deciding which one to buy.

Let’s take a look at the iPhone 8 vs the iPhone X!

iPhone 8 display vs iPhone X display

The most visual difference between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X is noticeable from the moment that the display lights up. The iPhone 8 has a small 4.7” display with the phone body visible both above and below the display.

The iPhone X has a much larger 5.8” full screen display that fills the front from top to bottom and from edge to edge. The screen has rounded corners that follow the design lines of the iPhone X and the only part of the body that is visible is a small indent at the top, where the camera and sensors are housed.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X screen differences extend much deeper than just shape and size. The iPhone X has a Super Retina HD screen that incorporates OLED screen technology. This OLED technology gives a higher brightness and truer blacks, compared to the screen on the iPhone 8.

The display resolution is also significantly higher on the iPhone X. Here 1125 x 2436 pixels (458 pixels per inch) compare to 750 x 1334 pixels (326 pixels per inch). The contrast on the iPhone X is also visibly sharper and the HDR display can play HDR10 and Dolby Vision content, from iTunes and Netflix.

Having made these comparisons, we should point out that both iPhones show off fantastic colour realism. This is generated by automatically adjusting the white balance as the True Tone six channel light sensor, senses the ambient light.

On the iPhone 8, the display is fitted to a 7000 Series aluminium frame. On the iPhone X, the display is fitted to a more exclusive polished surgical-grade stainless steel frame.

Woman using iPhone X

iPhone 8 Touch ID vs iPhone X Face ID

The iPhone 8 has Touch ID, as seen on previous Apple phones.With this biometric fingerprint recognition system, the iPhone 8 is extremely secure, making only one possible error in 50,000 fingerprint reads.

The iPhone X takes security to the next level with Face ID. With this facial recognition system, the iPhone X will make only one possible error in 1,000,000 facial scans. When the iPhone X is lifted up, a TrueDepth camera, infrared camera and a Dot Projector, all spring into action. The Dot Projector projects 30,000 invisible dots onto the face and these are then read by the infrared camera, matching them to owner’s facial depth map.

Face ID cannot be tricked by realistic masks or photos and Machine Learning works to ensure that the owner is recognised, even when wearing a hat, beard, glasses or makeup.

With the Touch ID Home button removed on the iPhone X, gestures are used to replace navigation presses. Examples includes swiping up to go to the home screen, swiping up and pausing to see a carousel of open apps and press and holding the side button in order to ask Siri questions.

iPhone 8 camera vs iPhone X camera

The iPhone 8 has a single 12MP camera for photography, while the iPhone X has a dual 12MP camera. This gives the photographer true optical zoom, backed up further by digital zoom. Standard 7MP selfie photography is offered on the iPhone 8 but the iPhone X expands upon the experience with its TrueDepth shooting modes.

With Portrait Mode Selfies, iPhone X users can blur backgrounds or remove backgrounds altogether. Portrait Lighting software also allows iPhone X users to add lighting effects and shadows to portraits, at a studio quality. Furthermore, the iPhone X takes fun to new levels through the Animoji feature.

With Animoji, the users face is replaced by a choice of cartoon-like faces, from aliens to a horse. The results are impressive because the TrueDepth camera matches the movements of up to 50 facial muscles of the user. An Animoji can be used to create videos or they can be used within the Messages app.

iPhone X camera

iPhone 8 battery vs iPhone X battery

The iPhone 8 battery lasts just as long as the battery in the iPhone 7. The iPhone X gives two hours more all day battery time and this is gained through the use of a second generation performance controller.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone X verdict

It is evident that the iPhone X will be the king of all iPhones. However, budget may well end up being the deciding factor for consumers when comparing iPhone 8 deals against iPhone X deals.

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