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Car insurance for 18-year-olds

How to get cheaper car insurance for 18-year-olds

Find affordable car insurance for 18-year-olds

By Mehdi Punjwani

Published: 15 October 2021

Young man driving a car

No matter how old you are, every driver needs to have car insurance – but unfortunately, your age does matter when it comes to the cost of cover. Insurers tend to view younger drivers as more of a risk – so if you’re getting behind the wheel in your teens, you’re likely to be charged sky-high premiums.

Help is at hand, though – there are plenty of ways you can save a bundle on insurance. If you can show your insurer that you’re a safe and responsible driver, they’ll lower the costs, and if you only use your car occasionally you can avoid having to pay for a whole year.

Our guide tells you all you need to know about getting cheaper car insurance for an 18 year old – read on and see how you could save. 

How much does car insurance cost for an 18 year old?

When you’re a younger driver, car insurance isn’t cheap. According to data from MoneySuperMarket, the average cost of insurance for drivers between 17 and 19 is a whopping £1,912. For comparison, drivers in their forties face an average cost of £470 – less than a quarter of the price.

Driver age

Average annual premiums*

17 to 19


20 to 24


25 to 29


30 to 39


40 to 49


50 to 64


65 or above


*Based on fully comprehensive policies with one driver only holding a full UK drivers licence. MoneySuperMarket data collected between January and July 2021, accurate as of August 2021.

Why is car insurance so expensive for 18 year olds? 

Mostly, it’s because insurers believe younger drivers are more likely to get in an accident, owing to their lack of experience behind the wheel. 

It often takes a few years’ driving to truly be experienced on the roads, but there are still plenty of younger drivers who are perfectly safe and sensible. Luckily, you have an opportunity to demonstrate that to your insurer – and if you keep it up, you’ll be rewarded with cheaper insurance. 

What is the cheapest car to insure for 18 year olds?

As you might expect, the cheapest cars to insure for 18 year olds are car makes and models that are small, safe, and not very powerful. Our data shows that the number one cheapest car for an 18 year old is the Fiat 500 – it might not be the fastest car on the road, but with average insurance premiums of £1,262, it’s a whole £650 cheaper than average to insure.

Insurers are more likely to offer cheap deals to 18 year olds if they know you’ll be behind the wheel of a more dependable car. It doesn’t just reduce the likelihood of an accident – replacement parts are usually cheaper too, and it’s less likely to be a target for vandals and thieves. In general, you’re better off driving a small, nifty car that gets the job done without much fuss – and without much risk either.

These are the cheapest cars to insure for an 18 year old:



Average annual premiums*
















*Based on fully comprehensive policies with one driver only holding a full UK drivers licence. MoneySuperMarket data collected between January and July 2021, accurate as of August 2021.

How does black box insurance help 18 year olds get cheaper cover?

Telematics insurance, also known as black box insurance, is when you let your insurer monitor your driving habits. If they see you’re driving responsibly, your insurance should start getting cheaper.

Sometimes, telematics insurance means installing a black box in your car, although it’s now possible to simply download an app instead. Your insurer will collect data on your driving – how fast you’re going, how you brake, and how well you handle corners. 

It doesn’t just save you money on insurance – it’s a great way of monitoring your own driving, so you can improve your skills behind the wheel. 

How does adding a named driver help 18 year olds get cheaper cover?

When you take out car insurance, you can add a named driver to your policy – that’s another person who will also be driving the car. If your named driver is someone older and more experienced on the road, such as a parent or guardian, you’re likely to get cheaper rates for insurance. 

This is because your insurer assumes that you’ll be spending less time behind the wheel, which makes your car less of an overall risk.

However, it’s very important that the main driver on the policy is the one who’ll be doing most of the driving. Fronting is the practice of telling insurers that an older and more experienced motorist is the main driver on a car, when someone else will actually be driving it the most – and it’s illegal. 

If you’re caught, your insurance will be invalidated, and what’s more you risk being prosecuted for insurance fraud.  

How does temporary insurance help 18 year olds get cheaper cover?

Sometimes, younger drivers don’t use their cars all through the year – so why should they have to pay for a whole year’s insurance? With short term car insurance, you only pay for when you’re driving – and you could get a car insured for as little as a single day. 

Temporary insurance is usually more expensive per day than an ordinary policy would be – but if you’re only going to be using the car for a few weeks in the year, it could still end up being a much better deal. 

Compare cheap car insurance with MoneySuperMarket

Whatever your age, the best way to get a great deal on car insurance is by comparing quotes eith MoneySuperMarket. It couldn’t be easier to find a cheap quote for 18 year olds – simply give us a little information about yourself and your car, and we’ll instantly put together a list of quotes that fit your requirements.

You’ll be able to sort through deals by their overall monthly and annual cost, the coverage you’ll get with the policy, and the excess you’ll need to pay to make a claim. Once you’ve found a quote that ticks all the boxes, just click through to the provider’s website to finalise your purchase.

As with all types of insurance be wary of taking out the cheapest available quote as it might not offer the level of cover you really need. We recommend you aim for a balance between price and policy, so you can get the right deal for you and avoid over- or under-insuring yourself.