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Top SIM Only Pay Monthly Deals

Pay Monthly

SIM Only SIM Card

1 month contract No upfront cost

500 mins

5000 text

500MB data

£3.99 Per month

Pay Monthly

SIM Only SIM Card

12 month contract No upfront cost

1000 mins

Unlimited text

1GB data

£4.50 Per month

Pay Monthly

SIM Only SIM Card

1 month contract No upfront cost

1250 mins

1250 text

1.25GB data

£4.99 Per month

SIM only deals are fast becoming one of the most popular options when getting a new phone contract. Compared to traditional mobile phone contracts, SIM only deals have many advantages.


First of all, they tend to be more flexible, and don’t require you to sign up to a two year contract, as with deals which come with mobile phone handsets.


Next, SIM only deals tend to be cheaper. New handsets are expensive and as you’re not forking out for a handset with your contract, networks don’t need to charge you as much for their services, which brings your monthly payments down.


Another advantage of going SIM only is that it’s easier to pass the credit check. If you’ve ever been turned down for a phone contract in the past, opting for a SIM only contract might be the best solution for getting the phone and tariff that you want. Again, because mobile phone networks aren’t ‘renting’ you a mobile phone handset, it not only brings down the price of your contract, but it also makes you a low risk candidate.


How does SIM only work?


SIM only deals are simple: select the right package of minutes, texts and data that suits your needs, insert the SIM card into your phone, and you’re good to go.


Users also have one of two options when going for a SIM only deal. Content with your existing handset? Because you’re only paying for a SIM card, you can simply pop your new SIM into your current mobile and immediately start saving the pennies! Alternatively, you can purchase the phone of your choice SIM-free, which is great for users who find it tricky getting past the credit check.


And did you know that you can still keep your phone number with a SIM only contract, even if you switch networks? Simply ask for your PAC code from your current network and transfer this over to your new provider.


Which SIM card should I buy?


One thing to be aware of is that there are different types of SIM cards out there.


For example, users with the latest iPhones will need to compare Nano-SIM cards, whereas those of you looking to replace your iPhone 4 or 4s SIM cards will need to opt for a slightly bigger Micro-SIM.


Likewise, most Android and Windows Phone devices require a Micro-SIM, whilst the latest HTC One M8 will only take a Nano-SIM card.


Therefore, it’s wise to do your research before you commit to your new SIM only contract.