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Travel insurance: Vietnam

Compare travel insurance for Vietnam

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Written by  Jake Edmonds
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Updated: 30 Jan 2024

Your next trip to Vietnam should be remembered for the right reasons, so it’s important you get travel insurance to protect you. It’s important to have adequate medical cover for your trip to Vietnam, just in case you come a cropper to an out-of-control scooter or undercooked street food. Most trips to Vietnam are trouble-free but it’s good to know you’re covered for eventualities such as have to cancel or curtail your trip, or your belongings or passport being snatched by a bag thief.

Vietnam, a country of breath taking natural beauty and vibrant culture, attracts countless UK travellers each year. While immersing yourself in the bustling streets of Hanoi or the serene rice terraces of Sapa, it's crucial to consider the practicalities of your journey, particularly travel insurance. Although not mandatory, travel insurance offers financial protection and peace of mind against the unexpected. Let's delve into why it's a wise choice for your Vietnamese escapade.

Why opt for travel insurance in Vietnam?

Travel insurance is designed to prevent you from losing out financially should you encounter any problems during your trip to Vietnam. From lost passports to emergency medical treatment or cancellation, travel insurance is your holiday safety net. Here's why it's particularly recommended for Vietnam:

  • Healthcare Variability: Medical facilities in Vietnam can differ greatly from what you're accustomed to in the UK. In case of illness or injury, you may require treatment at a private hospital, which can be costly.

  • Common Hazards: Motorbike accidents and thefts are not uncommon in Vietnam. Having insurance can alleviate the financial burden in such scenarios.

  • Repatriation Costs: If you need to be repatriated to the UK due to a medical emergency, the costs can be astronomical without insurance.

  • Natural Disasters: Vietnam's susceptibility to typhoons means travel plans can be disrupted, potentially leading to unexpected expenses.


Cost factors of travel insurance for Vietnam

The price tag of your travel insurance for Vietnam will depend on several variables:

  • Age of the traveller(s)

  • Whether you're traveling solo or with companions

  • The policy excess you're willing to pay

  • Levels of medical expenses coverage

  • Limits on cancellation and lost baggage

  • Any pre-existing medical conditions

  • The nature of activities planned for the trip

Choosing the Right Travel Insurance Policy

Vietnam is in Asia, which means you need to take out a policy for worldwide cover. For those planning a single visit within a year, a single-trip travel insurance policy is suitable. However, if you foresee more international travel, an annual multi-trip policy could be more economical.

Vietnam is also a hotspot for backpackers. If you're embarking on an extended journey or a gap year, consider specialized backpacker travel insurance, which caters to multi-destination trips over a longer period.

What to expect from your policy

A well-rounded Vietnam travel insurance policy should include:

  • Medical cover: Typically up to £5m for medical treatment, with the option to increase the limit for an additional premium.

  • Repatriation: Covers the costs of being brought back to the UK in a medical emergency.

  • Cancellation: Financial protection if you need to cancel your trip due to an emergency.

  • Travel delays and missed departures: Coverage for missing your flight due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Baggage: Compensation for lost or stolen belongings, with limits and conditions for high-value items.

  • Gadgets: Protection for mobile phones or laptops against theft or damage.

  • Passport: Coverage for expenses related to lost or stolen passports.

Exclusions to watch out for

Travel insurance isn't a catch-all; there are exclusions to be aware of:

  • Non-disclosure of pre-existing medical conditions can invalidate your policy.

  • Accidents from high-risk activities may not be covered unless you have additional insurance.

  • Incidents involving alcohol or drugs are typically not covered.

  • Claims related to war, terrorism, and civil unrest are often excluded, except for medical costs.

  • Traveling against government advice is usually not covered.

Healthcare in Vietnam: What to expect

Vietnamese citizens often pay for healthcare services, and private hospitals are generally better equipped and have English-speaking staff. With the higher risk of road traffic accidents compared to the UK, it's advisable to have travel insurance that covers significant medical expenses. Being cautious, especially when using motorbikes or scooters, is essential for your safety and financial well-being.

Finding the best travel insurance for Vietnam

To find the best value coverage for your trip, it's essential to compare different travel insurance deals. By providing details about your journey and insurance needs, you can compare travel insurance deals tailored to your specific requirements.

As you prepare for your Vietnamese adventure, remember that travel insurance is more than just a checkbox on your to-do list—it's a vital component of your travel preparations. With the right policy in place, you can explore the wonders of Vietnam with confidence, knowing you're protected against the unforeseen. Whether you're navigating the chaotic charm of Ho Chi Minh City or cruising the tranquil waters of Ha Long Bay, travel insurance is your silent guardian, ensuring that your journey remains as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

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