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Travel insurance for the Netherlands

Compare travel insurance for the Netherlands

Jake Edmonds
Written by  Jake Edmonds
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Updated: 29 Jan 2024

Here’s what you need to know about having the best holiday to the Netherlands – but remember to sort out your travel insurance

When planning a trip to the Netherlands, ensuring you have the right travel insurance is as important as packing your passport. Whether you're admiring the art in Amsterdam or cycling through the streets of Utrecht, you'll want peace of mind knowing you're covered for any unexpected events.

One Holiday Just to the Netherlands

If your travel plans are solely focused on the Netherlands, opting for a single-trip travel insurance policy is your go-to choice. This type of insurance is tailored for a one-off trip, providing you with the necessary coverage for the duration of your stay in the land of windmills and waterways.

Colourful riverside in Amsterdam

One Trip to the Netherlands and Other Countries

For those whose itineraries extend beyond the borders of the Netherlands, multi-trip insurance is the best bet. This insurance allows you to visit multiple countries during the same trip without the need for separate policies. And for the intrepid backpackers traversing through various destinations, backpackers’ insurance provides the extended coverage necessary for a long-haul journey.

Several Holidays That Include the USA, Canada, or the Caribbean

Frequent travellers may find an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy to be the most cost-effective solution. Those with plans to explore destinations like the USA, Canada, or the Caribbean should ensure they are covered by a worldwide policy that includes these areas.

Several Holidays Excluding the USA, Canada, or the Caribbean

Similarly, if your travel aspirations don't include the aforementioned regions, an annual policy can still save money. Opt for a worldwide policy that excludes the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean to fit your travel needs without unnecessary additions.

What Should Your Travel Insurance to the Netherlands Include?

When selecting travel insurance for the Netherlands, there are key inclusions to look for:

  • Medical Expenses: Policies should offer substantial coverage for medical expenses, usually up to £5m worldwide or £2m in Europe. While the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) are beneficial, they are not substitutes for comprehensive travel insurance.

  • Repatriation Cover: The cost of repatriation can be significant, so ensure this is included in your policy.

  • Cancellation or Curtailment Cover: Life is unpredictable, and having cover for cancellation or curtailment can save you from financial loss due to unforeseen events.

  • Delay and Missed Departure Cover: Delays and missed departures can happen, so it's wise to have coverage for these uncontrollable events.

  • Travel Abandonment Cover: This covers scenarios where continuing your journey becomes impossible.

  • Baggage Cover: Protect your belongings with baggage cover, and ensure high-value items like jewellery are included.

  • Passport Cover: Given the complexity and cost of replacing a lost or stolen passport, this cover is essential.

  • Personal Liability Cover: This provides protection in case you inadvertently cause injury or damage to someone else's property.

Dutch Travel Insurance: Exclusions and What to Watch Out For

Understanding what's not covered by your policy is as crucial as knowing what is. Be mindful of these common exclusions:

  • Pre-existing Medical Conditions: If you have a history of medical conditions, you might need a special policy or face higher premiums. You can find suitable cover for pre-existing conditions through MoneySuperMarket.

  • Unexpected Incident Cover: Standard policies often exclude events like civil unrest, war, terrorism, and natural disasters.

  • Accidents Linked to Alcohol Consumption: Incidents resulting from excessive alcohol consumption may not be covered.

  • Travel to Advised Against Locations: Areas advised against by the FCDO are typically excluded from coverage.

  • Sports Activity Cover: For sports enthusiasts, ensure you have the necessary cover for activities like skiing and snowboarding. Adventure or winter sports cover may be required.

How Much Should My Travel Insurance Excess Be?

The insurance excess is the contribution you pay towards a claim, and it's important to set it at an affordable level. If the excess is too high, it could make claiming on your insurance impractical.

When Should My Travel Insurance Policy Start From?

Your travel insurance should start from the moment you book your trip. This ensures that any cancellations that occur before you set off are covered, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Top Travel Tips for the Netherlands

The Netherlands, with its rich history and culture, is a favourite destination for British tourists. Here are some top tips to make the most of your Dutch experience:

  • Hop on Your Bike: The country's extensive cycle paths offer a unique and enjoyable way to travel.

  • Consider the Language Barrier: While many Dutch people speak English, learning a few phrases in Dutch is appreciated.

  • Understand Coffee vs Café: Familiarize yourself with the distinction: cafés for a traditional coffee break, coffee shops for legal cannabis.

  • Red-Light District Etiquette: Respect the rules, especially regarding photography.

  • Explore Beyond Amsterdam: Cities like Leiden offer their own unique charm.

  • Debit Card Difficulties: Carrying euros is advisable as some cards may not be widely accepted.

  • Tulip Season: The vibrant tulip season is a must-see from March to early May.

  • Have Coins for Public Toilets: Keep some change on hand for public restrooms.

  • Skating on Frozen Canals: If the opportunity arises, join the locals in this winter tradition.

  • Museum Card: The 'I Amsterdam City Card' is a cost-saving option for those visiting multiple attractions.

Compare Travel Insurance Policies Before You Buy

With the variety of travel insurance options available for the Netherlands, it's important to shop around. Prices and coverage levels differ significantly among providers, so using MoneySuperMarket's travel insurance comparison tool can help you find the best policy for your needs and budget.

Embarking on a journey to the Netherlands should be an exciting experience, filled with anticipation for the sights and experiences that await. With the right travel insurance in place, you can explore this beautiful country with confidence, knowing you're prepared for whatever adventure comes your way.

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