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Staffordshire Bull Terrier Insurance

Staffordshire Bull Terrier pet insurance

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Updated: 23 Apr 2024

Discover everything you need to know about insuring your Staffordshire Bull Terrier in this useful guide, including what types of insurance are available and tips for keeping your Staffie healthy.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers, also known as Staffies, are intelligent, loyal, and extremely affectionate dogs, making them a brilliant family dog, and one of the most popular registered breeds in the UK. They're particularly loving towards children, earning them their ‘nanny dogs’ nickname.

Staffies are usually very calm at home but they can also be strong and energetic too, which is why it's important to get the right pet insurance for your Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

How much does pet insurance for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cost?

In 2024, the average cost of pet insurance for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier is £14.07 per month1 but that price won't be the same for everyone.

The cost of insuring your Staffie depends on several factors, including:

  • The age of your dog

  • Your home address

  • If it has any pre-existing medical conditions

  • What type of cover you're purchasing

  • If your dog is neutered or spayed

Why is Staffordshire Bull Terrier insurance more expensive?

The cost of pet insurance varies based on a number factors, as mentioned above in this guide. The reason your Staffordshire Bull Terrier insurance might be more expensive could be down to one of the following:

  • Your Staffie is 100% pedigree: pedigree Kennel Club (KC) registered breeds are often more expensive to insure, as they're more valuable and may be more likely to be stolen

  • The breed is prone to certain health issues: insurers may increase the cost of your pet insurance if your dog is more likely to have medical problems based on breed characteristics and genetics

  • They're seen as a greater risk to insurers: breeds are rated as high, medium, and low risks to insurers in terms of how likely it is that they're owners will make a pet insurance claim. Staffies may be flagged as a higher risk based on statistics of recent incidents involving the breed or cross breeds

What are the benefits of having pet insurance for my Staffordshire bull terrier?

Having pet insurance isn't a legal requirement here in the UK, but it is considered crucial if you're a dog owner. The main benefit of having pet insurance is that it can help cover any unexpected medical costs if your Staffie is injured or becomes ill.

Depending on the type of cover you take out, pet insurance has many other benefits including:

  • Third-party liability cover: if your Staffordshire Bull Terrier injures someone or damages their property

  • A lump-sum payment: of the price you paid for your Staffie if they're lost, stolen, or they die as a result of an injury or illness before a certain age

  • The cost of advertising: if your dog goes missing and a reward amount if they're found

  • Dog boarding cover: pays for the expense of someone watching your Staffordshire Bull Terrier if you have to have urgent medical treatment and need to stay in hospital

  • Emergency abroad veterinary treatment: if your dog needs becomes ill or injured if you take them abroad with you

  • Holiday cancellation costs: if your holiday is cancelled due to your Staffordshire Bull Terrier needing emergency medical treatment close to the date of your departure

It's important to check your policy to see what's included before you commit to purchasing pet insurance. Find out more in our guide 'what pet insurance covers'.

What health issues are common in Staffordshire Bull Terriers that insurance should cover?

Due to their build and characteristics typical of the breed, Staffordshire Bull Terries are prone to the following health problems:

  • Hip dysplasia: where the hip joint doesn't fit together correctly, which can lead to arthritis

  • Skin allergies: these can cause itchiness and discomfort

  • Cataracts: a condition where the eye becomes cloudy, affecting vision

  • Patellar luxation: where the knee joint continues to move out of its proper position

  • Persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous: a genetic eye issue that can compromise your Staffie's sight

  • Demodectic mange: this breed is prone infections from a parasite known as the Demodex mite, which causes severe skin irritation

  • Cancer: this breed is also vulnerable to certain types of cancer

  • Cushings disease: caused by the body producing too many natural steroid hormones

  • Heart disease: is the leading cause of death in older Staffies

Some insurance providers will cover you for these conditions while others may not. If you're unsure, contact the insurance company before taking out pet insurance.

Are there insurance companies that specialise in Staffordshire Bull Terrier coverage?

Most pet insurance providers will provide cover for your Staffordshire Bull Terrier, especially if they're a healthy age with no pre-existing medical conditions.

If your Staffie has any health issues, hereditary conditions, or requires specialist or ongoing care, then you may require a specialised pet insurance to cover pre-existing conditions.

This type of cover will most likely be more expensive, and you may be limited on the number of insurers that will provide this as an option.

Does pet insurance for Staffordshire Bull Terriers cover genetic conditions?

This depends on which provider and policy type you select. You may find that one insurance provider covers genetic conditions as standard, whereas another will require you to pay extra to add on cover for genetic conditions. Some insurers don't offer this type of cover at all.

The type of pet insurance policy you choose will also affect whether you can get cover these conditions. Accident only pet insurance policies, for example, don't cover health problems that aren't related to accidents, so won't cover genetic conditions or illnesses.

In this instance, it's always worth checking with each individual insurer and reading policy documents and terms and conditions.

How can I lower my Staffordshire Bull Terrier's insurance premium?

When insuring your Staffordshire Bull Terrier, it's essential to make sure you're getting the right amount of cover to help protect them against any unforeseen accidents, illnesses or emergencies.

The cheapest option may not always be the best choice for your dog, and can be more costly down the line.

That being said, there are ways you can reduce the cost of your pet insurance premium:

Increase your excess

Your pet insurance excess is the amount of money you agree to contribute to the cost of your pet's treatment before your insurer will pay out. For example, if your excess is £100 and the treatment costs £150, the insurer will contribute £50.

In general, the excess on a pet insurance premium is between £50-£200. Some insurers offer zero excess, meaning they will pay the full amount, but your policy will cost more.

If you can afford it, increasing the amount of excess you'll agree to pay will lower the price of the premium. Just make sure you're comfortable with the amount you select, as you may have to pay this if anything happens to your Staffie.

Make sure your Staffordshire Bull Terrier is microchipped and registered

It is a legal requirement to microchip your dog in the UK, and it's also one of the first questions you'll be asked when you get a pet insurance quote. If your dog isn't microchipped, not only is this illegal, but your insurer may not pay out.

Policies for microchipped pets are often much cheaper than pets without a microchip, as the chances of reuniting with your dog if they're lost or stolen are much greater, making your dog less of a risk to insurers.

If your Staffie is Kennel Club registered, make sure you have registered them correctly and have all the appropriate paperwork, as insurers may ask you for this if you need to make a claim.

Spay or neuter your Staffie

Spaying or neutering your dog can prevent them developing various health problems or diseases, making spayed or neutered dogs cheaper to insure. Unless you're planning to breed your dog, most vets will recommend this procedure.

Get multi-pet discounts

If you have more than one Staffie or any other breed, most insurers offer a discount of between 5% - 10% discount for insuring multiple dogs on the same policy. You can choose this option even if your dogs are different breeds and you can also insure cats and dogs with the same policy.

Take good care of your Staffie

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of your pet insurance is to take care of your Staffie as much as you can. This includes feeding them a good quality diet, offering plenty of exercise, and keeping up with routine treatments such as vaccinations, flea and worming treatments, and grooming appointments.

What age should I insure my Staffordshire Bull Terrier?

Most insurance providers offer puppy insurance from eight weeks old, but some even offer insurance for dogs as young as five weeks old.

It is highly recommended that you insure your dog as soon as you bring them home as a puppy, but bear in mind that some insurers will not cover puppies for pre-existing or hereditary conditions either.

Are there breed-specific exclusions in Staffordshire Bull Terrier insurance?

Most insurers are more than happy to insure your Staffordshire Bull Terriers and there aren't any breed-specific exclusions. Just make sure to check your policy details and exclusions, especially if your Staffie has any health conditions.

What types of pet insurance can I choose?

There are four main types of pet insurance that you can compare with MoneySuperMarket:

Lifetime policy: This is the most extensive pet insurance you can get for your Staffie, and covers injuries, accidents, and illnesses throughout your dog's life. There is often a set claim amount limit, which resets when you renew your insurance each year. Dental cover may also be included in your policy, depending on which provider and cover you choose.

Maximum benefit: providers cover for one particular condition up to a fixed sum, without any time limits. Once you've claimed up to this amount, which is usually between £1,000-£7,500, you won't be able to make any further claims for that condition, even if you renew your policy.

Time limited: with this type of cover, you only have a set amount of time (typically up to 12 months) for which you can claim for a specific condition. If the condition you're claiming for continues after this period, you'll need to cover the remaining costs yourself, even if you renew your policy.

Accident only: this cover only allows you to claim for the cost of treatment following an accident, but not anything else. So if your Staffie becomes sick, you'll have to cover the vet bills yourself.

What factors should I consider when choosing insurance for my Staffordshire Bull Terrier?

Here are some things to consider when you're comparing pet insurance policies for your Staffie:

  • Excess amount

  • Type of policy, e.g. lifetime or maximum benefit

  • Any optional add-ons you require such as pet travel insurance

  • Any perks such as free gift cards or bonus supermarket loyalty points (these shouldn't be the main reason for choosing a policy, but if most policies are similar in price and coverage but one is offering a welcome gift that is relevant to your lifestyle, then it's worth considering)

Read more about find the right cover in our guide is pet insurance worth it?

Why compare pet insurance with MoneySuperMarket?

At MoneySuperMarket, we show you a range of options with various levels of pet insurance from leading UK providers. Explore your options, compare policies, and choose the insurance that gives you and your Staffie the security you both deserve.

1 MoneySuperMarket data April 2024

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